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June 2017 Company Newsletter

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Congratulations to our Top Agents from June

Chesapeake - Christine Ornoff (listing) + Renee Joseph (sales)

Franklin - Helen marlin (listing) + Mary Lilley (sales)

Hampton - Debbie Ceclic-Konst (listing) + The Trusty Team (sales)

Norfolk - Parker Neff/Mary Jackowell (listing) + Diana Gifford (sales)

Virginia Beach - Roy Ward (listing) + Amy Everage (sales)

Williamsburg - Angie Wellman (listing and sales)

Million Dollar Club

Congratulations to all of our exceptional agents that exceeded $1 million in CLOSED transactions for the month of June! That's a big accomplishment - feel free to like, share, and retweet the video that will be posted later today on all of our social media sites!

Corporate Updates

Welcome Elisa Richardson (Chesapeake agent), Wanda Jones (Norfolk Agent), Jennifer Geyer (Relocation), Kengha Wallace (Property Management)

A-Team Agents - Please complete the USAA training ASAP so you remain compliant. Reference

More In-House Trainings coming soon!! Stay tuned.

YNOT Wednesdays continues until the end of August in Virginia Beach. Contact Mary for more information and if you would like to join.

OGR Submissions (Thank You!) - Rafael Garcia, Vanessa Weidrick, Terry Sylvia, Melissa Lewis, Donna Poplin, Buddy Huskey, Janice Jessup, Kathy Mateer

Reminder for Renting Clients - If you have a client and you put them through our CB Pro Property Management division, once they are ready to buy you will be their first point of contact

Monday July 17th - ZAP Squad Training in Franklin

Be conscious of your internet downloads! There have been reports of illegal movie downloads and our internet usage will be monitored and potentially affected if this continues to happen.

Opportunities for Success

Don't forget our current Listing Contest and OGR Incentives! See office flyers and sales meeting for details.

EFFECTIVE JULY 25 (national website) will be changing over to the Zap platform. Our local company sites has already been switched over for some time.

What this means for you - You will only have ONE agent profile (accessible through ZAP) making it much easier to manage your sites and clients and for the public to find you online.

The ABC's of OGR's

Struggling with OGR submissions?  Need some ideas on where to get referrals or who to talk to?

Take a look at these 26 places and things that can help get your referral-juices flowing!

View Blog Post Here

Take a Moment to Congratulate Chris Hannan

He has recently taken a new position as General Sales Manager for CB Pro. In this role he will be working directly with the sales managers in their efforts for talent attraction, training opportunities, and agent development.

You all will be receiving a public press release notification soon as well as a social media notification in the next week or so.

A Wednesday Night Full of CB Blue!

Our Peninsula agents had a wonderful time representing CB Pro in Hampton at the Port Warwick Live on the Square Summer Concert Series (yep, we saw all the dancing on Facebook!) and our Southside agents were out at YNOT Wednesday's at the Sandler Center in VB.

At both events, we gave away an Amazon Echo Dot to a lucky winner and gave a great opportunity to increase our brand presence as a company, and as individual agents.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more opportunities at events like this!  

HMS Emergency Lodging Benefit

HMS is the only home warranty that provides lodging reimbursement for buyers, up to $1,200, when you have a qualifying event that leaves your home uninhabitable for 24 hours or more following a first service visit should there be a delay in acquiring repair parts, or a delay of 24 hours or more in our provision of service for water removal from pipe breakage.

Remember, you get MORE with HMS.

A Note from HMS

A Note from AHS

AHS 2 Year Home Warranties

We often think about home warranties in one-year coverage periods, but American Home Shield® Real Estate Edition Home Warranties also offer a two-year coverage option.

With a two-year home warranty from AHS®, homeowners enjoy budget protection and access to our nationwide network of professional home service contractors for an additional year at the first-year cost before renewal