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Movie characters and how they fit in Jungian archetypes

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Jungian Archetypes


Daniel Cox


Wendy Testaburger

As a fourth grade girl, Wendy is courageous enough to be a feminist and speak her mind on issues she believes in. Because Wendy is a girl, she is put down a lot by Cartman since he feels superior but Wendy does not realize how important she is. She is very self-conscience about herself but yet still stands strong.


Kyle Broflovski

Kyle Broflovski represents the archetype of the sage, he is the friend of the group that knows what the right choice is and often does not want to do what his friends are usually up to. Due to his passiveness, Kyle usualy goes along with the many adventures him and his friends go on. Kyle is the "wise" one that he gets from the lessons that his father teaches him, therefore he knows what seems rational and what is not despite him being only a fourth grader. Since he is Jewish, he feels disconnected because his friend, Eric Cartman, who makes fun of him for the stereotypes of Jews. 


Eric Cartman

As the sovereign you display traits such as order, stability, and control which Eric Cartman, or just Cartman, exhibits. Cartman is a control freak over his mother and orders her around for the benefit of himself only because he feels that he is entitled to anything that he wants. Cartman also feels stable when he is able to make fun of his Jewish friend, Kyle. For example, When Kyle moves away, He tries to replace Kyle with a non-Jew but he does not feel the same making fun of his "Jewish" friend. Many times Cartman does things for the wrong reasons, such as starting a Christian rock band for the purpose of trying to get a platinum album not for the love of Christianity.

Gerald Broflovski is a caring father who gives good life advice, although he may seem to be innocent, he is very manipulative. In the show he is displayed as a figure shown as a good figure, but we learn he is not so perfect as we see. He is an internet troll that goes by the name Skanhunt42, where he goes on the internet and messes with people and starts big controversies for his own pleasure.  


Gerald Broflovski



Leopold "Butters" Stotch is a young boy who has a very influential mind so he is not too sure of what is right and wrong.Butters does not fit in with the main group of kids so when they ask him to come along with them, he is always down to go. Due to his naivete, Butters is honest, even if it does get him into trouble. He also tends to run away from his problems because he does not like to face them. 

Mr. Garrison is an interesting character, for he goes through many changes from being a female, back to a male, a man with a puppet on his hand, and walking around with a sex slave.This shows that he has a strong imagination for what he wants to be. He is shown to be over dramatic but his sense of aesthetics is very string. He believes that all women are strong and independent.  


Mr. Garrison

Stan is almost like every other young boy, except that he does not realize his own self worth because he does not feel that he is any different than anyone else. When he see if his friend Cartman gets what he wants, he shows signs of jealousy through his anger towards him, but he is willing to help his friends even if it is not the best of interest towards hi because he is willing to fit in. 


Stan Marsh

Ike is not your normal preschooler, he goes on adventures and is quite independent despite what he shows towards his mom. Ike has gone on his own to Canada to help fight to find the princess of Canada. He did that though aimlessly due to the facts that he watched the Canadian news telling him to do that. With Ike being a Canadian and adopted, he feels alienated because when Kyle, his older brother, first met Ike, Kyle did not want to embrace him as his little brother.


Ike Broflovski



Jesus is exactly how you would think of him, he shows compassion to the people of South Park and the world. He even still loves them when the people of South Park all chose Satan to beat him in a boxing match. Yet he thinks that he is more important to the people of South Park than he really is. The people only go to him when there is no where else to turn to which makes him seem important to them but he really is not.

Towelie is a towel that was made in a laboratory, but it did not go as planned. Towelie has a serious problem with getting high, and when he gets high, he does not respect anyone or take anything seriously such as doing his duties as a towel. Due to his addiction, he is misunderstood as to why he does it because the boys have held interventions for him to be clean. 



Kenny is quiet kid, considering you cannot understand what he is saying most of time, but when he does speak it is usually the truth about the situation. With this truth, he tends to keep the other kids, mostly Cartman, accountable because what he says does not usually go in agreement with what Cartman wants. Kenny can be considered reckless considering he dies quite a few times throughout the show even if it is not his fault for dying. He even comes back as a spirit and still shows the other boys what is fair and still disagrees with Cartman.


Kenny McCormick

As a father, he is honest with his son, Stan, about many topics whether they are uncomfortable to talk about with him. Randy deems himself as a leadership role in his town because he stands up for what he believes in. Sometimes he feels that the law does not apply to him and tries to get out of it by saying "I thought this was America!" He shows us his risk taking abilities in many ways such as trying to get cancer just so he can buy medical marijuana.


Randy Marsh