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Digital Citizenship




Kaniya Alexander & Shontavia Henry




Blog : A updated webpage


or website



Flaming: burning ash or





P2P: it stands for peer 2


peer, its a conservation


between 2 people



Phishing: the activity of


defrauding an online


account holder of


financial information



Podcast: a digital audi file


available on the internet



Aggregator: a website


that collects contents and


displays links.








Digital Life 101 




1. Don't give out your passwords to somebody else


2. Never write down your passwords



3. Never send anybody your password through a email


4. Never keep the same password for different websites






1. Remember the human


2. Know where you are in cyberspace



3. Make yourself look good online



4. Share expert knowledge



5.respect other's privacy



Protect Yourself Online


1. inapproprite


material they have on


there profile. smart about


what u nput on


the internet.


3.when login on a


new social site use


a diffrent name.


4. dont add people


that u dont know.


5. use strong


passwors. safely

ITs and illigell trsde in

 software ,videos and digital

video deviceses witch is dvd and

music.  in addition to that piracy

occurs when someone other than the copyrighter hold copies of the prodect and reselles it for a fraction of the cost that he legitmate produceer charges.





1.Analyze your text before u


send your stuff text


on social media.


2.Dont be ingernat on


social media.


3.Try too make u stay away




4.Be your self.





The use of electrical


communication to


bully a person or


typically by sending


messages of an


intimdating or


threatning nature.





1. think about what u post.



2.keep your password and secret from other kids.



3.keep a look out on who can see your posts.



4.keep your parents in the loop. too an adult when u know theres somthing wrong.