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10 inside F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 COLUMNS 4 ASK THE TRAINER 7 PICK OF THE PACK 9 DOGS IN THE CITY F E AT U R E S Brittany Gidley Photography On the cover Snowball the dog model gets ready for his CLE DOG February cover shoot at Chewbone Studio Find out more about how this handsome pooch went from living on the streets to starring in commercials on page 10 6 8 10 14 16 FROM THE CAGE TO THE COUCH DOG DENTAL HEALTH MEET SNOWBALL THE DOG MODEL LOCAL PET MRI SERVICE INDOOR WINTER ACTIVITIES Join our email newsletter list at CLEDOG net Publishers Karen Uthe Semancik Mark Brabant Webmaster Karolina Shook Cover Photo Chewbone Studio Columnists Travis Raymond Pick of the Pack John Bergenstein Ask the Trainer Amanda Roush Dogs in the City Contributing Writers Ann McDonald Susan Spisak CLE DOG magazine is published monthly by GoFetch Media LLC P O Box 40172 Bay Village OH 44140 Copyright 2018 GoFetch Media LLC All rights are reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written permission Unsolicited articles are invited but the Publishers reserve the right to edit any and all materials All materials submitted to CLE DOG are considered to be CLE DOG property and unconditionally assigned to CLE DOG for publication and copyright purposes ADVERTISING INFORMATION Karen Uthe Semancik Karen cledog net 216 598 6361 PHOTO SUBMISSIONS Mark Brabant Mark cledog net 440 785 4136

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BEHAVIOR B Y JOHN BERGENSTEIN A Q I just adopted a dog Now what do I do I ve seen ads promoting the adoption of dogs that state If you adopt a dog he will know you saved him and will love you unconditionally for life because he is so thankful Sometimes that does happen and everything goes smoothly from day one But many times there is an adjustment period as the dog gets used to his new home This requires some work and patience on the part of the adopter There are a number of things you can do to help this transition go more smoothly while keeping everyone safe and happy First remember he has no real bond with you as yet so keeping him secure so he does not run away is very important That means using a secure collar such as a martingale using a leash while getting him in and out of cars and being careful around doors that open to the outside He should never be allowed off leash in an area that is not completely fenced in until you are 100 certain he will not run away When he arrives home I suggest keeping things calm at first That means not bringing in a lot of people or dogs not already in the home to meet him no rough play etc A new home can be stressful for a dog so avoid everyone hovering over or crowding him Initially give him very little freedom and limit privileges until they are earned Restrict his movement throughout the house If I cannot directly supervise him I have him in a dog crate This will help with housebreaking if he is not already trained and will prevent him from doing damage in the home This is especially important if you adopted him directly from a kennel since this might be the first time he s been in a house Without supervision any dog can do a lot of damage in a very short period of time or get into something harmful or even fatal The use of an inexpensive drag leash is helpful if he starts to do something he is not allowed to do It is easy to step on the leash to get control of him safely Grabbing a dog you don t know by the collar is never a good idea especially if he is in an excited state of mind Many people like to have their dogs on the furniture or in the human bed with them These are high value privileges especially the human bed and I recommend they not be given to the dog until they are earned 4 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio Supervision is even more important if small children or another dog is in the home Even if everything went well during the meet and greet issues can arise during day to day living Precautions need to be taken around food toys treats and furniture if the dogs are allowed up I recommend all toys and bones be picked up and stored out of sight Children should be kept away from his food and the dogs should be fed apart from each other Or feed the new dog in his crate Food should never be left down on the floor without direct supervision Keep in mind the new dog is not always the one causing the problem Also don t be surprised if there is a honeymoon period where you think you adopted the perfect dog Once he settles in he may start to explore his boundaries If he is successful with the first test he may move on to test the next one Again doing the work up front helps eliminate future problems If you see issues you feel you cannot handle on your own get help from a professional trainer So how long do we recommend that you follow this advice That depends on the dog We suggest you slowly start granting him more freedom and privileges If you start to see unwanted behaviors simply back up and remove the privilege until it is earned again With a little work and commitment adopting a dog can be a wonderful experience Hopefully you will have many years together with him If you take a few weeks or even months during the transition period that you won t even remember a year from now On behalf of everyone involved in the rescue community I d like to thank you for adopting John Bergenstein is a certified pet dog trainer and the owner of Columbia Dog Training in Hinckley He is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator He is the owner of four dogs Murphy Zoey Pandy and Huller all adopted from Fido s Companion Rescue

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From the Cage C uch to the Jolie was picked up by the Lorain County Dog Kennel with an electric wire around her neck serving as a collar and leash She had wandered into someone s yard She was hairless smelled like Fritos due to her severe skin infection and was bleeding from scratches and sores over her entire body Multiple Breed Rescue came to her aid and named her Jolie which means beautiful because they knew someday she would be just that It took nearly six months for her beautiful long fur to grow back in and the rescue volunteers were amazed at how fluffy she has become Jolie is very happy now living in Elyria with her mom dad and two fur siblings PetPeople is proud to sponsor From the Cage to the Couch As your neighborhood store for pets we are deeply committed to supporting local nonprofit animal related charities Come bring your rescued pets into one of our eight Northeast Ohio stores for natural wholesome and nutritious foods and treats to help them thrive in their new life www PetPeopleStores com Partners With Paws of Lorain County Inc raises funds for pets in need like Jolie Saving homeless pets four paws at a time PartnersWithPawsOfLorainCountyInc www PartnersWithPawsLC com 6 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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PRODUCTS BY TRAVIS S RAYMOND D E N T A L H Y G I E N E February is here and that means it s time to clean some teeth The American Veterinary Medical Foundation sponsors National Pet Dental Health Month every February to help get the word out about oral hygiene of our pets But clean teeth and a healthy mouth are important all year The importance of oral hygiene cannot be overstated because infections from the mouth can spread to the body and organs turning small problems into big ones Fortunately there are a wide variety of products to aid in the quest for good oral hygiene Zymox Oratene is an excellent brushless toothpaste gel using natural enzyme systems designed to address the oral issues of special needs pets Senior dogs and those with special medical conditions often have unhealthy saliva so the gentle enzyme formula Zymox has developed is designed to replenish the natural protection needed for a healthy mouth Also in the Zymox line is its Water Additive which delivers their patented enzymatic formula through the dog s drinking water and the Breath Freshener which is a spray mister Petzlife has a line of brushless oral care products in both a gel and a spray available in peppermint and wild caught salmon flavors Apply to the gum line twice a day until plaque is dissolved and then 2 3 times a week as a preventative It is recommended to withhold food and water for a half hour after application for best results Ark Naturals has the very popular Breath Less Brushless Toothpaste chews Available in four sizes from mini to large the ridged outer surface provides abrasive action to complement the patented toothpaste which is applied along the middle of the chew Recommended use is one to two chews per day Warning Dental chews come in in a variety of shapes and sizes and in varying levels of quality Many lower quality chews are made from potato starch and while there may be some cleaning done by the action of chewing them the starch adds to the plaque on the teeth Powerful chewers can bite off chunks putting them at risk of bowel obstruction Use caution always reading the ingredient labels and supervising your dog ProDen s PlaqueOff comes in a powder and in Dental Bites crunchy treats which are available in two sizes depending on your dog s weight Simply sprinkle on top of the food whether you feed wet or dry or mix it in PlaqueOff is made from sustainably harvested sea kelp and is completely free of gluten sugar and artificial preservatives Tropiclean s Fresh Breath Water Additive is a simple and easy way to fight back against plaque and tartar Just add a tablespoon of additive to a 16ounce water bowl and your pup is on his way to fresh breath and clean teeth Travis S Raymond is manager of the Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville an all natural dog and cat supply store featuring an in store dog bakery This Army veteran and CSU graduate is also a dog wrangler at The Bark Club dog daycare He is the proud parent of rescue cat George and also a foster dog parent February 2018 CLEDOG net 7

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on dog dental health By Karen Uthe Semancik Puppy breath may be cute but halitosis in your hound is no laughing matter According to the American Veterinary Medical Association by age three 80 percent of dogs show signs of periodontal disease February is National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month so we sat down with Dr Lisa O Donnell of Avon Lake Animal Clinic to find out more about keeping our canine s canines healthy The Facts In the mouth bacteria combine with food particles to form plaque on the teeth which then combines with minerals in the saliva to form tartar a hard substance that adheres to the teeth says Dr O Donnell The bacteria work their way under the gums and can also travel in the bloodstream to infect the heart kidneys and liver Dr O Donnell says that a professional dental cleaning can prevent bad breath remove visible plaque and tartar from the teeth and also remove bacteria from under the gums This eliminates sources of infection to the mouth and other organs and protects your pet from pain and tooth loss Long term Effects The bacteria that make their way from the tartar under the gum line can cause periodontal disease This disease eventually causes gum recession exposure of the root structure and loosening of the supportive tissues of the teeth says Dr O Donnell Retained baby teeth and tooth crowding are common in Yorkshire Terriers Toy Poodles Chihuahuas and other toy breeds says Dr O Donnell Misalignment of the jaws can also lead to early periodontal disease Brachycephalic breeds Boxers Bulldogs Boston Terriers have a short upper jaw while dolichocephalic breeds Collies Shelties Doxies often have a narrow muzzle and an elongated upper jaw Also Dr O Donnell says Greyhounds have a genetic predisposition to enamel defects which can lead to early accumulation of tartar and formation of periodontal disease Signs Prevention Keeping Trixie s teeth clean from the start will help avoid major issues related to oral health care Dr Bad breath O Donnell says daily brushing is the best way to Drooling remove food particles from our dogs teeth and to Bleeding from the mouth prevent the formation of tartar You can use a child s Swelling around the mouth toothbrush or a toothbrush designed for dogs It is Sensitive mouth area She says these issues may cause chronic pain and will important to use a toothpaste safe for dogs no eventually lead to tooth loss Routine comprehensive oral fluoride health exams under anesthesia allow the vet to detect periodontal disease 80 of which lies below the gum line With a Fluoride can be toxic for dogs in large doses so use canine specific thorough exam and intra oral radiographs broken teeth and abscessed toothpaste in a flavor that your pooch will appreciate teeth can be identified and pain relieving periodontal surgery or tooth extraction can be performed Schedule regular vet checkups to monitor your dog s teeth Daily tooth brushing What about Anesthesia Feed a high quality food Anesthesia will always have risks but it s safer now than ever The Offer chews toys and diets that help risks are very low and are far outweighed by the benefits says Dr remove plaque Visit vohc org for O Donnell She says that a thorough physical exam and pre anesthetic a list of products that are awarded testing should be done prior to the procedure and careful monitoring the Veterinary Oral Health during the procedure Council seal YOUR DOG MAY NEED A DENTAL EXAM Breed specific Dental Issues Some breeds may have more dental issues than others Generally speaking small breeds have a higher incidence of periodontal disease according to Dr O Donnell 8 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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AROUND TOWN The ONLY pet MRI unit in Greater Cleveland BY AMANDA ROUSH BELLA MIA from Dog Life in CLE With the freezing weather we tend to stay inside a little more to keep them paws warm Mia and Bella love to wrestle and play tug of war I also give them interactive toys that you can find at any local pet store I love to bake and I found a recipe by Heather Baird at Etsy Journal for DIY Conversation Hearts Dog Treats that is pawfect to give your dog for Valentine s Day your dog will sure ruff you You can check out our blog post to see how we made ours doglifeincle com Also we still have 2018 Cleveland Dog Calendars on sale for 5 This calendar features 80 dogs at dog friendly places around Cleveland You can purchase online at etsy com shop doglifeincle Accredited medical team Affordable local All vet referrals accepted We work with your current vet on all diagnostics 31371 Lorain Rd North Olmsted 440 406 8072 VetMRIservice com DIY CONVERSATION HEARTS DOG TREATS Ingredients 3 cups of brown rice flour 3 4 oz jars of apple baby food 2 4 tablespoons of water Food coloring or gel food coloring Instructions 1 Preheat oven to 350 F 2 Combine the brown rice flour and applesauce in a large mixing bowl Mix together on medium speed until a crumbly dough forms 3 Add water 1 tablespoon at a time until the mixture clumps together and forms soft non sticky dough You may not have to use all the water If the dough is sticky add extra flour as needed 4 Divide the dough into five equal portions 5 Return one portion of dough to the mixing bowl and add blue food color a little at a time until a pastel color is achieved 6 Repeat the process with the remaining portions of dough and the pink yellow green blue and violet gel food color 7 Roll each piece of dough between two sheets of parchment paper use a heartshaped cookie cutter to cut shapes from the dough 8 Transfer the dough cut outs to the prepared baking sheets with a small spatula Bake for 10 12 minutes or until the cookies are firm and their surfaces appear dry Let the cookies cool completely 9 On a small plate place a small portion of red gel food color and add 1 2 drops of water to thin slightly Use an artist s brush to paint red conversation messages onto the treats 10 Let them stand for 30 minutes or until the lettering is completely dry and let your dog enjoy Store treats in an airtight container Ingredients can be altered based on dietary needs ASPCA assures that food colorings approved for human consumption are also safe to be used in foods for pets However if you are not inclined to use food color you may omit it completely Alternatively vegetable powders such as carrot and beet powders can be added to the recipe to obtain color naturally Please treat responsibly February 2018 CLEDOG net 9

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PROFILE Photo Chewbone Studio

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I This Snowball is CLE s Hottest Dog Model By Ann McDonald I think every dog owner has at one time thought their fur kid would make a great dog model As the saying goes everyone thinks they have the best dog and they re not wrong I ve learned firsthand though that being cute is not always enough to make it in the dog modeling world I thought my dog Hunter had made it to the big time when he was chosen to be on an American Greetings card only to have him totally bomb the photo shoot In his defense I am not sure how well many dogs would do being told to sit still on a high stool with bright lights shining down and loud clicking cameras As I learned that day being a dog model takes some actual skills beyond looking good in pictures For Cleveland dog owners interested in getting their pooches into modeling you may find some inspiration in the story of Snowball Jami Kinton a local model and an in game announcer for the Cleveland Indians found Snowball on the streets about five years ago when she was working as a news reporter in Mansfield Cold and starving Snowball had been living on the streets for about a week when Jami took him in Snowball soon became a constant companion for Jami accompanying her almost everywhere she went including her photo shoots as a model Before long it became apparent that Snowball belonged in front of the camera too I was constantly told by production how incredibly well behaved he was and how I should get him involved in his own right so finally I did Jami said He now has representation by multiple agencies across the country and has done everything from commercials to print and online ads Top Snowball at work with mom Middle Jami and Snowball on the pages of zulily com Bottom Snowball on set of a commercial for the Good Samaritan Society in Seattle WA Snowball has appeared in PetSmart and Formula 1 commercials and travels the country with Jami and her boyfriend Logan Broadbent who s been on the last two seasons of NBC s American Ninja Warrior To make it in the dog modeling world Jami said that Snowball has to know basic commands sit stay lay down speak but more importantly has to know the commands through hand signals so that they don t have to edit out her voice as she gives him instructions For those interested in getting their dog into modeling Jami recommends that you socialize your dog to ensure he s not easily frightened by new people or sounds Sometimes your dog will also have to work with other trainers and needs to be comfortable working with strangers Jami said Once they get comfortable with all of this it s an added bonus if they know other tricks like rollover play dead high five twirl etc Jami was able to get Snowball represented through agencies that she worked with by mentioning that she had a set trained dog She also looked online for ads for dog models In Cleveland there aren t really any animal modeling agencies so if you don t have connections you may have to keep your eyes open for opportunities with local photographers or businesses American Greetings is one local company that often uses dogs for greeting card photo shoots I found out about the shoot Hunter did from a friend since they were looking for Pomeranians but they often find their dog models through rescue organizations or reputable breeders American Greetings does have some dogs they work with regularly but depending on what type of dog is needed they may reach out to various contacts to find a dog Audrey Jones a photographer with American Greetings said that February 2018 CLEDOG net 11

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Snowball has become used to being on the go and is a great traveler for a successful photo shoot it is most important that the dog models are well trained docile and good at listening It s an added bonus if the dog has fun with any type of accessories props or clothing because our consumers cannot get enough of dogs wearing sunglasses JAMI KINTON AND LOGAN BROADBENT DOG PARENTS TO SNOWBALL THE SHIH TZU AGE 5 Breeder or Shelter Rescue A former reporter Jami rescued Snowball in Mansfield when he was about 6 months old when she spotted him while covering a story Neighbors said he had been wandering the area for nearly a week Flexi or Web Leashes Both Regular or Raw Feeding Regular Up next for Snowball A shoot in Montreal for a luxury airline You can follow his adventures on Instagram snowball shihtzu actor or Facebook at facebook com snowballpuppy On the set of a Formula 1 commercial Ann McDonald is a writer dog foster and dog mom to two rescue dogs You can find her writing about her dogs dog friendly activities and dog rescue at dogsinthecle com Free Feeding or Fixed Meal Schedule Fixed Your Bed or Dog Bed Ours but he has a dog bed in the family room he loves Dog Park or Metropark Typically Metropark but occasionally we like to try out different dog parks Doggie Daycare or Daily Walk Daily walks and runs Trainer or Homeschool Logan and Jami both train him and Snowball really loves to learn Pet sitter or Boarding Jami takes him to work Purebred or Mix Mix 12 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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MEDICAL PET MRI SERVICES NOW CLOSE TO HOME AFFORDABLE M By Karen Uthe Semancik Many great ideas are born out of necessity and VetMRI Service s John Vizzuso saw a huge need when it came to pet diagnostic imaging When a friend told him he was going to have to pay over 3 000 for his dog to receive MRI services plus drive over an hour to get there Vizzuso knew there had to be a better way When I asked my friend why it was so expensive he said there are only a few places in Ohio that offer an MRI for animals After I did some research I thought that it would be a great thing to be able to offer MRI for animals more locally and more affordably And so VetMRI Service LLC was created says Vizzuso VetMRI Service opened in North Olmsted late last year and has been working with pet owners and their veterinarians to offer stress free diagnostic imaging for less The cost is 1 200 which includes anesthesia says Vizzuso If an additional scan needs to be completed during the same visit Vizzuso says there is an additional 350 fee which is still less expensive than the 3 000 price at out of town specialty centers VetMRI Service accepts credit cards and Care Credit Vizzuso says his MRI is an open unit designed specifically for veterinarian use which allows for more comfortable positioning for the pet According to Vizzuso some of the most common reasons a pet MRI is needed include imaging for seizures tumors 14 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio herniated discs inflammatory diseases joints cysts and metastatic lesions So how does the process work Vizzuso says pets need to be referred by their veterinarians who can even set up your appointment with VetMRI Service Once the appointment is made the owner receives a text and email confirmation of the appointment Next the VetMRI technician calls the owner with information on what to expect during the appointment and to answer all questions The appointment lasts about 34 hours Owners can stay onsite in the waiting area bring a book or get some work done or they can leave and come back VetMRI Service is close to Great Northern Mall and several shopping plazas if an owner wants to run errands Vizzuso says that pets are sedated for the imaging process with anesthesia administered by the on staff veterinarian A series of blood work tests are done at your veterinarian s office within 30 days of the MRI appointment and those results are shared electronically with VetMRI Services The patient typically wakes up within minutes of the scan being completed says Vizzuso The MRI reports are read by the radiologist and VetMRI Service sends those directly to the referring veterinarian VetMRI also

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stores the images electronically for future reference and CDs are available upon request Vizzuso says his team works with all veterinary offices and can usually get pets in for an appointment within a week of the referral VetMRI Service s Technician Joyce Graber shares the story of a recent client Marley an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel who was having some knee problems clicking and difficulty walking for extended periods of time His veterinarian Dr Deborah Fegan of Big Creek Pet Hospital requested an MRI of Marley s right knee Marley post recovery The owner was contemplating having stem cell injections instead of doing the MRI but decided to have the MRI to see if and how much damage Marley had going on says Graber The results of the MRI revealed he had a large meniscus tear and also a tear of the cranial cruciate ligament Due to the large tear of the meniscus Marley was not eligible to receive stem cell therapy and thus had surgery on his right knee Graber shares that Marley is doing great and his owner says that each day he has more energy and that he s like a new dog Dr Fegan said the MRI report was very consistent with what she found when she went in and did his surgery Marley has made a wonderful recovery and we at VetMRI Service are thrilled to have been a part of his diagnosis says Graber If you would like more information about VetMRI Service call 440 406 8072 or visit vetmriservice com VetMRI Service is located at 31371 Lorain Road in North Olmsted right near the North Ridgeville Lorain County border February 2018 CLEDOG net 15

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HEALTH Staying active indoors when it s cold outside By Susan Spisak IT S TOUGH KEEPING OUR DOGS ACTIVE during Northeast Ohio s wintery weather My dog Bo like most dogs needs daily walks to avoid the doldrums Full disclosure I dread those outings when that lake effect snow s blowing so I searched for indoor alternatives and am happy to share a few ideas I ndoor canine aquatic exercise is a terrific workout for water loving dogs Mel McGrath owner and certified trainer at Paramount Dog Training offers many indoor canine packages at his three area locations including a water program that utilizes a heated saltwater pool at the Briggs Road facility in Cleveland I had the opportunity to talk with Rachel Daw Paramount s canine aquatic exercise trainer and she indicated that your pooch can participate in their fun swim sessions while reaping many benefits Young energetic dogs can come in for energy release and full body conditioning The combination of physical and mental stimulation through lap swimming fetch and endurance swimming on a tether all provide for outstanding indoor exercise said Daw who is also in the process of initiating her own nonprofit dog Paramount Dog Training 16 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio rescue She prefers to be in the pool with her canine clients unless she s on the adjacent deck throwing toys to a fetch crazed hound The pool is also therapeutic for seniors and dogs with injuries Moving through the water with a swim jacket on provides relief to arthritic joints and increases mobility And for those in need of preand post surgical conditioning or those suffering from muscle atrophy due to ACL tears they ll benefit from this safe low impact method of building up lost muscle mass as well Daw said these swim sessions which are held evenings and Saturdays due to her schedule she s a math teacher by day are customized Decisions such as length of time in the water exercise type and swimming with or without a swim jacket on are all based on the specific goals of that particular dog And the classes are private but if a client has multiple dogs they can attend together Looking for a calming exercise option Daw said that downward facing dog has a new meaning at Paramount s Columbia Station facility as she and Certified Trainer Mike Konopinski lead Doggy Zen classes They guide a small group of individuals and their well behaved obedient and socialized dogs through meditation techniques and strengthening and stretching poses For more info visit paramountdogtraining com

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Agility is another cool sport to keep your healthy dog large or small male or female physically and mentally active I checked out CLErun Agility Training Center LLC a heated and airconditioned 40 000 square foot indoor agility and training facility in Valley View for its offerings If you re new to the sport the business name is a play on words a clean run is a goal in agility competitions Start with a beginner s agility class to learn the fundamentals which requires training teamwork and concentration to help your dog negotiate an obstacle course as fast and as accurately as possible Those obstacles include a see saw tunnels tire jumps weave poles and obedience jumps It promotes a sense of accomplishment and is a unique way to exercise for both humans and canines Many get hooked on the sport and move to competitive levels If agility doesn t sound like your dog s thing CLErun has obedience classes puppy foundations and rally a companion sport to AKC Obedience The CLErun team also has individual practice sessions if you want to come and play with your dog in the all positive environment see their website for details at cle run If your dog has a soft spot for people visit assisted living homes walking hallways and meeting and greeting folks is invigorating Many facilities don t require pet therapy certifications but your dog will need to be up to date on shots Call one in your neighborhood to see if you both can come in My dogs and I have done it in the past and we loved it and so did the residents If classes and visits won t fit into your day planner pop your dog into your car and go to a welcoming pet or big box home improvement store to give his legs a stretch People may stop and chat and that will add a layer of stimulation If you d rather your pet romps with other 4leggeds try doggie daycare Depending on what side of town you live in check out The Bark Club in North Ridgeville thebarkclubllc com or Barklyn Hts Dog Daycare in Brooklyn Hts barklynhts com Both The Bark Club offer well supervised cage free play for non aggressive social canines so you ll be picking up a tired but happy dog Reps from both facilities invite you in for a tour Barklyn Heights Dog Daycare February 2018 CLEDOG net 17

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PET CREMATION SERVICES INC NOW SERVING THE GREATER CLEVELAND AREA Pet Cremation Services Inc was founded in 1996 on the principle of providing the public with an honest and reliable service after the loss of a pet Over the years veterinarians and pet owners have been loyal to our company because of the dedicated service provided by our employees Our service area covers 43 counties in Ohio We recently opened a branch office in Wickliffe due to the number of requests in the greater Cleveland Akron Canton and Youngstown areas We always have the respect and dignity of the pet in mind Our Motto is For The Dignity Your Pet Deserves Custom Urns Available PRIVATE COMMUNAL CREMATIONS TIMELY RETURN OF ASHES EXCLUSIVE OFFERING Custom Made Glass Jewelry Memorial Tributes By Lee Guttentag WWW PETCREMATIONCOLUMBUS COM Have your vet call us to oversee your pet s cremation or contact us directly Wickliffe 440 347 0950 Toll Free 800 669 7629 18 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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HOLIDA YS CALENDAR FEBRUARY Dog Training Education Month National Pet Oral Health Care Month National Prevent a Litter Month Pet Dental Health Month Responsible Animal Guardian Month Responsible Pet Owner Month Spay Neuter Awareness Month Unchain a Dog Month Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week February 7 14 National Pet Theft Awareness Day February 14 National Love Your Pet Day February 20 Walking the Dog Day February 22 National Dog Biscuit Day February 23 Spay Day USA February 27 Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden February 12 13 POOCH PARTY PETPEOPLE Sunday February 4 Noon 3 p m at PetPeople in Avon 35901 Detroit Road Join Love A Stray for an adoption event Come visit do some shopping and hang out with some awesome dogs available for adoption Visit loveastraydog com for more information RAFFLE TO THE RESCUE 2018 Now through Monday February 5 Partners With Paws of Lorain County Inc is holding its annual raffle for a 1 000 cash prize Tickets are 10 each and purchasing six tickets will help rescue one dog from a dog pound For more information on purchasing raffle tickets visit PartnersWithPawsLC com email lawilber oberlin net or call 440 897 8696 DOG HIKE Saturday February 10 2 3 30 p m at North Chagrin Nature Center 401 Buttermilk Falls Pkwy Willoughby Bring your best furry friend to the park for some exercise and socialization by hiking the wooded trails of North Chagrin Hikers without dogs are welcome Moderate natural surface trails 2 2 5 miles Visit clevelandmetroparks com or call 440 473 3370 for more info EASTLAKE COMMUNITY DOG SHOW February 11 1 4 p m at Eastlake Police Activities League 600 E 349th St Eastlake Register your favorite dog for the show in prize categories including biggest dog smallest dog best trained best trick and costume contest Vendors and exhibitors onsite too Call 440 571 2356 or 440 251 5381 for more info or visit the event s Facebook page STRIKES FOR STRAYS BOWLING EVENT Sunday February 25 from 12 30 5 p m The 6th annual bowling fundraiser event for Love AStray takes place at Spevock s Nautical Lanes 184 Miller Road Avon Lake Event includes 2 hours of bowling bowling shoes food fun raffles photo booth 50 50 prizes trophies and more Back this year is celebrity emcee Lil John Rinaldi This event sells out so register your team early 25 donation per bowler or discount for preregistered pre paid teams of 6 for 125 Non bowlers can enjoy the food fun raffles and photo booth for a 10 donation at the door Visit loveastraydog com for registration information or email lasbowling gmail com WAGS TO RICHES Saturday February 10 at 6 30 p m at Tom s Country Place 3442 Stoney Ridge Road Avon 9th annual casino night event includes dinner cocktails live music Vegas style casino games and pick a prize raffle Proceeds benefit Friendship APL Tickets are 100 per person Visit friendshipapl org for more information TH E B A R K E TP LACE Check out these dogcentric businesses

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month Periodontal disease is the number one diagnosed disease in dogs and cats By age three 80 of dogs and 70 of cats show signs of periodontal disease The hazards of periodontal disease range from tooth loss to heart and kidney problems as bacteria travels through the circulatory system and is picked up by organs Dr Lisa O Donnell Avon Lake Animal Clinic Share a photo of your pet s HealthyGrin on our Facebook avonlakeanimalclinic and Twitter avonlakeanimal pages You ll be entered into a drawing for a FREE TOOTHBRUSH KIT FREE DENTA 440 933 5297 Schedule your pet s dental health exam today DURING L EXAMS FEBRUA RY Just menti on CLE DO G when book ing your appointme nt