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Henry Selick

By Jude Jackson


Why I chose Henry selick 

I chose Henry selick cause he made 3 of my favorite animated movies.I wanted to learn more about him and his life since he made some of my favorite movies.A cool fact about him is that at Disney he worked as an in-betweener and animator trainee on such films as Pete's Dragon.Another cool fact is that he played music in High school.  


Henry was born in Glen Ridge,New Jersey on November 30,1952 and he first started illustrating sketches at the age of 3 and he stopped in the 5th grade because he didnt like the attention he got for it.Other than typical Disney classics, an early influence on his artistic style was the 1926 German silent animated film by Lotte Reiniger,The Adventure of Prince Achmed.When he was in highschool he turned his creative energies torwards music and became a member of a rockn' roll band.By age 20 his interest in art especially animation was re-ignited by a PBS program featuring expiremental film.He Grduated from CasArts in 1977.In 1979, Henry took eight months off to work on his own personal project which was a nine minute stop-motion and cel animated Seepage.In 1986, the filmaker started his own production company called Selick Projects (now twitching images), and soon began producing  a series of memorable station ID's and top of the hour segments for MTV. He also worked on commercials for Phillsbury and Ritz Bits.In 1990 Selick undertook an ambitious film project called Slow Bob in the Lower Dimension.

The film combined live action, stop animation and cut-out animation attracted a lot of attention and led Selick to direct the full-length stop-motion film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Years later, his skills and direction was called upon to complete James and the Giant Peach (1996) and Monkeybone (2000) and made Caroline in 2009.Now Selick and his wife Heather live in Tiburon, California with their son.





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