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Our mission is to help pets and pet owners alike in the Charlotte and surrounding area. We provide resources and services such as:

- Adoption

- Vaccination

- Spaying/Neutering

- Microchips

- Surrendering a Pet

- Behavior Training

- Pet Loss Counseling

We help provide inexpensive pet vaccinations as well as spay and neuter services. We also take in surrendered and found cats and dogs.   Our shelter has a no-kill policy and low adoption fees to keep our animals and future pet owners happy. At the Humane Society of Charlotte, we provide all means of care and support for cats and dogs either with or in need of loving homes.

Our History

We Need Your Help

We are able to keep our shelter running with the help of gracious donations and volunteers. Donations can be anything from cat/dog food, small blankets, pet toys, litter, or any animal care items. Of course, monetary donations are happily accepted and encouraged for us to supply our pets with the shelter and care they deserve. You can also volunteer to help out part time at the shelter. This includes cleaning animals cages, walking dogs, and helping maintain our check-in office. Donations and volunteers are greatly appreciated at the Humane Society of Charlotte and we thank all those who have all ready helped our animals.

The Humane Society of Charlotte was founded in 1978 on Commonwealth Avenue, North Carolina. We were able to become the first low cost spay/neuter clinic in the south in 1982. Since then, we have moved to Toomey Avenue in Charlotte and have been helping save animals lives with the help of volunteers and donations to our non-profit association.

What We Do

Come Visit Us to Learn More

We encourage you to drop by and visit our cats and dogs! You can even visit our little store to purchase toys or collars for your pets and maybe even something for yourself! Of course, all proceeds go to our animals and their care. We hope that if you ever want to welcome a new pet into your family, you think to visit us first!