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True Blue Spirit #10

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S True Blue Volume 2 Issue 4 April May 2010 pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living SEKOYA DAWN inspired by nature s spirit and intuition The creative energy of 6 BLUE LOTUS OF BALI opening to enlightenment ASTROLOGY CRYSTALS HYPNOTHERAPY NUMBERS METAPHYSICS ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PHENOMENA NATURE SPIRIT HEALTH

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S True Blue pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living www truebluespirit com Subscribe Get your copy of True Blue Spirit delivered subscribe now 1 year Canadian Subscription 29 95 3 options to subscribe 1 Send cheque or money order payable to True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 2 Go to www truebluespirit ca click on Subscribe via paypal 3 Call 1 877 700 2760 and use your Visa or Mastercard For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit com Copyright 2009 No portion of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of the publisher or True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc Any medical advice is given solely for information purposes only and no responsibility is assumed on the publisher s part True Blue Spirit welcomes submissions but accepts no responsibility for unsolicited materials Material is accepted for True Blue Spirit on the understanding that it does not infringe on any copyright or libel laws Copyrights to be declared on submission All manuscripts illustrations and photographs submitted must be accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope if they are to be returned or acknowledged Send emails to editor truebluespirit ca Printed at an environmentally friendly facility in Canada using vegetable based inks Volume 2 Issue 4 Publisher Dorothy Jeanne Engst publisher truebluespirit ca Editor Tom Masters editor truebluespirit ca Editor at Large Edd Uluschak editoratlarge truebluespirit ca Pre production Editor Mary Gillis Editorial Assistants Tiffany Abram Tessa Kirkland Advertising Sales Jesse McClinton advertising truebluespirit ca Circulation Lara Engst lara truebluespirit ca Layout Design Dorothy Jeanne Engst Photographs Images Ben Abram www creativedigiworks com Sean Fenzl www seanfenzl com Stephanie Rae Hull www centricphotography com Jon Fitzpatrick www nutristart com Edd Uluschak award winning Cartoonist Cover photo taken by Helga Hendricks Contributing Writers Barbara Adelborg Shawna Barker Jeanette Baxter Debbi Coleen Cheryl Dawn Paul Elder Dorothy Jeanne Engst Helga Hendricks Janet Laidlaw Erin Lawson Ahrina K Nielsen Sabina Pettitt Vince Pollitt Alison Skelton James Henry Spencer Crystal Wolf and Shannon Wills True Blue Spirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living ISSN 1918 6436 Publications Mail Agreement No 41933020 Published bi monthly Single copy 5 95 Cdn Subscription price 29 95 Canada go to www truebluespirit ca for international subscription rates True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc does not disclose its subscriber list to anyone at anytime True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 250 247 0210 TF 1 877 700 2760 Fax 250 247 0266 Cert no SW COC 002226

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This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart CONTENTS SPECIAL FEATURES Connecting through Dreams 12 Encounters with Angels 31 Raising the Vibration 39 Sekoya Dawn Inspired by Nature 20 The Blue Lotus of Bali 24 From the Publisher The Hermit 15 Magic Moments Year of the Golden Tiger 4 As a child I lived in a big old house in Edmonton Alberta It was a magical place for me It had a big white deck across the front and back with a fence like railing all around and off the deck ran the clothesline all the way to the rear of the property In the back of my deep closet there was a tiny little door to the attic I knew that little people lived there in fact it was made just for them But best of all I used to jump off the rail on the back deck because I knew if I practiced enough eventually I would fly right into the watermelon patch in our neighbours yard Before this came to be we moved No more deck no more watermelon patch My new hobby became collecting field mice This didn t go over so well But I found magic in those little mice and they talked to me just like anyone else did There has been magic everywhere that I ve lived Although there s been times when I ve been so wrapped up in busyness that I wasn t paying attention to it It s back now and more potent than ever before It s in my back yard on the beach in the woods within the pages of this magazine in snuggles from my dog and literally anywhere else that I choose to look All I have to do to find it is close the door to my analytical ego and whisper those enchanting words I believe and a world of magic opens up to me Why if I didn t believe True Blue Spirit wouldn t be here today As spring blossoms before us take a deep breath say it and open your eyes to the magic all around Keep well Dorothy Jeanne Engst PS Share your magic moments with us Go to www truebluespirit com Magic Moments page click comment REGULAR FEATURES Well Being 19 Void of Course Moon 36 Aboriginal Spirit Astrology Cartoon Contest Crystals 18 Moss Agate 7 Directory of Businesses Events 44 Enlightening Strikes Just when you think 28 Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Going Raw 3 34 Well Being Within 23 Metaphysics The Art of Taking what works 41 Nature s Essence Abundance 9 Numerology Number Six 42 Reader Response 30 Hypnotherapy Searching for Serenity Unfinished Business 10

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Year of the G February 14 2010 to February 2 2011 Er ic I sse le e F ot ol ia co m by Debbi Coleen Page 4 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4

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olden Tiger A s we move out of the slow moving backbreaking Year of the Ox this is a good time for a rearward glance at the accomplishments of the very tough year just completed Did you notice being guided or prodded into difficult strenuous and unrelenting clearing and rebuilding work this last year And how difficult it was to change old habits and implement new systems Our job last year was to put down the burdens of our old beliefs fears prejudices and grievances and turn over the soil for planting fresh new ideas and possibilities for the coming twelve years And now the Golden Tiger is bounding into 2010 ready to pounce on any juicy possibility or playfully chase any enticing idea The overlycautious and fearful won t succeed with long term strategies because the Tiger prizes go to those willing to grab the tiger by the tail and hang on for the big prize at the end of the thrilling ride Watch for opportunities calculate the odds follow brilliant bursts of intuition and leap courageously into action Some prey may get away pay attention and learn from each foray into the unknown This is not a year to doubt oneself quickly learn from experience and practice what works This is also not a year for experts to predict safe margins or authorities to manipulate the outcomes Unpredictability and freedom mark the path of the Tiger This passionate spontaneous glorious beast blazes its own trail confidently climbing the most precarious precipices or silently skulking through hidden valleys The Tiger uses its powerful senses to find the most abundant delicious delightful treats and pastimes and then snoozes languidly on a sunny rock digesting the experiences of the day and dreaming of new adventures to come This is perhaps not the happiest or easiest year upcoming for Monkey or Pig Take time to look all around before moving into even the most wellknown landscapes this coming year Tiger can cause quite a commotion if we make unfounded assumptions or take careless risks Watch for big surprises in the most mundane places and take extra care to be kind generous and inclusive Tiger lessons are all about being egalitarian Nothing small minded egotistical or mean is appropriate or lucky in a Tiger year and Monkey and Pig may take the fall for others manipulations if they are not careful Lovers can expect a lot of fun and unforeseen passion with new loves and in even the most tired partnerships fiery new bursts of love and playfulness Don t get your paws burnt or your whiskers singed by straying or lying Tiger sees all the action shadowy or hidden and is liable to take a big chunk out of unaware egos or explode ballooning prevarications with the flick of a claw Tiger knows the big picture and won t be controlled toppling monopolies and exposing corruption Expect an exciting year of unexpected expos s and shocking reversals of fortune for the greedy and deceitful This is a good year to keep our noses clean and out of other people s business a nasty swipe from one of those big paws is no joke S DEBBI COLEEN has been reading Tarot Cards Astrology Charts and Numerology Grids for over 20 years Once an Elementary school teacher now she manages a Wellness Centre in Langley BC with her husband an Acupuncturist She assists her clients to heal emotional and spiritual issues and to discover their gifts and life purpose Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 5

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Silica for building healthy bones Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth s crust with oxygen being the first There as in the stalks of grains and grasses it is found in the form known as Silica Silica stimulates cell formation and metabolism helping to inhibit the aging process It is used in the body to maintain and repair bones eyes hair nails skin teeth and cell walls Bamboo silica is seven to ten times more potent than horsetail www nutristart com 1 800 813 4233

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Crystals Moss Agate by Erin Lawson S ben e d e k i S t ockP hot o c o m pring has sprung the grass has riz I wonder where the birdies is My dad used to recite this silly rhyme on those early days of spring when we suddenly could see all the new life bursting into action when all of nature would really wake up So while doing the research on Moss Agate this rhyme popped into my head Moss Agate is a type of chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of green minerals giving the impression that bits of moss are trapped within the stone It has a hardness of 7 and in the mineral world is not considered a true agate because it is not banded It is usually a milky white or clear colour with inclusions of green It is often found in riverbeds throughout the world with some lovely specimens coming from India the USA and Canada In ancient folklore it was known as the warrior stone because it was believed to carry the very strength of nature within it Soldiers carried amulets made of Moss Agate to ensure their survival In a ritual called cloud busting moss agate was used by some Native Americans to change weather patterns and turn dry weather wet or vice versa Midwives gave it to women during labour to ease the fear and pain of childbirth and bring out the joy of the new life One of the most predominant qualities of Moss Agate is its connection to nature The energy of this stone connects us to the earth and trees sun and rain A stone for attracting abundance it reminds us that the earth itself is abundant and nature can provide all we need if we just pay attention It heralds new beginnings in one s life and supports any healthy changes that we feel compelled to make Moss Agate is a wonderful stone to help one psychically connect to elementals and nature spirits and to help deeply ground one in that energy Because of the green colour it resonates with the heart chakra calming and dispelling fears or emotional pain It is good for balancing mood swings and for helping one to get out of the emotional drama cycle It can boost physical strength and is an effective stone to use while healing from an injury It is also good to carry while working out to enhance the benefits of exercise Moss agate is the number one crystal for gardeners helping them to connect to the earth and plants A wonderful gardening idea is to place a moss agate in all the corners of your garden or hang them from the trees in your yard to enhance your garden s growth and to encourage beneficial energies into your yard Moss agate seems to me to epitomize the very essence of spring so even after it is long gone just keep some of this crystal in your pocket as a little reminder S ERIN LAWSON has studied metaphysics for over 14 years focusing mainly on tarot When working at Wishes for nine years she learned much about crystals and other tools that fill the store Erin lives in Duncan with her husband and three children Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 7

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The ORGANYC line of organic cotton products for even the most sensitive skin Non irritating Protective Secure Gentle Soft with minimum 50 order within radius 100 PURE ORGANIC COTTON BIODEGRADABLE FEMININE HYGIENE CLM HEALTH GROUP WWW CLMHEALTH COM 1 877 263 7330 t Keep a n Eye O u In every issue of True Blue Spirit enter our draw In this issue one reader will receive a complimentary Natural Heath Gift Bag To be entered to win go to www truebluespirit com click on Keep an Eye Out and fill in the form The Secret Word is HEALTH A winner will be randomly selected by May 1st and will be announced in the next issue Our last issue winner of a complimentary Eyes of an Angel book by Paul Elder is Mary Daniel of Nanaimo BC

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Nature s Essence Abundance by Sabina Pettitt T o me Spring is the most abundant time of the year here on Vancouver Island On January 17th the first Snowdrops were already blooming in our rose garden Wow The message from Snowdrop Imagine the vitality it takes to push through the frozen earth Imagine the delight I feel when I am above the earth and bathing in the winter sun I offer you this same inner strength I will nourish your essence and warm your heart so that you too can express your vitality Snowdrop essence can be used to increase physical energy and to cultivate hope delight and release It is also an ingredient in the Super Vitality combination Viburnum had already been blooming since December It was an exceptionally mild winter and on warmer days its fragrance greeted me reminding me that its essence offers us the opportunity to tap into and to cultivate our intuition You are blessed with an inner knowing Yes there is a place in you which can be your comfort and your guidance All you need do is stop and listen Let me take your attention from the cares of the world Let me introduce you to your inner guide I saw the first Grape Hyacinth on January 27th With its signature look like the chain mail armour of knights in the middle ages it affords us balance at times of severe distress It has a similar vibration to Arnica in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia and can be substituted for the same It is also an ingredient in the Balancer essence Its message Shock and trauma Just part of the earth journey To keep you on your toes And remind you of your true Nature It is spring on Vancouver Island and I am reminded of the healing blessings of the nature spirits as the cycle of energy begins again S SABINA PETTITT M Ed Dr TCM is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine an author and the co creator of Pacific Essences ika il Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 9 m co lia to Fo an Mon F yk w Ad ot m oli a c amcz o dm

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Searching for Serenity Serenity and Unfi by Vince Pollitt O ver the past year True Blue Spirit has entrusted me with the task of delving into the delicate mysteries of serenity Every issue has served to remind me that I am continually growing and that despite three decades of dedicated spiritual practice what I thought I knew is really only the tip of a beautiful iceberg Through this experience I have come to view serenity as the cultivated garden of the spirit Day by day I strive to seed my garden with activities that are supportive of both family and community I fertilize my garden with a blended practice of Zen meditation visualization and contemplation I polish my mind into an unruffled water feature the reward for which I am promised is an ever present and serene state of mind But where there are gardens there are also weeds some in the form of unfinished business Over the past year for a variety of useful excuses I let four minor responsibilities slide Often in the course of daily life events occur that seem easier to avoid The complacency weed sets in and these obligations are ignored Excuses are made This becomes the dreaded unfinished business tuber that eventually plagues our spiritual garden growing to gargantuan proportions causing all kinds of grief and certainly the loss of our beloved serenity I found that the longer these four matters went unattended the less I wanted to address them at all As the months passed it became evident that they were beginning to interfere with my spiritual practice My guilt over these festering concerns was becoming stronger than the mindfulness I was attempting to bring to my meditation and the other activities of my daily living Page 10 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 Over thirty years various meditations have served me well as a medium for mindfulness I have also solved many personal problems on my cushion and remembered many things that have slipped the surly bonds of my memory I have found it useful to keep a notebook handy to write those pesky thoughts down as they arise to ripple the serenity of my practice In recent years my practice has deepened and I am troubled less by the smaller matters of daily living Now my practice is interrupted by issues involving close relationships Faces will actually appear in the middle of my meditation demanding attention Serenity only blooms in the present moment and its survival depends upon taking care of business in the here and now I cannot avoid certain responsibilities based on their difficulty or unpleasantness The Buddhists call this wonderful seed Right Action This is essentially the cultivation of wholesome nurturing and harmonious relationships But because I am human it is easy to forget my vows of loving kindness and service to others It is easy to forget that others are also human and that they can readily push my buttons if I let them It is easy to be hard on myself and even harder on others In the end these weeds begin to block out the sun impacting my practice and my beloved serenity The solution is dauntingly simple We must tend our serenity garden with diligence and compassion following through with responsibilities as they arise We must not allow problems and distractions to fester it is useful to write down concerns that arise during meditation In this way they won t become weeds ultimately interfering with our coveted inner peace S

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Searching for Serenity nished Business a com Beboy Fotoli VINCE POLLITT and his partner Robyn live on Vancouver Island Vince combines almost three decades of Zen training and spiritual studies with passions for music painting and writing As a spiritual coach he specialises in Reiki based pranic healing Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 11

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Connecting through by Janet Laidlaw A few months ago I dreamt that I had been given a lot of books One title stood out It was called 800 Ways to Simplify your Life I woke up with a smile imagining the 800 lines of fine print and the reader with furrowed brows scrutinizing each entry all in an effort to diminish life s complications In a quest for truth we seek guidance from many external sources counsellors teachers authors psychics mediums channelers and religious or spiritual figures Let us imagine having a direct connection with Source each and every night receiving guidance specifically tailored to our own personal state of affairs In a very real sense we do Our dreams reflect our fears emotional blocks our hopes and aspirations They give insights about the Nikolay Pozdeev Fotolia com Page 12 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 future We often ignore or forget these messages or are perplexed or fearful of them because we don t know how to explore them Dreams often don t make sense if we interpret them too literally If you d like to investigate your dreams on a deeper level here are some questions to ask yourself In the most general sense what took place in the dream You may say something like Someone is breaking into my house or I lose control of my vehicle or I cannot reach someone Next what emotions are associated with the dream Remember to journal those feelings as soon as possible since the emotions associated with a dream can easily be forgotten soon after waking Finally how does the dream relate to your present life

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Dreams B Sy F ot oli a c o m If there are any symbols in the dream the ocean a bear a flower for example ask yourself what those symbols mean to you Dream dictionaries are only useful if the meaning is relevant to your own experience When I dream of a puppy or a kitten often the dream is signifying an innocent or vulnerable side For someone who is afraid of dogs or cats the meaning could be quite different You are the person most qualified to know if a particular interpretation feels right for you Our dreams bring buried emotions to our attention We can ignore feelings in waking life but not in dreams Dreams can guide us in areas that need healing or reveal aspects of ourselves that need attention When we don t get the message or haven t followed through with it our dream themes will often repeat themselves Although I ve had precognitive dreams and know they happen most dreams are not premonitions Dreaming of death for example is rarely a literal premonition but can represent a transition in someone s life a fear of loss or change or any number of other possibilities depending on the individual dreamer I have discovered that I can ask questions and will receive answers in dreams In fact I ve even sometimes had a dream voice explain the content while I am still dreaming It helps that I keep a journal and work with my dreams daily In a recent dream I became aware of sheep droppings on the ground A friend in the dream showed me that the soil around me had become very fertile I can guess that my dreams are saying new growth often begins with a little dung My dream book title 800 Ways told me that despite my desire for an uncomplicated existence my life circumstances have been less than simple While I may have faced a few challenges it is also true that resources and information have been offered to me and I can still find humour in life s follies S JANET LAIDLAW is a video writer producer focused on spiritual and psychic development Janet s preoccupations include animals psychic and intuitive art and developing mediumship Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 13

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The Hermi t Supporting Consciousness by Alison Skelton ix gs Fo derin 3dren m tolia co Julian Rovagnati Fotolia com T he Hermit stands alone on a high plateau holding his lamp high like a beacon of enlightenment shedding the light of wisdom and self knowledge in the darkness His lamp contains a six pointed star which looks like two interlocking triangles of light representing the union of opposites and the movement of energy upward and downward through the body This is also a symbol of the heart center reminding us that the Hermit s guiding principles are love and interconnectedness We each carry this light within us and can rely on it fully His gray cloak is the mantle of wisdom and discretion guiding him as to how much to reveal when and how to reveal it Silence and stillness are powerful resources which create the space we need to listen to ourselves and others They are necessary elements in raising consciousness and finding peace The Hermit s number is 9 which is the last number before a new cycle begins Part of his function is to initiate us into the next level of our spiritual evolution Rebirth initiation and transformation need solid support which he provides through the wisdom he has gained on his journey so far The staff he holds for support is a Tree of Life symbol echoing our human spine He holds it firmly and takes his own measure with it holding himself responsible for his own support He embodies his own spiritual structure yet the staff guides his external path and helps direct his will The relationship between external and internal support systems allows him to take a stand for what he believes in Cont d Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 15

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Interdependence is essential to our survival Complete dependence on external crutches is unhealthy and so is the illusion of independence which can lead to isolation Arrogant refusal of the support of others may even allow us to avoid having to address our own spiritual healing The Hermit s elevated consciousness links the earth and sky as he stands erect with his head above the clouds He is like an obelisk or the Tree of Life or the world axis that passes through the earth uniting the poles Although the mountainous obstacles are now below him he considers himself neither higher nor lower than others preferring oneness and equality as a way of being When we are in a state of consciousness we create an energy field around us like the glow of the Hermit s lamp Those who enter this field will be brought into consciousness We don t need to do anything more to become a true spiritual leader or healer Through working on ourselves we heal the world and by recognizing the divine in others we honour differences in perception and find wisdom and peace It is said that we should be humble if we wish to attain wisdom and humbler still when we have mastered it The Hermit has grown to understand that everyone and everything embodies spiritual consciousness He also reminds us that we alone are responsible for our path that no one else can fully understand our truth feel our feelings or provide enlightenment for us Every one of us is like the Hermit seemingly alone on our unique path standing in the center of our own universe When we accept this truth and recognize this human condition we may realize that our perception of isolation is an illusion and that we are part of a spiritually interconnected network of consciousness As we fully own and recognize that our perspective is ours alone we become an individual among multitudes of individuals all possessing the means to discover the truth of our collective spiritual path Like the Hermit S ALISON SKELTON has been reading Tarot for 30 years She teaches classes in Creative Consciousness and psychic self development She is a Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor She may be reached at transform alisonskelton com Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 17

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Enter Edd s Cartoon Caption contest Go to www truebluespirit com and submit your caption for the cartoon on the lower left The winning caption will be announced in the next issue of True Blue Spirit and the winner will receive a 50 00 cash prize Yes fifty dollars In small unmarked bills Contest entry deadline for this cartoon is April 30th 2010 The winner of the caption contest from Vol 2 Issue 3 is Michael Sutherland of Duncan BC See the winning caption under Edd s cartoon on the left Since the pole shift everything s in reverse Page 18 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4

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Aboriginal Spirit Well Being by James Henry Spencer Wave Walker F Dragon Horse a candy store for the spirit New Age Crystals Books New Age Spiritual Music Greeting Cards for the Heart Japanese Incense 2408 Beacon Avenue Sidney BC 250 656 3088 or full and complete well being or being well we must first recognize the fact that we are a triad Then after accepting this fact it is a matter of honouring each of the three of our basic beings in a way that will maintain and nurture each facet When we take time every day to honour body mind and spirit we will grow and expand each facet Thus we will mature and develop throughout this life on earth and beyond In this way we will put a balance into our life which will continuously improve our well being The ultimate of which is a feeling of exuberant joy that wells up from deep inside and surrounds us in an invisible aura of well being To be in this state of grace does not mean that we are unaware of problems pain and suffering But it frees the mind and physical reflexes so we can deal with all of the above in a clear and comprehensive way S JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe He has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR WISDOM JAMES Go to www TrueBlueSpirit com and click on the link to ask an Elder Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 19

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Sekoya Dawnby Dorothy Jeanne Engst T here is no room for ego when Sekoya Dawn begins to paint It just gets in the way she says It s best if I just pump up the volume on my MP3 and go to it Over the years Sekoya s gift has flourished by tapping into two sources One of these is the stimulation she receives from the works of artists like Maxfield Parrish and M C Escher The techniques they used have been key in her development But Sekoya s key source of inspiration is Serenity Page 20 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 nature itself A crowded tree in a forest can become a king amongst the cedars on her canvas On any particular canvas every item be it roots tree sky or more could be sourced from a different scene that has implanted itself in her memory It is not surprising that she says the forest is her church as you see depicted in her painting titled Divine Cathedral This painting was created during magic times for her Intuition plays a big part in Sekoya s paintings You ll often see her heading to the beach or woods with canvas tied to her backpack knowing full well that the moment of inspiration will hit her loud and clear Often the new moon is fuel for a new painting or for addressing the tricky part of a painting she has set aside until the time is ripe with nature s forces She spends many nights alone with canvas and spirit carrying her into the morning light In most cases the paintings are sold long before they are completed People see them while they are being created and they lay claim After hundreds of hours on any given canvas Sekoya becomes attached but she can tell if a painting is right for someone or not and it makes the parting easier Everyone involved in Sekoya s artistic endeavours has to have that right feeling from the purchaser of her painting to the photographers and printers of additional copies or the musician whose CD cover it will embrace It s not surprising that Sekoya her husband Kim and her family have chosen to live on Lasqueti Island B C With a passenger only ferry few amenities and a population of 350 Sekoya says Everyone including the teens look you in the eye That s important to me So where does Sekoya plan to go with her painting I want to rekindle people s awareness of what a jewel we are living on My hope is that my love of this planet will go into each painting and people will feel that energy S

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Inspired by Nature Looking Out I just pump up the volume on my MP3 and go to it Oak Shadow Divine Cathedral Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 21

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Hypnotherapy Well Being Within S by Barbara Adelborg CMH HT etting personal boundaries can be difficult For example are you uncomfortable saying no Or if someone criticizes you do you have difficulty speaking up for yourself Do you doubt yourself when having a conversation thinking you have nothing interesting to say These are some examples of having very fragile boundaries When you make the decision to start speaking up for yourself self doubt can sneak in like a traitor behind the gates and you can suffer paralyzing doubts Was I right to speak out Did I do it wrongly Did I sound stupid What can I do to fix it Negative thoughts running through your head can become all consuming There is a saying What you think of me is none of my business They are hard words to live by but they can become a powerful force in changing the perception of ourselves They teach us that what we have to say and what we think is important and we are valuable as individuals They free us from the idea that we must make everyone like us To help ease that uncomfortable feeling while we are adjusting to our new behavior and strengthening our personal boundaries the following technique can help to create a sense of well being within ourselves Sit in a comfortable position close your eyes and slowly take three deep breaths On each exhale breathe out any stress you are holding Take a deep slow breath and follow that breath down through to the base of your spine and down through the bottom of your feet and down into Mother Earth Now let the flow reverse by inhaling a deep breath and allow the energy from Mother Earth to flow up through the bottom of your feet through your body to the top of your head and up to the heavens Continue to follow your breath until you feel the back and forth flow of energy mixing harmoniously in your body as you now create new stronger boundaries for yourself And remember your own approval is all you need S BARBARA ADELBORG is a clinical hypnotherapist and she maintains a practice in the Cowichan Valley where she has resided for over 30 years Barbara is trained in several hypnosis techniques UBE Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 23

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The Blue Lot by Helga Hendricks I magine a statutory holiday in the western world devoted solely to self introspection The people of a whole nation staying home computers and televisions turned off the lights dimmed No talking no traffic airports closed An entire day devoted to looking within time to reflect on personal religious and spiritual values and to renew the resolutions one wants to keep forever The Balinese have such a holiday called Nyepi The Day of Silence which falls on Bali s Lunar New Year Throughout the year the Balinese honour and celebrate many ancestral traditions but Nyepi is the most important and sacred day and so I am told the rules are strictly adhered to I have not yet had the opportunity to be in Bali during Nyepi but the minute I step off the airplane I feel a different energy It is not due merely to the tropical climate Bali is special The people of the island are welcoming warm and smile easily Their interactions are free of aggression Traveling through dense traffic surrounded by uncountable motor bikes and passenger vans transporting tourists to their elegant hotels the traffic flows effortlessly The rule of the road is to be respectful of each other There is much honking but not that agitated kind of honk we know demanding Get out of my way it is a gentle communication to the other driver alerting him to being passed now It is also a respectful gesture of the drivers to honk when they pass a site of worship Temples are a multitude on Bali the most famous Tanah Lot and Uluwatu are heavily frequented by tourists and have turned into something like a commercial market Being a tourist myself I have been to these sites too But when I took the drive through the magnificent steep rice terraces of Jatiluwah to the Pura Luhur temple at the foot of Mt Batukau I felt something different I had read in the tourist guide that Pura Luhur was the state ancestral temple and regarded as the most spiritual an unusual complex of simple Page 24 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4

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tus of Bali shrines set amidst lush tropical forests These words didn t prepare me As I entered through the gate dressed in my local temple attire bare feet the ground moist from a light rain silent and alone in this awesome natural setting tears started to flow down my face I felt peaceful and filled with an indescribable energy of belonging being part of the whole When I set out on my first trip to Bali I intuitively felt I was looking for something but didn t quite know what that was When I discovered my first blue lotus flower I was amazed Up until that moment I was certain blue or pink lotus was extinct having disappeared as ancient knowledge slipped from our consciousness Spotting the blue lotus flowering in the gardens of the Wihara Monastery I was spell bound So lotus does exist in our times I should not have been so surprised to have come across it in the temple gardens Upholding the practice and rituals of their ancient knowledge over centuries the Balinese cherish lotus This sacred flower symbolizes the path to enlightenment growing from the mud representing our ignorance then up to the clear sunlight standing for wisdom For me finding the special flower and keeping its photos nearby will be a constant reminder to let go of my ignorance and embrace a more balanced life By the time this magazine goes to print I will be on my way to Bali once again to continue my walk on the spiritual path perhaps to experience in some small way the Balinese Day of Silence S HELGA HENDRICKS left her corporate career in Victoria to devote her time to her passions of photography writing and travel To see more of her work visit her webpage at www helgahendricks com Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 25

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S True Blue pirit Retreat We d love to have you join us For details and fees click on Retreats at www truebluespirit com or call True Blue Spirit at 1 877 700 2760 Note One of our magazine subscribers will be randomly selected to receive complimentary attendance to this all inclusive retreat

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July 15th 18th 2010 nestled on the shore at The Haven Gabriola Island B C Explore your natural abilities under the guidance of our True Blue Spirit intuitives who will help you achieve a greater awareness of spirit while embracing your intuition to open to new possibilities Included are full daytime and evening agendas with teachings from more than ten intuitives Drawing on ancient traditions you will put practices into place to enhance your journey through life Whether working with a Zen Practitioner creating the Nature s Essence that is right for you spending an evening with an ancient crystal skull or more this retreat is about tapping into endless possibilities Immerse yourself in Possibility with our Facilitators PAUL ELDER SABINA PETTITT Author Teacher and Remote Viewing Trainer with the Munroe Institute Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Co creator of Pacific Essences MICHAEL GINTOWT MA CAROL SPENCER Psychologist and Exopsychologist Spiritualist Medium M Ed VINCE POLLITT BARBARA ADELBORG CMH HT Zen Practitioner Spiritual Coach and Reiki Healer Clinical Hypnotherapist CHERYL DAWN JAMES HENRY SPENCER Native Healer Spiritual Teacher Wisdom James Healer and Spiritual Teacher KIRBY SEID Psychologist co founder Light Labyrinth Project Kirby brings the ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra STEPHANIE MCCOLL Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Go to our website for additional facilitators course details and private readings Call 1 877 700 2760 to have the information mailed to you

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Enlightening Strikes Just when you think you ve seen by Paul Elder c om R J a ro s l aw G r u c t z i n s k to i Fo li a Page 28 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 eaders familiar with my book Eyes of an Angel may recall that in addition to my three near death experiences I often found myself on strange but compelling out of body adventures One such adventure caught me completely off guard It happened during a warm July while I was still mayor of a small Saskatchewan city Growing weary near the end of a long day I asked the secretaries to hold my calls closed my office door pushed back in my chair and within moments drifted off to sleep At some point a small jolt gripped my awareness and the next thing I knew I was floating through the roof of city hall into the sunny sky above Delighted with the unexpected astral opportunity and before I could decide what to do next my attention was drawn to a popular Hotel Bar at the end of the street On a lark I thought it might be fun to check out the happy hour crew so descending to street level I braced myself before floating head first through the brick wall into the bar Inside were about a dozen of the usual suspects playing pool chatting and getting plastered Looking around the pub I noticed a disheveled old man virtually unconscious slumped over a table at the back of the room As I continued looking around my attention snapped back to the old man where to my amazement a shabbily dressed man in his mid 40 s appeared out of nowhere There seemed something very odd about him And then it dawned on me that this man was not a corporeal being he was a ghost or at least what we might refer to as an earthbound spirit I watched as this spirit moved behind the old man Pausing for a moment he suddenly lurched forward dipping himself entirely into the old man s

Page 29

Enlightening Strikes body The ghost s head and upper torso completely merged with the drunk s body A second later the spirit burst back out of the drunk s body as if he had been ejected Regaining his composure the spirit again positioned himself behind the old man then dived into his body only to be ejected again seconds later He repeated the process four times while I watched With each dip he appeared more and more unsteady as if he himself were becoming intoxicated The spirit was lining himself up for yet another dunk when he became aware of my presence Stopping in his tracks he looked up at me and like a drunk dismissing a cop he flung his left hand into the air middle finger fully extended in salute With a loud belch he whirled around staggered through the wall and disappeared In an instant I was back in my body howling with laughter I couldn t believe I d just been given the finger by a drunken ghost I began to consider the message it appears that some addictions actually survive the grave om lia c oto X F AXF M it all Some souls leaving the world while still addicted have difficulty moving beyond their dependence They may for a period of time hang around their former haunts trying to quench their earthly craving Apparently you can t find a decent joint on the other side So on reflection it looks like it might be a good idea to deal with our stuff before we leave Until next time S PAUL ELDER is the author of the book Eyes of an Angel A survivor of three near death experiences he is a Remote Viewing instructor at the world renowned Monroe Institute in Virginia Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 29

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Reader Response Speaking of synchronicities Hi Dorothy I have just finished reading the Oct Nov issue of True Blue Spirit and found it to be quite interesting In your article True Blue Spirit Driven you speak of synchronicities It is so true that once you set your intentions and firmly believe in the outcome things happen to steer you in the direction you are meant to go not necessarily where you think you want to go but where you are meant to go I work with dogs everyday as a dog walker and dog portrait photographer I just completed a small animal massage course through Northwest School of Animal Massage and have now added K9 massage to my repertoire Massage gives our K9 friends many of the same benefits that humans enjoy reduced muscle tension increased circulation improved flexibility and decreased recovery time between work outs and many more Massage can also connect human and animal on a much deeper level Although I have always felt a strong connection to dogs it is even stronger now Speaking of synchronicities The events in my life that led me to this point have been truly synchronistic the loss of my father the loss of our beloved pet spontaneously selling our home in Winnipeg and moving to the island to housesit meeting many many dogs having a few jobs that made me very unhappy Then finding a job working with dogs getting dog portrait work finding an animal massage school and now starting my own dog walking service These are just a few examples there are many more I am very happy now I had to go through a lot to get here and I am happy to be here Keep up the great work Ken M Zulu K9 Services Victoria BC So nice to hear from you Ken and congratulations on the evolution of your dog business How important it is to be happy with the work we do I have two miniature weiner dogs and I am sure they would love a massage from time to time All the best Keep well Dorothy Jeanne It s my duty to clarify As a former editor and publisher of trade magazines in Mexico for over 35 years and now almost retired in this beautiful city I have had enough time to read and check many magazines published in Canada especially those on Vancouver Island It was a pleasant suprise to have in my hands your Issue 3 Vol 2 of True Blue Spirit with such interesting content congratulations to you for the fine typography columns and contributors In reference to 2012 What s the Fuss by Paul Elder I must point out that when mentioning the Mayan culture and beliefs it is illustrated with the Aztec Calendar which creates confusion In this Continent flourished 3 great civilizations The Incas in Peru and the Aztec and Mayan in Mexico All splendorous but totally different I think it s my duty to clarify the above in order to avoid further confusion among your readers Please forgive my remark but I feel your Magazine as my own Sincerely Roberto J M Victoria BC Hello Roberto and thank you for the clarification This is not the first time that we have published an article relating to Mexico and I am sure there will be more As I source the photos and handle the layout I will be sure to check this more carefully in the future Had you not sent in your letter I would be none the wiser so your information is greatly appreciated Keep well Dorothy Jeanne O lga R u t k oFotolia com Go to www TrueBlueSpirit com and Ask Doctor Know N D Join us on Page 30 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 Ask an Elder Wave Walker

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Encounters with Angels by Jeanette Baxter F our years ago I moved to Victoria from Vancouver Finding myself in a new community I might have felt alone But due to some of the extraordinary experiences that I will describe here that was not to be One day when I was about to cross a street in downtown Victoria the pedestrian crossing light turned off I stepped back to the sidewalk At that moment there appeared a welldressed young man I would guess in his mid 30 s He came up to me saying Let me take you across He took my arm and once we were safely at the other side he seemed to disappear It was then that I began to think he was an Angel But I ve tried to reason with myself thinking he was just a nice fellow Every time I cross that street though I think of him I haven t seen him since Another time I was walking along Broad Street near the Cont d Katrina Brown Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 31

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Is your HEART a Ticking Time Bomb Your Heart Beats 100 000 times a day 36 millions times a year and certainly deserves more attention If you are 45 use CoQ10 Ubiquinol Kaneka QH Coenzyme Q10 is an extremely important nutrient that every cell in your body must have in order to produce energy Until now most supplements available on the market contained ubiquinone form of CoQ10 However in order to generate cellular energy your body must convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol As you age your ability to convert CoQ10 becomes very poor hence if you are over 45 the best way to achieve optimal benefits of CoQ10 is the ready to use activated form Inno Q Nol the biologically superior form of CoQ10 for people 45 Available at Back to Nature Finlandia Natural Pharmacy Jeanie s Vitamins Lifestyle Markets Nutraways Lynn s Vitamin Gallery Nature s Fare The Vitamin Shop The Vitamin House and other quality Natural Health stores in your area 1 800 387 9111 www inno vite com

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flower shop when a young man came up to me and told me how much he liked my hat I was wearing a light mauve straw hat la Queen Mary style This young man seemed in a hurry and maybe a little nervous I smiled thanked him and went on walking Feeling weird This next occasion confirmed to me these beautiful people are Angels from the fifth dimension One beautiful summer day I was sitting at an outdoor caf enjoying my coffee and reading a book of French poetry Along came a white haired lady wearing a flowered brimmed hat and coat almost like a cloak The fabric on these was black velvet not what you would wear in the summer season I could see a white muslin dress under her full coat The lady s snow white hair was a little frizzed and shoulder length She had a porcelain like complexion and beautiful blue eyes She stopped at my table and said how beautiful I looked sitting there then looked deeply into my eyes saying So you are here We have been waiting for you For a few minutes I was speechless but I remember giving her a compliment on her outfit She continued down the street and seemed to disappear in the crowd December 29 2008 was a very windy stormy day I was walking home from the YM YWCA where I do aquatic fitness exercises I crossed the street thinking that if I walked along past the Cathedral and the trees they would shelter me Bad idea One strong gust of wind hit me and literally forced me down on the sidewalk Before I could gather my gym bag and cane and stand up out of nowhere a nice young man came running to my side saying Please let me drive you home I let him do so knowing he must be an Angel On the way home I asked him where he came from He told me he was driving by and saw the gust of wind hitting me so did a U turn and parked his car and came to my assistance He must have done this in a very few seconds or time must have been suspended to be able to come to my rescue that fast After a few of these extraordinary happenings I checked with my good friend who is a medium She confirmed that these people are Angels from the fifth dimension they come to let me know I am not alone and they will be looking after me till I return to their sphere When these things happen I seem to become speechless and feel great warmth around me I am very grateful to my Angels and I hope you have enjoyed these stories S JEANETTE BAXTER Is a resident of Victoria BC A lightworker she practices the Melchizedek Method of healing and has trained at the Athena Leadership Center Alexander Potapov Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 33

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Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Going Raw Step Three by Shawna Barker BSc RHN W e are now onto step three of our six step guide to becoming 80 raw Now that spring is here it s the perfect time to talk about the detoxifying and cleansing effects of raw whole foods In traditional Chinese medicine each season corresponds to different organs spring is the season for liver health Spring is when all the bitter greens are in season and these not only support liver function they promote proper detoxification The liver is our main detoxification organ and over time liver function can become slow Toxins from our food personal care products environment and emotions begin to build up When we begin making healthier changes in our diet by incorporating more raw foods we may experience detox symptoms because our body is now able to clean out some of its accumulated toxins For some this may mean that you actually feel worse before you feel better However the slower you make these changes the less severe the detox symptoms If you are following our guide then you might not even notice these symptoms You can experience detox symptoms anywhere from one week to a few months after making a diet change Symptoms may include headaches skin breakouts fatigue body odour bad breath muscle soreness diarrhea cold or flu like symptoms low libido and coated tongue We detox emotionally as well letting go of old repressed emotions Mild depression irritability mood swings and crying for no reason are normal symptoms of emotional detox Writing in a journal if you feel the need is helpful Embrace your emotions do not try to repress them during this important time To help your detoxification process it is important to rest and get proper sleep gentle exercise is good but refrain from anything strenuous Go for walks to get fresh air and sunshine do yoga and meditate and relax in a warm Epsom salt bath Doing dry brush lymphatic massage before a shower will help with the removal of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system It is very important to drink more water and eat more fiber during this time This is essential to ensure the released toxins are actually flushed from the system Without proper hydration and fiber the toxins can become reabsorbed into the body On the next page you ll find two great recipes to incorporate more spring greens into your life S SHAWNA BARKER is a holistic nutritionist organic farmer and raw food chef in Victoria BC She teaches raw food workshops has a Raw Meals on Wheels program and runs Gaia s Living Foods in Cook St Village in Victoria BC a raw food cafe ew is otolia co m e F Page 34 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 B h at en

Page 35

Recipes Pesto 2 cups 1 cup Fresh basil packed Spinach arugula or dandelion greens packed If using dandelion only use half a cup since it s so bitter cup Pistachios cup Extra virgin olive oil Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste Blend all ingredients together in a food processor Enjoy as a dip for veggies and crackers stuffed into marinated mushrooms remove stems and marinate in Tamari for at least an hour or over zucchini noodles for a great pasta to make noodles use a Spirooli or vegetable peeler to make long strands Green Smoothie 2 handfuls Greens kale spinach collards swiss chard 1 2 Bananas 2 3 Medjool dates 1 tbsp Fresh chopped fennel tbsp Fresh chopped ginger 2 cups Water adjust depending on how thick you want it Blend all ingredients in blender As the weather gets warmer try replacing the ginger with fresh mint

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Astrology by Crystal Wolf Void of Course Calendar dates times for April May 2010 All times have been adjusted to Pacific Daylight Saving Time Date Void begins Void ends Moon sign changes to April 2nd 5 55am 9 54am Sagittarius April 4th 1 59pm 6 08pm Capricorn April 7th 1 19am 5 51am Aquarius April 9th 2 44pm 6 48pm Pisces April 12th 5 51am 6 31am Aries April 14th 12 23pm 3 55pm Taurus April 16th 9 58pm 11 09pm Gemini April 19th 3 22am 4 40am Cancer April 21st 7 08am 8 43am Leo April 23rd 8 36am 11 25am Virgo April 25th 11 22am 1 18pm Libra April 27th 12 46pm 3 30pm Scorpio April 29th 5 40pm 7 36pm Sagittarius May 2nd 1 08am 3 00am Capricorn May 4th 12 07pm 1 52pm Aquarius May 6th 11 37pm May 7th 2 34am Pisces May 9th 1 13pm 2 30pm Aries May 11th 9 12pm 11 49pm Taurus May 14th 5 29am 6 19am Gemini May 16th 10 07am 10 47am Cancer May 18th 1 36pm 2 07pm Leo May 20th 4 44pm 4 59pm Virgo May 22nd 7 34pm 7 50pm Libra May 24th 9 01pm 11 18pm Scorpio May 27th 4 14am 4 16am Sagittarius May29th 9 40am 11 44am Capricorn May 31st 8 42pm 10 08pm Aquarius Charly Fotolia com Page 36 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4

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Astrology O ur astrological chart is a fluctuating map of evolutionary and event potentials Each time the energetic signature of a planet or luminary Sun and Moon begins to communicate with aspects another planet or luminary it indicates the timing of an opportunity for change The particulars of this communication which planet what type of aspect shows what the energy of each opportunity is about One of the most important indicators of these opportunities for change is the Moon It is the final trigger for the other planetary aspects and when the Moon s energy signature aligns with other aspecting relationships which are forming it indicates that the event is ready to shift or to begin The Moon takes approximately 29 days in its orbit around the Earth spending about two and a half days in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac While moving through each sign it makes aspects to the other planetary energies and when it comes to the place in each sign between making its last major aspect to the other planetary energies and the time it enters the next sign we call this being void of course Because the Moon has such an intimate relationship with the timing of event potentials when it is in void of course and not in aspect with anything else it is not indicating a time for change It is important to be aware of these times where change is not indicated These times actually indicate periods where we do not have all the information needed to make specific changes agreements or other shifts Contracts signed or agreements made during voids are often missing some integral piece that comes to light after the void is over or something you need to know in order to make the best decision has not yet been brought to your attention Because everyone is less focussed and our judgment is not at its best our decision making tends to suffer during a void of course What should we not do during a void Don t initiate new activities or purchase new items exact replacements are OK New matters of business are unlikely to be resolved with any lasting effect Consulting doctors lawyers and repairpersons is not a good idea They won t be at their best or will make poor judgments Information gathered for the first time will either be invalid or not of much use later What should be done during a void Get some rest read a book take time for yourself Do mundane chores go for a walk or if you need to be working go over what you have already completed to look for any missing pieces you may be able to spot better during these times Other things that work well during a void are spiritual pursuits such as meditation Information coming in from outside our physical plane doesn t seem to be affected however what you decide to do with this information once brought into the physical plane should wait until the void is over The energy of the void is a natural part of the ebb and flow of life It is a natural pause in the high activity of ordinary life Although some of us already flow naturally to this rhythm the rest of us can be aided in finding this flow by working with the charted void times noticing what happens during those times and so begin to recognize when it is time to move forward and when it is time to wait rest and rejuvenate CRYSTAL WOLF has been an astrologer for over 35yrs specialising in relationship charts children s charts and teaching one on one students or small groups Working on her Masters degree in Holistic Health she studies and practises Quantum biofeedback Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 37

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Partners in Health 9738 Willow St PO Box 141 Chemainus BC V0R 1K0 Ph 250 246 9838 Fx 250 324 2996 Chemainus Health Food Store Open Mon Sat 9 30 5 30 and Sun 12 4 Intuitive Cruises June July August for details e mail intuitivecruises gmail com Let your Spirit Soar jewellery crystals inspired gifts soothing music aromatherapy spiritual books Health a Wholeness Concept Ladysmith Health Food Store Ltd AJ s Corner on Health Janice Peters N C 531 1st Avenue PO Box 70 Ladysmith BC V9G 1A1 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411 Ph 250 245 2123 Fx 250 245 2993

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Raising the Vibration W by Cheryl Dawn e all can heal and raise the vibration of ourselves and others including Mother Earth and all that is With this growing awareness many individuals are awakening to the loving divine energies of the Universe They may not fully understand what is happening but they can still feel or sense a change in themselves This change may bring more challenges with volatile events behaviours and situations It is the igniting of the divine light within and healing energies around us that are bringing about these changes allowing the dark side ego to emerge in the service of humanity Forgiveness of all involved including the self if we feel the need enables us to release the unwanted energies and behaviours that have been holding us back This allows the individual to be more balanced and open to allow the divine energies in Individuals who have sought enlightenment for years may experience a shift to calmness peace and love because they have been dedicated to working for many years with love in the preparation of the new energies that have been coming for the past 18 years These individuals have been preparing us for 2012 The New World They have been working energetically to assist us all in this shift It is essential to keep the body mind and spirit cleansed grounded and balanced We must get away from the Old World vision in which individuals remain living in fear of the unwanted events relationships and situations that are created by their beliefs thoughts feelings and actions that ultimately leave them unsatisfied The New World will be characterized by loving peaceful and joyful events showing up in people s daily realm as they think speak react and feel the love based emotion of the heart There will always be unwanted events and situations in our lives But the task at hand is to remain positive by focusing on the present and visualizing the beautiful outcome of a situation which will unfold the way it was meant to be Acceptance of all that is occurring without judgment will assist us in staying connected to our divine light We must continue to honour with gratitude the amazing magical divine energies within and around us that are assisting us everyday These give us the opportunity to work by channelling these energies to heal and balance ourselves so that we send them out to others Here is a link to a ceremony to assist in channelling the loving healing energies of the Universe to all that we focus on It is a gift that we can all open up to by choice a new journey for those who read this article of commitment to sharing all that we have learned in the divine light and love of source God dess Creator higher self universe and all that is For the Ceremony to heal Mother Earth and all that is with love read our next issue or visit either www AJourneywithyourSpirit com or www TrueBlueSpirit com Cheryl Dawn Native Healer and Spiritual Teacher with A Journey with your Spirit Energy Medicine Programs 4 Day Shamanic Teachings Ceremonies June 5 8 Crystal and drum chakra balancing working with drums rattles cedar feathers color medicine wheel to listen communicate with Wisdom Higher Self Reiki Master s Teachers Certificate April 9 10 11 Reiki Level 1 2 July 10 11 3 month Shamanic Healer s Program Sept 12 Dec 12 Classes held every second Sunday Individual apt over the phone Emotional Release Soul Retrieval more How to listen to what your pet is saying and balancing their chakras to promote health Cheryl Dawn is a Native Healer Teacher in Cross Cultural Shamanic Energy Work Email Cheryl ajourneywithyourspirit com www ajourneywithyourspirit com 250 652 5849 Crystal Chakra Balancing animals and people Shamanic Teachings Reiki Masters Teachers Getting in touch with your Angels and Guides Deep Emotional Release Tech Vision Quests Retreats

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Harmonizing and Balancing the Brain with Brain State Conditioning Brain State Conditioning has been shown to enhance Sleep quality and quantity Sense of calm Creativity Motivation Business performance Sexual performance Health Immunity Mental processing Mental flexibility Mental clarity Memory Focus Energy Meditation Mood balance Communication skills Sports performance involving the brain body connection such as golf tennis hockey Brain State Conditioning has been shown to reduce Depression ADHD issues Sleep disorders Anger Anxiety and fear Worry Stress Stress related disorders including posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD Fatigue Sexual dysfunction Speech impediments Overweight conditions Chronic pain Dementia Alzheimer s symptoms Addictive dependencies including alcohol drugs smok ing sugar carbohydrates eating disorders and other addictive behaviours Call 604 734 7760 1111 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6H 1G1 One block West of Oak Parking at Back Visit www finlandiapharmacy com for more details t Keep a n Ey e O u S In every issue of True Blue pirit you can enter our draw In this issue one reader will receive a complimentary Natural Health Gift Bag To be entered to win go to www truebluespirit ca click on Keep an Eye Out and fill in the form The Secret Word is HEALTH A winner will be randomly selected by May 1st and will be announced in the next issue Our last issue winner of a complimentary Eyes of an Angel book by Paul Elder is Mary Daniel of Nanaimo BC Be sure to check out our website www TrueBlueSpirit com and join us on

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Metaphysics The Art of Taking what works for you and leaving the rest I believe when we seek advice on personal development we should take what works for us and leave the rest I can enjoy an inspirational speaker knowing that I don t need to accept all that is presented to me while still savouring the rest A recent experience is an example of this Here I am in Las Vegas to experience a much awaited long weekend with Stuart Wilde I have been following his work since the late eighties when I stumbled upon his little book entitled Miracles It s a handbook really for life and reading it was a life changing moment for me I was 19 years old and it opened my eyes to how to harness energy and create my own reality I began to create miracles in my life What a gift to receive at such a young age Stuart s latest work has taken on a different tone He has shifted just like the world has shifted His most recent books describe the darker energies surrounding us and how we can be unknowingly influenced by them He gives us tools to remove those entities that he terms ghouls and shares techniques to protect ourselves on a daily basis Stuart Wilde is a master at what he does He entertains his audience with his openly honest opinions as he takes us on a journey through darker dimensions He believes that chaos is close at hand Conspiracy theorists rejoice they must feel validated by this I do not It is not part of my belief system and instead I find that it instills fear in me and therefore lowers my vibration I am clear that I do not wish to attract to me what may be vibrating down there I enjoy most of Stuart s work and I am still a fan though this is an example for me of leaving what doesn t work I still enjoy my path of personal development I keep a light heart and with joy remember to keep what works for me and leave the rest S AHRINA K NIELSEN started her metaphysical journey 21 years ago when she discovered Stuart Wilde and Carlos Castaneda She began pursuing her clairvoyant and mediumship development four years ago and has been working professionally since 2006 Barbie Girl Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 41

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Numerology Number Page 42 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 To determine your ruling add together all the digits of your birth date then reduce this sum to a single digit unless this sum equals 11 or 22 This final number is your Ruling Number Example Jan 04 1990 1 04 1 9 9 0 24 Reduce add 2 4 6 to elcome to the world of numerology I am currently working my way through a series of articles referring to the Ruling or Life Path numbers In this article I will introduce you to or expand your understanding of the influential values of the Ruling number 6 The number 6 brings scenes to my mind of flowers in spring meadows laughing children and baby animals frolicking with the newness of life It is about creative energy the urge to populate and nurture what we bring forth and a sense of family that often extends to friends and community and for some the world It is very natural for us to want to take part in and reflect upon creation We share a desire to beautify ourselves and our world We are after all the offspring of creation and our desire to emulate our creator is innate within all of us People born with the number 6 as their Life Path number experience a strongly developed right brain Creative thought brings forth new insights ideas that can add significantly to the beauteous symmetry and development of our world However whatever we create we are responsible for it is up to us to cull our ideas before we share or manifest them Sharing ignites other minds and thus the world changes Some bring forth great inventions works of art design music and literature The shadow side of the number 6 is seen in the many harmful irresponsible creations brought into our world especially in the past few centuries for the sole purpose of satisfying personal and corporate greed Life s challenges can become open doorways to spirit for who among us has not resorted to prayer when we are at our wits end Listening to the guidance of our spirit helpers can stop us from giving way to harmful vents of frustrated anger Fo W a by Shannon Wills S An yk lia co m

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Numerology ix 6 Numerology is the study of the significance of numbers and names valuable tools in helping us understand our purpose in life This is a series of articles about the Ruling or Life Path Numbers and how they influence our growth and development Equally strong is the urge to nurture and protect our creations We serve as firefighters teachers and medical personnel We line up for Big Brother and Sister Volunteers to help with our children I found a realtor who delighted in matching homes and neighborhoods with the right families Many are dedicated drug and alcohol councilors overseers of half way houses and some contribute as service CEO s for the abused neglected and lost among us Many find joy in familial and surrogate roles as aunties uncles and honorary grandparents Some of the most creative loving and wise councilors I have known have not birthed their own children yet have natural abilities to guide and care for the many among us too wounded to carry on alone These are the true healers of our race Without these feminine principles in operation it would be a cold cold world bereft of humanistic ideals I have to ask myself Is it even possible for any species to survive without these qualities I think not S If you have missed the previous articles you can purchase the past issues of True Blue Spirit by going to www truebluespirit com SHANNON WILLS has been a Metaphysical student for over 40 years As a Reiki Master Teacher she has merged the power of sound to create a unique healing experience for her clients Her interest in Numerology began in the late 80 s and blossomed when she discovered a spiritual connection to numbers DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT NUMEROLOGY Go to www TrueBlueSpirit com and click on the link to ask our numerologist Volume 2 Issue 4 True Blue Spirit Page 43

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Directory Events Animal Communication Animal Whispers Stephanie McColl Bridge the gap of communication between you and your animal 250 386 2807 www animalwhisperer com Jan Matthews Animal Intuitive Helping you learn what your animal has to say 250 245 1410 www talktotheanimals ca Astrology Heather K Elrix Astrology Massage Healing Arts Cowichan Valley 250 815 5813 Crystal Wolf Specializing in teaching astrology one on one or to small groups doing comparison charts for couples and children s charts 250 245 7876 Energy Healing Shamanic Reiki Karuna Master Teacher Practitioners Certificates held in Reiki Crystal Reiki Reiki Drumming Crystal Chakra Balancing Shamanic Energy Healing Programs to heal self and others Cheryl Dawn 250 652 5849 www ajourneywithyourspirit com Health Centre Lang s Centre for Vital Health 105 19610 64th Avenue Langley BC A community oriented Healing Centre featuring a team of highly qualified practitioners Services include Ear Acupuncture Art Therapy Channelled Healing Counseling Holistic Nutrition Homeopathy Hypnotherapy Infrared Sauna Intuitive Healing Kinesiology and Rehab Programs Massage Personal Training Postural Reprogramming Reflexology Reiki plus Yoga Pilates Qigong Classes and more Tuesday evening Drop In Pain Relief Clinics Reiki Share Workshops Classes etc are also offered to the Community 604 530 8840 Holistic Training Reflexologists are in Demand Looking for a new career Professional Foot Reflexology Practitioner on line Certification Course On Line lessons teleseminars videos mentors personal tutoring Applications now being accepted Learning has never been this easy or powerful Call now for full details 1 866 944 2576 Anatomy Physiology Certification course on line training program now available Universal College of Reflexology since 1991 Page 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 4 Hypnotherapy Barbara Adelborg CMH HT Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis Cowichan Valley 250 746 1969 Intuitive Guides Ahrina K Nielsen Intuitive Reader Energy Clearing and Healing Clairvoyance Nanaimo 250 816 2434 Metaphysical Retail INFINITY Gifts for your Soul Gift store including Reflexology Reiki Aromatherapy and Tarot Angel card readings 113 Hirst Ave E Parksville BC 250 586 6449 Infinity giftsforyoursoul yahoo ca JUBU BEAD GIFT Gift store beads crystals and much more 5 120 Alberni Hwy behind the Chevron Parksville BC 250 248 2303 jubu shaw ca TRIPLE SPIRAL METAPHYSICAL GIFTS tarot incense candles jewelry books crystals gifts classes cauldrons 106 3 Fan Tan Alley Victoria BC V8W 3G9 ph 250 380 7212 fx 250 380 7412 www triplespiralmetaphysical com WISHES For Conscious Living 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411

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WATER IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE AND THAT S HOW WE TREAT IT MAVEA METER POUR THROUGH LID No need to take the whole lid off to ll it up Yes this is convenient but it also minimizes contact with your germ laden hands no offense Tells you when you re going to have to change your lter thereby relieving you of that do I or don t I anxiety RECYCLABLE FILTERS We want to recycle 100 of your used filters To make it absurdly easy for you we happily pay your postage to send it back to us For people mindful of their health and that of the planet water is a critical concern Clean drinking water is necessary for life and it s in increasingly short supply Only by creating environmentally sound filtration solutions can we sustainably put good drinking water within arms reach of every human being At MAVEA we use only BPA free plastics All our filters are 100 recyclable And our designs integrate detail after detail to make sustainable water use as delicious and enjoyable as possible MAVEA COM I N S P I R E D WAT E R