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Steve Jobs is one of the most famous entrepreneurs of all time, who co-founded a company (Apple Inc.) that is one of the biggest in the world today.

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Steve Jobs Entrepreneur Biography


Jobs was born on Februrary 24, 1955, and grew up with his adopted parents (his adopted father, Paul Jobs, was a machinist). The family moved to Mountain View, California, which was a center of growing electronics. He grew up always with an interest in computers. After returning to the US from religious research in India (after dropping out from college), he met up with Steve Wozniak who wanted to build a small computer. 

Inspiration and Business

Jobs realized the marketing potential of a small computer, which could theoretically generate more sales from individuals than cumbersome large computers. To find a start-up, Jobs sold his Volkswagen microbus while Wozniak sold his Hewlett-Packard calculator. The company was initially called Apple Computer Company. They refined the design of Apple I which sold mainly to hobbyists and released the Apple II in 1977, which kick-started the era of the personal computer. Now called Apple Inc., the company has become a place of constant innovation, with massive hits such as the Apple II, iPad, iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Store, and the 1984 Mac. They took huge steps to launch a previously small industry and propelled them to the masses.

Company's Contribution

Apple has become an indispensable company in which an economy relies on. In short, if the company of Apple started suffering huge losses, the economy would suffer hurtful losses as well. Since Apple loves to conform to the current trends/tends to create trends, they are much less likely to fall into hard times, thus putting less worries on the economy. Their claims to being environmentally savvy have also helped the economy, as it paints a good image on the company and therefore generates more sales. Their efforts have put a burden on competitors who now have an infinitely harder job to do since their product doesn't have the Apple logo on it. They have created a competitive tech world which seems to come out with a innovative product or software feature every year, yet they always come out on top. Consumers are left to choose between any amazing product under the sun, and choose Apple. The lives of consumers who buy Apple products are made a lot simpler due to the easy-to-use interfaces across the entire line of products. Apple have also created more than 2 million jobs in the United States.