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Claude Monet

By: Kaitlin Kirkley


I made this booklet because I was talking to my yearbook teacher about the Art history class I was in and this booklet project. I asked her if she had any suggestions as to who I should do research on because she took multiple art history course in college. She said "you should do Claude Monet!" I will admit that I kind of looked at her funny thinking that just his name sounds boring and that there was no way that I could focus long enough to finish this project. Well as I began to research Monet I realized how interesting he actually was and how much he contributed to the Impressionist movement.

     Oscar Claude Monet was born in Paris, France on November 14, 1840. His father, Adolphe, worked in the family's shipping business and his mother, Louise, took care of the family. When he was five his family moved to a port city in Normandy. While Monet was an overall decent student, he hated being confined to a classroom. He began drawing at a young age, he specifically drew caricatures of his friends and teachers.

Life summary

        Claude Monet is one of the artist who gave a name to the Impressionist movement. Monet started to explore more of the natural world in his art after meeting Eugene Boudin. In 1859 he moved to Paris in order to continue pursing to his art career. Monet entered the Le Havre school of the arts in April of 1851, this is where he met Boudin. Boudin taught him how to use oil paints and shortly after this Boudin became his mentor. Before Monet met Bouidn he began to take his first drawing lessons Jacques- Francois Orchard.


Artist intro

Rouen Cathedral

ca. 1894

Oil on canvas

Garden at Saint Adresse

ca. 1867

Oil on canvas

Bridge over a Pond of Water Lillies

ca. 1899

Oil on Canvas


All of these photos were found on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Website.

Popular paintings

Haystack (Effects of the snow and sun)

ca. 1891

Oil on canvas


The Four Trees

ca. 1891

Oil on canvas

Dr. Leclenche

ca. 1864

Oil on canvas

This painting is "Banquet of Sunflowers," circa 1881. I picked this painting as one of my favorites because Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flowers and I feel like Monet depicted them perfectly in this painting. With this painting I can picture a bouqet of sunflowers actually sitting in my kitchen. Monet primarily uses warm colors (yellow and red) in this painting to portray the wall, mat and flowers.


My personal favorites

Morning on Seine near Giverny, circa 1897, is another one of my personal favorites. As with the "Banquet of Sunflowers" Monet painted this just like you were looking at a river or lake during a sunrise. He uses green, blue, and pink to make it look just like the sun was rising over a river. My favorite part about this piece is how well the reflection is painted.*&spf=1!/search?q=Claude%20Monet


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