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To whom it may concern,

My name is Jasen Pollock and I am the owner of JP
Home Exteriors. I strive to provide excellent customer
service as my team and I handle your project every step
of the way.


We are qualified to handle the claim from start to finish

and will work with the insurance company and adjuster to settle insurance claims as quickly
as possible.


JP Home Exteriors is a family owned business that provides quality workmanship with a
personal touch. The business philosophy remains one of a small family business that
believes in personal service for its customers.

We look forward to working with you and your family as we fulfill your home exteriors needs.
Please call with any questions.


Jasen Pollock

Melissa Hellewell

Carlo Cam

Jim Harr

Don Steinhower

Tyler Braithwaite



Office Manager




Production Manager




303.548.8888 303.915.7492 


Jasen Pollock has turned JP Home Exteriors into one of Colorado’s premier full service remodeling companies. As the president and founder, he works hard to ensure our company keeps its small business perspective, even as we grow. He has lived in Colorado for the past 40 years, allowing him to gain vital insight on local home models and specification. He knows how to build exteriors that can withstand almost any type of weather.

Mr. Pollock is a caring, understanding family man, viewing every client like a friendly neighbor. He is involved in many local activities and is passionate about giving back to the community. He aims to use our company to help raise home value in the neighborhoods, making each home beautiful. Under his expertise, we are able to provide clients with the repairs they have always dreamed of. He began his career by working for a major remodeling company. After five years, he decided to pursue his own vision of home remodeling, founding JP Home Exteriors.

The Team:

Our team of contractors tailors their work to what our clients want, always promising customer satisfaction and our Colorado home remodeling company is comprised of well-trained crews and craftsmen.

We can provide you with any of these remodeling services:

     • Roofing
     • Siding
     • Windows

Our services are always backed by a one-year labor warranty. If you have any problems with your remodeling job, just let us know and we will take care of it! We are always willing to discuss your exterior project, offering custom work and design layouts.