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Kallan Kosmach




-AT should be available to all students who need it.


-Teachers should know the basics of the AT device their students use.


-AT should always be considered.


-A student is never too young for AT.



-Teachers should be eager to learn about different AT devices their students use.


-AT should always be a positive element.


-AT should never be considered an inconvenience. 



-AT should be accepted in all environments.


-A students AT should be able to go with them to any environment.


-You may have to get creative for AT to be accessible in certain environments, but it can be done!

Pros of Assistive Technology:


-Students may be able to complete more individually.


-Students can communicate who otherwise may not be able too.


-Students could be mobile who otherwise may not be able.


-AT helps individuals reach their highest potential.


-It can change the world for an individual who needs it. 

Considerations of Assistive Technology:


-It can be costly.


-Teachers need to be trained and often aren’t.


-Insurance rarely covers it.

Families Role:


-Incorporate AT at home as much as possible if available.


-Provide continued training for student on AT they are using during summer.


-Know how to use AT properly.

Teachers Role:


-Make sure a student is matched with appropriate AT.


-Be familiar with how to operate students AT.


-Research different AT that may help students.


-Provide support whenever possible. 

A teacher should....


Support, Lead, and Collaborate