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Journeys to
By: 4th Grade 2
Table of Contents
Forew0rd, by Ms. Antoinette & Mr. Terrell…………………………………………………………………………………… 4
Our Problem, Beylen Gode & Sarah Schifferle ........................................................................................... 5
Our Process, Eve Rebora & Alice Pittard...................................................................................................... 6
Chapter 1: Life Before Jamestown
Powhatan, Messina Disparte ……………………………………………………………………………………….….... 8
English, Kaden Simms ………………………………………………………………………………………………...…… 10
African, Eve Rebora ………………………………………………………………………………………………...……..… 11
Chapter 2: The English Arrival
Powhatan, John Miles ……………………………………………………………………………..……………………..… 13
English, Royale Hill …………………………………………………………………………………………………….….... 14
Chapter 3: Problems in Jamestown
Powhatan, Alice Pittard ………………………………………………………………………………………………..…… 16
English, Donte'Yanna McQueen………………………………………………………………………………………...…17
Chapter 4: Pocahontas and John Smith
Powhatan, Cole Smith ………………………………………………………………………………………..……………… 19
English, Nkechi Hawkins …………………………………………………………………………………………………....20
Chapter 5: The Starving Time
Powhatan, Kailah Smith ……………………………………………………………………………………………………...22
English, Micah Bloodworth ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 24
Chapter 6: Tobacco Arrives
Powhatan, Lowell Allen ……………………………………………………………………………………………………....26
English, Jacinda Tsegaye-Harshaw …………………………………………………………………………………….. 27
Chapter 7: Indentured Servitude v. Slavery
African, Samuel Andargachew………………………………………………………………………………………….….. 30
Chapter 8: Pocahontas and John Rolfe
Powhatan, Javon Houser ……………………………………………………………………………………………………...33
English, Amelia Giovane ……………………………………………………………………………………………….……..34
Chapter 9: The 20 and Odd Journey to Jamestown
African, Serena Lockett …………………………………………………………………………………………………….… 37
African, Beylen Gode …………………………………………………………………………………………………….….… 39
Chapter 10: The African Arrival
Powhatan, Rashad Fisher-Jones ……………………………………………………………………………………….…..42
English, Kaiya Bryant ………………………………………………………………………………………………………...…44
African, Kwesi Baucum ………………………………………………………………………………………………..…..……45
Chapter 11: English & Powhatan War
Powhatan, Matthew Boone ……………………………………………………………………………………………….……49
English, Sarah Schifferle ……………………………………………………………………………………………….……… 50
Chapter 12: The Peace Treaty
Powhatan, Catalina Otero …………………………………………………………………………………………………….…52
English, Theo Weller ………………………………………………………………………………………………..………….…54
Jamestown Today, Theo Weller …………………………………………………………………………………………………….…...56
Jamestown, Virginia is cherished today as an American, historic gem. However, the true story of the events
that took place there during the 17th century are seldom told. If, by chance, they are told, they tend to be understood
from one perspective. So how can we really be sure that the information we think we know about this place is really
all there is to know? Well, that is exactly why the 4th graders in our class decided to write this book. We believe that
the whole story deserves to be told and everyone deserves to be included.
The work you are about to see in the coming pages is a culmination of hours and weeks of hard work,
research, and a two-day field study to Jamestown. We have worked tirelessly and thoughtfully to put on our
historian, anthropologist, researcher, and author hats to bring you this e-book. As teachers, we are so very proud
and impressed with the dedication to the truth and commitment to detail that our students displayed when
constructing these narrative non-fiction stories.
We hope that you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoyed writing them!
Ms. Antoinette and Mr. Terrell
Our Problem
By: Beylen Gode & Sarah Schifferle
Our problem is that Jamestown is listed as a historic site at great risk. This is because the
sea level is rising. That was a problem because Jamestown the first permanent English colony .
and will be flooded and possibly destroyed by 2050. The sea level is rising because of global
warming. Another problem is that we don’t know a lot about the Africans. We decided we had
to do something! We began by completing a chart known as a KWI to record what we knew,
what we needed to find out, and our ideas for solving the problem. The first step we took was
reading an article about Jamestown. The article was called “Time Travel To Jamestown”. Then
we worked to learn the voices of Jamestown. Next we went to Jamestown and we each focused
on a different perspective to help retell the story. We decided to make a e-book to solve our
problem. The e-book would help people learn about Jamestown so they don’t need to go to the
museum to learn what is already in the e-book. That is a little bit about our problem and what
we did to solve it.
Our Process
By: Eve Rebora & Alice Pittard
Our expedition problem this year was that the sea level in Jamestown was rising.
That was a problem because Jamestown is the first permanent English colony. Jamestown
is also known as America’s historic triangle. It could be flooded and possibly destroyed.
The sea level is rising because of global warming. Global warming is causing the ice to
melt in other places so water is all that is left and it floods Jamestown and other places.
We also don’t know a lot about the Africans one of the cultural groups living in
Jamestown. We did a chart known as a KWI to record what we knew, what we needed to
find out, and our ideas for solving the problem and decided we had to do something
about it. The first step we took was reading an article about Jamestown. The article was
called “Time Travel To Jamestown”. Then we worked on learning about the people who
lived in Jamestown. We had to learn the voices of Jamestown. Then we went to
Jamestown and we each focused on a different perspective. We decided to make an
e-book to solve our problem. The e-book would help people learn about Jamestown so
they don’t need to go to the museum to learn what is already in the e-book. That is just a
little bit about our problem and what at we did to solve it but that is all we have to say
Chapter 1
Life Before
Life Before Jamestown: Powhatan
By: Messina Disparte
“It is time to get up! ” cried my father. “I am up!” I yelled at him as I
sprinted out the cozy feather door. You see, my kind live around the
mid Atlantic coast. This area has many streams, rivers, and marshes. I
see boys and girls playing ‘Hoop’, a fn corn game where we throw
shaved corn into a hoop of sticks. They yelled and screamed as they
won. It looked like fun! I was about to go and play when dad said
“Opanough! Come here I need your help!” I replied “Yes father, what is
it?” “I am going hunting in the forest with others. Can you tie this
rope for me while I make a spear.” He inquired. “Sure! Be safe” I
responded. “I will. I promise.” After I `finished tying the rope for
catching animals, I went to help Quimiya, my friend with planting. We
farmed, hunted and fished. We were very good at these things. The
women and girls in my community planted and harvested crops so we
can eat. “And hit,” the women farming next to me were saying as they
swung their wooden shovels. I walked up to him and asked “Hello
Quimiya. Do you need help?” “No thank you,” He said. “Okay. Bye.” So
I left. For fishing and hunting, men used canoes. Men hunted water
birds such as geese and duck.”I got one!! ” cried Canihu, my dad’s
friend as others would say “Good job! Now we can eat.” He has a son,
and I find him very cute. He is two years old. “Goob job baddy! You
gots a BIG fishy!” He cried to his father. I enjoy him. We also use bows and arrows to hunt wild turkeys.
Hunting big bears was only a job for men, because boys like myself could get badly injured.
My father is a hunter. I want to be a hunter when I grow up. I practice making wooden bows, arrows,
and traps for small critters like rabbits. For fun, I play ball games to keep myself busy. It is fun! My people
believe that every force in nature belongs to it’s own god, like lightning or fire. When we pray, we offer bits of
our golden plant, tobacco to these gods. My people believe in sharing with one another. “Give me a plate
please.” uttered a woman as her friend gives her a plate so she can put tobacco on it, and send it up river to
the Gods of air. We offer each other anything we are willing and able to give. We believe in peace, but if the
wrong people mess with us, we’ll fight back. That is the main reason want to be a hunter, so I can learn to
defend my village just like papa! I feel tired I see a big tree where i can relax and write in my notebook made
of leaf. On my way there I hear someone say ‘oops!’ Something hits my head. “What on earth was that?!” I
yell as I start to realize that I am standing in the middle of a ball field. “Sorry!” says my good friend Kimiya.
“Hey! What are you doing?” she says “Oh, just about to begin writing in my book.” “Cool. Oh, right chief
Powhatan wants you.” “Why?” “I have no idea! Good luck.” On my way to his temple, I see people looking at
me, but quickly look back down. Wierd! “Um, okay.” I mumble. As I walk in the door, Powhatan says “ Ah,
Opanough, come here.” he says. “I have some bad news. Do you know that your father was hunting last
night.” “Yes” I respond. “Well, him his crew were attacked by a family of brown bears.” He says looking
down. “Is he alive?!” I ask him worried. “ I am so, so sorry.” “Wait, what do you mean?” I demand. ”He’s
gone!” “I am afraid so” Replies Powhatan shaking his head. “NOOOOOOO!” I scream. I felt like I was about to
vomit. Why did this have to happen to me??
I didn’t know what to do! I live in a small hut with my father’s brother, who does not know how to
raise a child. The past couple of weeks have been very sad for me. I start to weep on the floor. I just want my
father back. My mother had already passed, I do not want to lose another parent. Not even Kimya could cheer
me up. I have trouble sleeping. Life is tough. I think to myself, what a promise he made! “Goodnight.” I say to
my uncle. “Goodnight.” he replies. I get in my bed made of deerskin and try to sleep, but in the middle of the
night I hear “HELP!” I wake with a startle. “Hello? I try not to make too much noise so my uncle Yahama
could sleep. “HELP!’ It sounds like it is coming from the forest. It also sounds a lot like papa! I quietly sneak
out of the hut and into the forest. “Papa? Is that you? The voice responds “Opanough?”my father says. “It’s
me father” I cried as I looked for him. Someone grabs my foot! I yelp. It was him! “Opanough? Is it really
you?” “Yes. Let me take you home.” I take him to the hut. I wake up uncle Yahama. He is so happy his little
brother is home. He gives him a hug. Then he talks with my papa for a long time, but he has to go to his wife.
I’ll miss him. He was fun. I notice that father is badly injured, it looked like he was bitten! “How are you
alive?” I ask him “I got away, but got bitten. The others didn’t make it. I lost home. I’ve been looking for
home for weeks! I need to see Powhatan.” he cries. “Do not worry, I got it, you rest. I will go get supplies for
your leg.” He sits up on the bed and hugs me “I missed you so, so much!” he said crying. “Me too, papa.” I
am so happy that my father is back home. Finally my life is back to normal. Now you know my story.
Life Before Jamestown: English
By: Kaden Simms
I live in England. I’m John Smith. Some men and I are about to get on a ship to start a
colony in Virginia.. King James I is sending us to find riches and gold. But some came because it
was ordered by the King. The King also says that he is sending three ships. We are going to find
new land for England. We loaded supplies, such as, guns, body and head armour and changes
of clothing.
The little boys were very young and treated like men. Most of the men were called
Gentlemen. Some of the people are doctors and barbers. But none of them were farmers or
women. In 1606, King James 1 granted the Virginia company its first charter, allowing the
company to create colonies in Virginia. A wealthy man gave money to pay for ships and other
supplies needed for our first trip. We are getting on the ships to leave for new land and we will
start to sail tomorrow, February 12th.
I’m nervous about this journey but I’m hoping I get rich. Some people did not want to
come to the new land but I did. There was a lot of rain and wind. Some of our men got sick on
the ship and had to get moved to the bottom. The ones who didn’t get sick and stayed on the
top of the ship helping the other men. One man was steering the ship and other men were
helping. Let’s hope this new land will be our new home and we could stay forever.
Life Before Jamestown: African
By: Eve Rebora
I feel a soft hand shaking me awake. It’s my mom she whispers, “It’s
time to get to work Lasadi.” I get up I tie a long cloth around my waist,
then wrap another cloth around my upper body. Then head outside I
see my younger brother Rami carving wood. I get some water and
water the fruit and vegetables we are growing. My mom comes out and
starts growing wheat. Later that day we go to the market to trade our
fresh fruit and vegetables. There is a nice man willing to trade us bread
for five oranges, we take the offer. We stay for a little longer and then
walk home.
Life is pretty easy but we do have to work. I have to go down to the
river to get water and it is a very far walk to get to the river. I also have
to water the crops later. I start walking down to the river. Halfway
there I see Nola my friend. We walk down to the water hole together.
On our way we see some men making a house out of daub and wattle
with pom leaves for the roof. Most houses in Ndongo Africa look the
same way. I drop Nola of at her house. Then I walk home. I see my dad
carving weapons. He has brown hair and ripped up clothes. I run and hug him! Normally my
dad is not home. I ask him why he is here he laughs“ I missed you Lasadi”. Later that night at
dinner we all asked my dad questions. Then me and my brother fight over my dad then my dad
told us “Stop fighting you guys I will have enough time to spend with both of you”, then I
question him “Don’t you have to go to work “ Then he said “Yes I have work but I don’t have
to work tomorrow “ then it was time for us to go to bed.
I walk down to the river in the distance I see something big and brown and has a pretty
design on it. I start to think it is ship. It is heading towards our land. I start to wonder. Who are
they? What are they doing? Why are they coming? What do they want? I suddenly start to feel
scared and worried. I run home. I try to clear my mind but I can’t stop thinking about the ship.
I see my mom inside. “Mama” I uttered “Yes Lasadi”she replies, I respond “I saw a ship
heading towards us, what’s going on ? are they coming to hurt us ?” she responds “No, don’t
worry will be safe” I can see through her she is scared, and worried, and does not know what is
going on but she was trying to keep me calm, it sure did not work. I worry the rest of the day.
We go to the market the next day and everybody is trying. Trying not to say a word about the
ship we all saw. Everybody just pretends it is a normal day but I know that’s not the truth.
Then someone shouts “We don’t need to worry it’s probably people who want to trade with us”
Some people still worry like me. But others start talking about what they hope the people are
bringing. My stomach feels weird and it feels hollow like I am going to throw up. I am worried
about if the people are bringing harm or food. Mama warned me not to tell Rami about the ship
or he’ll get worried. Today dad goes back to work. I go outside and water the plants hoping that
everything is going to be okay. But what does this ship bring?
Chapter 2
The English Arrival
The English Arrival: Powhatan
By: John Miles
It is the year of 1607, I watch 3 big ships coming, I talk to Chief
Powhatan. He thinks they are just passing so we go back to the village!
Soon after they do not leave and they make a colony. Now we know
they are not leaving. So we the fight the colony. The settlers fight back
though there are many
conflicts between the settlers and powhatan but some settlers trade
with us some do not.
There was a man they call him John Smith. He made trades with many
powhatans and Chief Powhatan.
We all say and think the settlers are trespassing so we stop trading
with the settlers so they starve! We do not own land like the settlers.
We do not in keep our land from animals and plants and we are never
selfish we always share to every person in our tribe. We are not happy
that the settlers come to our land are home take our stuff fight us but
rely on us.we have contained this land for years and we share it with
plants and animals we have memory here and the settlers want to take
it or destroy it all and make it a city.
I talk to Chief Powhatan “mighty powhatan we should launch an
assault”. We do not trust the settlers and they do not trust us so we
just leave them but they take land “they are testing us’’. They attack us they have gone to far! We are
concerned we have got many many scared people at the village.
Us powhatan are running out of food so we stop trading with the settlers,and they said this is war but we can
not trade it is winter it is harder to hunt, fish, and plant if they want food they are welcome to get it the their
self we are low on food and we can not just give it away are tribe needs to live on and keep are village and are
land.We have kept this land for years we are not going to give up now no not now this land is sacred and we
will keep it.we have contained this land for years. we grow plants, we fish, we share our land with plants and
animals, we do not cut down trees, kill animals, and steal land, and we share our land but sadly we can not
say the same for the nasty settlers.Who do those settlers think they are coming in to are land with no treaty
taking are land making a war to kill a tribe and mining for gold on our land and doing whatever they want like
no one cares l mean we should get some respect, it is our land and we have owned for millions of years but
stuff got changed when the English settlers came. We know how to fish hunt and build but the settlers do not
when they run out of food they want to trade with but they take our land and we want them gone or dead and
we do not want to trade with them and we are low on food our self now they fight us for food on our land WE
By 1608 the settlers have built a fort now we are even more mad they come to are land they settl and
now they build a fort my brother one-sun-a-cok is in the war the has been 20 years of warfare he has been in
this war for 15 years.Chief powhatan told all 30 of his tribes to join the war so the powhatan could win the war
but all the settlers wanted was money.
We do not like the settlers ever since the settlers came so much stuff has changed we did not want the settlers
to stay .
When the settlers came a lot changed they made it seem as if it was there land and no one cared what they
were doing.we all want them gone!
The English Arrival: English
By: Royale Hill
When we first came to Jamestown we didn’t know how to plant you crops but the
Powhatans did. Their women planted and harvested corn, bean and squash. The Powhatan men
hunted turkeys and deer. They also went fishing. We came with all men and no women. I just
hope we find gold so we can get rich. Everyone in the colony must work to eat. But first we
have to learn how to plant food from the Powhatans. The powhatan made longhouse and they
room was different size.
So I went outside the fort to get help from the Powhatan. Leaving the fort made me
nervous but I had to go learn from the Powhatan. They showed us how to plant beans, corn,
and squash. It’s going to take a long time to grow food and we can’t plant it in the winter. To
get food we will have to trade.
If we are successful in getting food, we will give the Powhatans guns. The Powhatans
just have bows and arrows. I want food but I am worried that we might have a war with them
and they will use our guns against us. The Powhatans have attacked us before. They’ve killed
350 of our settlers but we’ve killed them too! While there are more Powhatans our guns will
protect us.
Chapter 3
Problems in Jamestown
Problems in Jamestown: Powhatan
By: Alice Pittard
The sun was setting and smoke filled the evening air while Mother and I were
grinding corn near the fire. Suddenly, I heard shouts, “There are strange men
on the shore,” and “Intruders.” I looked up with alarm. What was
happening? Curiously, I ran to the top of a hill and looked out. I saw
something pale and tree colored on the river with people on it. They were
shouting in some unknown language and had pale skin.
I stared at the strangers in amazement and fear. My long black hair blew
in my face but I didn’t even brush it away. I stared until I heard mother
calling my name desperately, “Maluka, Maluka. Where are you? Maluka!” so
I ran back in the near darkness.
She embraced me tightly. “Stay close to me until the intruders have left,”
she implored. “Mother, I am 13 now. I should be able to go anywhere I want
to.” I protested. Just then, Chief Powhatan walked out of his home. There are
strange men on the shore,’’ he announced. “Stay near the village and do not
go out alone. Our warriors will find out if they intend to stay and we will
drive them away,” he finished with determination.
For the next couple days, I stayed in the village while the best warrior’s spied
on and secretly attacked the strange men. “I hope they get the strange men
to leave,” Evalama, my friend, wished sorrowfully, one day as we were
walking back home from the fields. Despite our wishing, the warriors
determined that the strange men intended to stay as long as they could. They had tools and weapons never
seen before and unlike any other. Who knew what they would do?
One day, one of them came to the village and tried to trade with some villagers. A couple villagers gave
them beads, food, and skins to try and make friendly with the strange people. They gave us metal tools, sticks
that shot fire and lightning but we didn’t know what they were for or how to use them. One of the strange
men, John Smith, traded with my father and gave a lightning stick for food. I watched him from the hill. He
started up it and I then realized he was heading back this way. He said something in an unknown language to
me, so I ran away as quickly as I could, scared, though the grass was tall and the wind blew in my face.
Later, I recalled it to Evalama. “I am glad he did not hurt you. Stay away from them.” Evalama warned.
We were planting corn in the blazing heat early in the summer. My tribe was very good at hunting, fishing,
farming, and gathering food. My father told me “The new men are very strange. They do not know how to
hunt, fish, farm, or gather food.”
They also believed in different gods and forces. They had pale skin and wore metal and had clothes in
colors that I had never seen before like the sky and clouds. Father also told me they had strange houses and
tools. I wondered where they came from and what kind of things they did. How did they survive? “They barely
have enough food to live, ” Father told me when I asked. “So, the chief has commanded not to trade with the
strange men. Hopefully they will leave.”
The settlers stayed, despite our attacks and not trading, although they were weakened. The chief said
“They want to take over our land and destroy us,” but, Pocahantas, his daughter, wanted peace. “They are
just people like us,” Pocahontas protested. “They deserve a chance.” I believed in peace, but I wanted them
gone at the same time, like all of the village.
A week later, I heard that Evalama was leaving the village to pick wild berries. She never came back.
Where she had been, there was just her basket of berries. There were many stories similar to that, of killing
and kidnapping. How dare they come and destroy my life? Couldn’t they just leave us alone? Now I did not
care about peace. I just wanted them gone!
But the settlers did not leave us alone. They became stronger and expanded their fort. Sometimes they
attacked us. Every day I hoped and prayed they would leave peacefully. They never did and I never heard of
Evalama again.
Problems in Jamestown: English
By: Donte’Yanna McQueen
I think I'm a great leader but sometimes people say that I’m not. My crew and I arrived
in Jamestown. We named it after our leader King James. The first thing we did was build
shelter. Jamestown was not that big. We kept our weapons on one side of the fort. We had our
food and chickens in the other cabin. They weren't many people in Jamestown when we first
arrived. When we first met the Powhatans they traded and gave us food for weapons and tools.
We did not bring enough food from England with us. They gave us bread and corn and we gave
them our guns.
One day I saw a Powhatan. I asked him, “Do you have any corn for us today?” Then I saw
a pretty girl with long brown hair coming towards us. She was talking to me but I did not
understand her. I tried so hard to say, “What’s your name?” But she did not understand me so
I went back to the fort. The next day, I was walking and I saw a young girl and her dad and the
dad was hunting for deer.
Her dad shouted out “Maluka,” over and over again. She looked over at me but when I
talked she ran. I was going to run after her but it was getting cold so I had to rush back to the
village. The other settlers and I decided to become friends with the Powhatans. They did so
much for us when we first arrived. We gave them more guns, beads, tools, and copper and they
showed us how to grow corn.
A few months it started to get colder outside and the Powhatan weren't trading with us
as much when we first arrived. I hope the Powhatans will start with trading with us more
because we need them. Then one day it was atak them the powhatans so I had to make chose
go and fight so that what I did but I did not like it but I had to.
Chapter 4
Pocahontas and John
Pocahontas and John Smith: Powhatan
By: Cole Smith
We attacked John Smith and his men when they were looking for food, we attacked
them because we considered them trespassers. John Smith yells”get yourself back to the
fort”. John Smith was hit by an arrow and was hurt.We, powhatans took John Smith to
the village of chief powhatan.One historical acount described Pocahontas saving John
Smith’s life just as we raised clubs to attack him Pocahntas through her self between
Smith and his attackers and beged her father to relise him. powhatan agreed. John smith
will never forget the time that indian princes saved his life. But history will never know
because he didn’t write anything down and now he know that it was a bad choice. After
he get’s back from being held hostage. He stages an attack on us. How he will do it is he
goes to trade with us, as he trades some of his men will hide behind trees. Then he will
have us escort him out of our town. Right then the men behind the trees will start
shooting at us. Then him and his men will run with the food and resources that he has
traded with us.
Pocahontas and John Smith: English
By: Nkechi Hawkins
104 men and boy settlers came to Jamestown from England London on three
ships named The Susan Constant, The GodSpeed, and The Discovery. I was on
that ship, I was one of the boys that were on that ship for 4 months, I went
through that process, but I was not expecting all of this to nonsense to happen. I
came to Jamestown for one reason and one reason only: for daring adventure.
Pocahontas was born in either 1595 or 1596. Pocahontas is older than me. She is
13. I am only 10. She and her people were called the Powhatans, named after her
father Chief Powhatan. I am very good friends with John Smith. When me and
the other Englishmen got off the three boats, Powhatans stared at us. When the
Englishmen stopped staring at the Powhatans, this friendly girl named
Pocahontas so proudly and yelled ‘’ Hello, my name is Pocahontas, why have
you come to our land?” “ We have come to your land for 3 reasons: to find gold
to sell back in our home England, to find new land, and to teach your people
about the different religions.” yelled John Smith. After that the Powhatans kept
a close eye on the new colonist. After that I was always with John Smith.
One day me and John Smith and some other colonist went around the new land
and saw the girl that we saw on Day 1 of Jamestown. Pocahontas was picking
fruit out of a tree. After we see Pocahontas we hide and John Smith tells me that
he heard some Powhatans are getting ready to execute him and he is going to die. I tell him that he has to be
careful when he is alone in the powhatan woods because that is probably where they are going to execute him.
He tells me to be careful too. We will go out tomorrow and search for any Powhatan men
The next day me Adam, John Smith, and some other Englishmen we're exploring the new land when
John Smith was taken captive by Pocahontas Englishmen ras as quick as a cheetah. I have hidden behind a
tree and see that Powhatans are getting ready to fire arrows at him. John Smith is being laid down on the
ground and clubs are being raised at him. Pocahontas comes near by to talk to me when I tell her that “ your
men have taken John Smith and I heard he's going to be executed. I don't know what that is but it sounds
bad!” I commanded. I'll get him back for you, but just stay here and if you see anything of my men tell them
that you know me. Pocahontas whispered. I saw Pocahontas run to where the execution was happening.
Pocahontas jumped right in front of John Smith and yelled “ If you are are going to kill John Smith then you
must kill me first!” She yelled. “ So are you going to kill me, or Smith?” “ Daughter get out of the way! You do
not know what is at risk here, Our land, or this trespasser!” commanded Chief Powhatan “ But dad you
cannot! If you kill Smith you will kill me!” yelled Pocahontas. When Chief Powhatan heard those words he
freed John Smith, but Chief Powhatan warned him “ If your men hurt my men what did today will be 10x
worse!! I heard. John Smith thanked Pocahontas and so did I. She asked me if I still wanted to be her friend, I
said of course. I am sorry if we are trespassing on your land. I really did not…… “ Don’t even bring it up. We
can be friends and that is what you wanted right?” Yep. I mumbled.
Chapter 5
The Starving Time
The Starving Time: Powhatan
By: Kailah Smith
I feel a soft warm deer skin on my body I
open my eyes it’s my mom covering me
with the warmest thing on the planet. I
smell toasted corn from a miles away. I
smell outside the wild the plants, the
animals ,the sound of birds chirping. I live
in a wood and bark longhouse. I wear fox
and deer skin. I eat corn, turkey, bear,
beans, deer, and squash. Well at least
that’s what we used to eat.we traveled in
canoes and walk.I almost forgot my name
is Kiome . This year is 1610 . 1609 to 1610
was hard for us to but we weren’t as crazy
as the settlers . Things were not easy for
the the settlers from my perspective of me
Kiome a powhatan girl let me tell you why.
1609 to 1610 the starving time had begun. The colonist lacked food. During this time john
smith the man who had a saying if you don’t work you don’t eat wasn’t there to experience
this time . Me and my friend Siome snooped around every once and awhile . We heard that
saying a lot.when we looked around.
Every time we went to snoop they never saw us. I guess they were too busy working and
being bossed around by Smith to see us . Smith came up with the speech”if you don’t work you
don’t eat because the colonist were lazy. There used to drinking and working .That’s why after
smith’s gun powder explosion.Happened he sailed back to england to get help.The colonist
were lazier than ever.I wish all of those blond headed settlers were gone. Me I have long black
hair. Me and my powhatan family we have black hair. Colonist thought they could just come to
our land and and just find riches and gold .But that backfired we have been on this land for
thousands of years. The colonist were very unskilled.
They didn’t know how to hunt but we do. They didn’t know how to fish we do. They also
didn’t know how to make weapons to defend themselves as good as we do. We gave them food
for a while then we came to our own problem we didn’t have enough food for all of us. This
story reminds me of my African friend Jack. We used to play together.Our mothers are great
friends.Even though we don’t speak the same language we go along very well not sure we’re he
is no.But I miss him. I felt good about not giving our food to the settlers. We had different
beliefs that cause disagreements between us. But some of us began to come friends with the
settlers. That was not me trading with them nope not going to happen.They always called us
So if we were savages why are you taking food from us. Siome added she hated trading
with the settlers. Because she loved to eat. That’s how colonist didn’t have food . My chief chief
powhatan ordered his men to kill any one who set food out the fort. Chief powhatan did this
because he thought settlers would start stealing the food. we believed in sharing. The settlers
believed in keeping things to themselves .
The settlers didn’t know how to hunt so this is what happened. This time begun known
as the starving time. At this time settlers didn’t have real food so they ate whatever was
available.So they dug up corps and chopped them up than ate them. Some licked up blood from
the people that have been hanged. Others ate cats,dogs,and horses. Also animals like the black
rat also poisonous snakes . I went back up to the fort Siome was with me. Suddenly I hear
screaming. I hear a voice it says “Colin no stop please!” I covered Siome’s mouth we both
almost passed out. We both screamed I told her about what I saw yesterday she said she
wished she was there but she was on garden duty ha! Dooty sorry I am a kid. I think these
things are funny . I hear a voice it was a settler he cried who goes there I made a loud noise in
the bushes.The settler looks in the bushes were me and Siome were hiding.The settler calls out
trespassers. Me and Siome run as fast as we can to our village.We are finally at our village.I
warn chief powhatan what happened.He yelled out men get your weapons.He told me to go to
my mom and hide Siome went with me.Siome’s parents are dead.When the settlers finally arive
it took two arrows to kill them.Two minutes later chief powhatan said I have to be more careful
and that they could of killed me.I said that I understood. Ok I know you're wondering where's
my mom when and dad when me and siome are at the village. Well my mom is taking care of
my new baby sister named Niome. She’s as brown as good soil she looks just like me. We came
just in time for show Colin was hanged for killing his wife. At this time I also heard a sheriff
talking to someone else unsure of the name but we still listened someone was hanged for
killing a 14 year old girl more like butchering and killing and eating. Colonist also ate shoe
leather. How do you even bite shoe leather .Have you ever thought about eating people gross.
Man those people were full of cannibals . Eventually smith came back there were originally 600
settler when smith came back there were 60 that was the most bisecting time watching settlers
eating all those things . Chief powhatan told me that the settlers were taking Africans into
slavery he said they captured Jack. I feel heart broken.He is my best friend. I cried so hard. I
pray for him every day hopping he’s going to be ok.
The Starving Time: English
By: Micah Bloodworth
We met a group that was already living on the land called the Powhatans. They are not
happy at all when they see us. At first, they attacked us and wanted us to get off of their land.
Eventually, they helped us by trading their food for our muskets and other goods. They also
taught us how to hunt and grow our own food.
It is the winter of 1609, the Powhatans are angry at our leader, Captain John Smith,
because he wants a lot of power. They do not want to trade with us anymore and were
attacking our fort. Our food supply has been going down quickly and it hasn’t rained for a long
time. There is little sunlight. We are unable to grow food and have healthy water to drink. The
water of the Jamestown River is salty and not safe to drink or to use for watering our crops.
Many people in our fort died from attacks and hunger. The starvation is making us sick.
Everyday, my Mom only gives us a little bit of corn for each meal. We do not have enough food
to eat. We also had to eat the leather from our shoes and kill our own horses. We ate rats and
dogs. People dug up corpses and ate the remains. We are starving. I hope the next ship that
comes to Jamestown will have food for us to eat. We can only hope.
Chapter 6
Tobacco Arrives
Tobacco Arrives: Powhatan
By: Lowell Allen
In 1612 The settlers started selling tobacco. We did not have a lot of people and Our
servants did not want to grow tobacco. Our people powhatan were dying so we had people that
still alive to grow tobacco.The people in Jamestown were worried they were going to suffer and
not have food to eat. jamestown is a great place but growing tobacco is not easy especially
when digging holes every day to plant the tobacco seeds in the ground. But the people that
didn’t work later they will be in the freezing cold and they will not have food to eat because
they did not work.
Our people died because of all the hard work that was put in. Every day we worked
extremely hard and was never given a break. We digged and plant repeatedly. Tobacco caused
deaths and sickness at Jamestown, so growing tobacco became hard to do in Jamestown. Some
people didn’t want to work, so they are not alive because if you didn’t work, then you didn’t
eat. When the Africans were planting tobacco, they said “this is not fair they are making us
plant.” This is affecting Jamestown, having african people complaining about growing tobacco.
Tobacco affected Jamestown because Jamestown needed more people to plant and grow
tobacco seeds. Not having that could mean Jamestown can run out of tobacco business. It’s
hard for us to find more people to grow tobacco and slaves that grew tobacco. All they would do
is plant and water, so our slaves were working to hard and our slaves were getting sick and we
needed to step the game up. “Whipsonacock” they shouted to give the slaves seeds to grow
Whipconcock is my name and the remaining Powhatan’s looked to me to give our slaves
tobacco seeds. I was tired of giving the slaves seeds every day. With days going by fast, people
were stressed out and they had pain in their body and could not move. So people in Jamestown
were affected by tobacco and the hard work. A lot of people think growing tobacco is easy but
it’s NOT! You will need A lot of planting skills, and water. It doesn’t rain often in Jamestown
but when it does rain we have all the water we need.
Tobacco Arrives: English
By: Jacinda Tsegaye-Harshaw
“Hi my name is Isaac and last year, John Rolfe presented tobacco to my family and
friends”. “The problem was that the English were not getting a profit so John Rolfe introduced
this seed and produced a crop that eventually brought high prices to England and people
started getting money”. “Everyone including myself wanted to plant the weed”. “So in June
1613, my boss wanted me to go on a ship filled with tobacco so the English could try it out and
so they could make money”. “I was the messenger so I needed to come so the king could tell
me what he thought of tobacco”. “Papa I don’t want to go”. “Those people who want money
should try to make it themselves”. “I know Isaac but you have to our boss”. “I interrupted him
and said”. “But papa why can’t our boss do it himself”. “You are the messenger, so that gives
you a reason to come”. “He is not going because he needs to stay and protect the colony”. “I
am not going without you and if you still let me go I will never forgive you”. “But soon enough
I was on a ship sailing to Virginia”.
“The Virginia tobacco sold quickly”. “When we arrived, I walked off the boat and then
looked around”. “England looked very different compared to Virginia”. “I needed to see the
King so I started walking”. “When I was walking, I started imagining about tobacco and what
might happen if people start buying the product”. “I wasn’t having good thoughts like how
people would be able to get money I was thinking about all the tragedies that might happen”.
“Soon enough what I was thinking came true and people started smoking”. “When I arrived to
the King, I heard him talking about how he didn’t like the idea of smoking and all the harm it
can do to the body”. “He said “it was hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain and dangerous
to the lungs”. “After I heard what he said, I decided to see the tobacco stores around me”.
“Plus I think I got my answer about how King James is feeling about the shipment of tobacco”.
“I walked in a store and once I walk in I walked straight out”. “It was the smell of smoke”. “I
thought I should just walk around instead and when I was walking I saw a face that I
recognized”. “She had brown hair, blue eyes and a nose like mine”. “Is that mom”? I
whispered. “I walked closer and then uttered”. “Mom is that you”?. “Isaac” “Yes mom”. I said
with joy. “She was so happy to see me until she said”. “Wait where is your father”? “He is in
Virginia”. “WHAT”! “She was paralyzed for a moment”. “Then she started blurting out words
about dad”. “Mom calm down”. “Why should I calm down”? “Your dad sent you on a ship by
yourself”. “It wasn’t dad”. “It was this man”. “Dad had no choice”. “I am the messenger so I
had to go”. “I see”. “I didn’t want to come but they made me”. “Who made you”? “Papa’s
boss”. “I will have to talk to you later”. “I am going to have to go back on the ship”. “The
captain wants us on the ship by 5:00 and it is 4:53”. “Ok but be safe those ships can make you
feel sea sick”.she said warning me. “I know”.
“Finally It was the last day and I was so glad we were going back to Jamestown”. “It was
time to abord the ship when I saw the King I was going to run after him but it was too late we
were already sailing to Virginia”. “In about 5 mounth we arrived in Virginia”. “I hopped off the
ship and ran as fast as I could to the fort”. “There I saw my papa planting tobacco”. “Papa
Papa I’m back”! I said. “He was really hot burning even”. “Papa why are you out here in the
hot sun”? ‘Isaac you know the answer to that we need to make tobacco for the English”. “We
always make them tobacco”. “We ship a lot of tobacco for them every year”. “But papa they are
starting to smoke and I overheard King James say bad stuff about it”. “I don’t want him to get
angry and hurt us”. “Isaac,you know the King will not hurt us”. “Ok papa”. “Are you almost
done planting”? “Yes”. “Dad I am going to go play in the house”. “Ok”.” Ok be safe”. “I
know”. “I was playing in the house when I heard what sounded like a boat”. “I went to look
outside and there I saw a big red busty boat”.
“There were people on it and they looked like they did not want to be here”. “When the
people came of the boat I notice that they were not colonist”. “They had dirty clothes and they
had dirt on their faces”. “They looked hungry and sick”. “One of them feel on the ground once
they got off the boat”. “They were indentured servants”. “Their hands were tied up”. “I ran
straight to the fort than to my house. I ran up stairs to my room and started exploding with
tears”. “I looked out the window and saw papa coming in from outside”. “I washed my face so
he would not expect that I was crying”. “Papa did you finish planting”? “No Someone said I
did not have to work so I came in here with you”. “Did you break anything”? My dad said
observing the house. “You have your scared face on”. “No it’s not that I just saw a ship with
indentured servants on it”. “If you are thinking they are going to hurt us they are not”. “I
know that”. “I am just thinking about what the colonist are going to do with them”. “I think I
know what might happen to them”. “I never get to do anything but work and eat and sleep so I
think they might make them plant tobacco and other crops”. “ARE YOU JOKING”! “You know I
don’t like seeing people pushed to do something they don’t want to do”. “You did not even do
anything about it”? “Isaac it’s not my choice”! “I can’t do anything”! “If the boss says they
have to work for us they have to”. “You don’t want to get in trouble do you”? “No”. “But the
person who is doing this is mean”. “I know you don’t want to see these people like this”. “But
it is going to be ok”.
Chapter 7
Indentured Servitude
v. Slavery
Indentured Servitude v. Slavery: Africans
By: Samuel Andargachew
I am a slave, life is torture. We are forced to work hard every day for the
English settlers. Oh how I hate English settlers, the English settlers are
angry, lazy, bossy, selfish, ugly looking, sweaty, fat mini devils. But I get
along pretty well with the Powhatans, for example I have a great friend who
is a Powhatan girl named Kiome. We get along pretty well. But I don’t get
along with indentured servants.But let me tell you this, one thing I learned
right of the bat is that those indentured servant guys had a waaaay different
life than us. I mean shouldn’t they treat us equally than the indentured
servants. Let me tell you what I am talking about, indentured servants got a
choice to work for the settlers, but we Africans did not. ”Jack it’s time”
someone cried below me interrupting my thoughts. I look down to see my
younger brother named Hodd at age 8, at first I look at him like he is crazy
because I don’t have an idea about what he is talking about,but then it hits
me today was the day that all we slaves got together to discuss the
differences between indentured servants and us. I don’t know what good it
will do, but we all just felt like talking about it. I can’t believe the masters let
us do this. I thought they would reply with the word “no”, tell us to work 10x
as hard as we did today, and give us a beating for asking. But they replied
with a simple “yes”.
Once I arrive my best friend Medo demanded ”What took you so long Jack”.
Then she went back to the conversation she was having. She stated ”Another
thing that is unfair is that sometimes we Africans got paid, but the indentured servants always got paid with
money and supplies, some of them even got salary. Can you believe it “. Plus the indentured servants worked
for 4-7 years, while we slaves worked as long as a master wanted us to” my other friend Huddle added. All of
a sudden a settler comes running to our meeting space. He voiced that his name was Tom. He snickered”
since you freaks are having a dumb old meeting you will have to work 10x as hard as you did yesterday”.” I
knew that you were so mean that you wouldn’t let us have our meeting in peace” I mumbled.”What did you
say son”.”Hey, don’t talk to my brother like that”. I turned around to see my twin sister, Lango.”Lango, I
thought I told you stay at home”I hissed through the side of my mouth. ”I didn’t want to stay”gabbed
Lango”Excuse me what did you say” blabbed Tom to Lango. ”You heard me” Lango hissed back confidently.”
SHUT YOUR MOUTH” Tom growled as he quick like a cheetah, fired his musket at Lango and she fell to the
floor dead. Everyone looked at the dead body in shock.”Stop staring or your next”.Then Hodd lost it and
started shouting “how could you, you murder mphmphmphmphm” I covered Hodd’s mouth just before he
could say anything else insulting. Normally I would have let Tom have it but I was afraid to lose another one
of my siblings.
Then I went back to the meeting we slaves were having, trying to forget about how Tom killed my
sister. I exclaimed “But how come English settlers let indentured servants get choice if they want to work for
the settlers and we did not. I mean didn’t they give the indentured servants a contract saying if they want to
become an indentured servant or not. Maybe it’s because the indentured servants were English. Wait a minute
if that’s true then they must have thought we slaves weren’t good enough as them because we had different
backgrounds so they forced us to work for them. I didn’t know that English settlers could be so cruel.
@#$%&!”.”@#$%&!”repeated Hodd then Medo said “Jack did you forget you can’t say bad words words in
front of Hodd, because he is picking up words left and right”. ”Oh right sorry”.”You know what else is cruel”
I say quickly trying to change the subject”,”That the English settlers got us Africans because the indentured
servants quit there job.I mean shouldn’t the settlers take that as a sign that they should do some work
themselves. @#$&%!Sorry I will stop now…”
All of a sudden a big scary shadow appears behind me. I slowly turn around, and right behind me I see
a large sweaty 748 pound settler behind me.I recognize him suddenly, it’s John. John Smith. John Smith is the
meanest settler there is. He is the king of the mini devils. Quickly Smith says”hurry you slaves time is up,
back to work”. We were all getting up when I told Hodd”now”.Hodd ran up to John Smith and did the best
puppy eyes I have ever seen in my life and Hodd said “can we have a little more time Mr.Smith”.Then Smith
looks at Hood and says” How precious you think your so cute, right”.Hodd says “right”. Smith says ”WELL I
DON’T THINK SO, BACK TO WORK ALL OF YOU”!!! That made Hodd really mad, and you don’t want to make
my little brother mad. Both Medo and Huddle knew it to. They were also scared because like I said Hodd picks
up words left and right and that’s exactly what he did. “@#$%&!”
Chapter 8
Pocahontas and John
Pocahontas and John Rolfe: Powhatan
By: Javon Houser
My name is Apocnkenk I am Powhatan and I am 11 years old. I am at a wedding of John
Rolfe who introduced tobacco and my sister Pocahontas. April 5,1614. We are in a church in
Jamestown. The wedding official keep talking on and at the end they lip touch for a long time. I
wonder how they breathe. Then all of a sudden every Englishmen cheers. One is crying but
there is one girl I notice she is not cheering or crying. I walk over. “I ask her what is your
name?” “Anna.” She tells me. Side but I enjoyed it there food it all was smelled like it was
freshly made. Why aren’t you celebrating. Well john is my brother.” My name is Apockenk i’m
Pocahontas brother we related. I guess so. My sister choose me to go to england with her so
did my we are going together yes we are do you want to pack.
Already did want to race to the ship yes I do ready set go!” “I win.” “ no I win.” I think
we won.” “Ahh! You scared us” “o yes we did “Pocahontas and John mumble. We sail for
many months and then, we arrive in England.
We see our home it has chairs that are made out of cotton and red and polkadots.” Can I
see my room please?” “Yes you can. It is up stairs.”
3 years later… I am just walking around the house when I hear a thump. John rushes down the
stairs. And when I see what I see I start crying.
I cannot believe what I see. Pocahontas is dead. Anna comes rushing down the stairs
wondering why we are crying. Anna starts crying as well. Now I am really wondering what I
can do now that Pocahontas is dead. Now Thomas is really going to be lost. He is very young
and may have no guidance now that his mother is gone. Now nobody is happy.
Pocahontas and John Rolfe: English
By: Amelia Giovane
In 1610, I felt a little rumble and heard a loud horn as another boat arrived in Jamestown. The boat
brought John Rolfe. As I looked at the other people’s reaction, I saw the Powhatan girl’s eyes. Her eyes had a
bright glare in them. My friend Saige told me her name was Pocahontas. She has been in Jamestown longer
than me. The next day I looked out my window as I was expecting a great view but instead it was the wood
pieces from the James Fort like every morning.
“Hey Laura,” Saige shouted. Saige got me over to the bench outside her house. Saige told me she was
talking with John Rolfe last night and asked him a few questions. But there was only one that I wanted to
know. The question was “Do you like Pocahontas?” he asked “Who is Pocahontas?” Saige explained to him
who Pocahontas is and he responded. “No and yes if I could talk with her and get to know her it would have
been great. But like you should know we don’t speak the same language as the Powhatans. There is only one
reason I want to marry her. I want to put a peace between us and Powhatans. I also kinda like her.”
Later that day I saw Saige’s mom. She was grinding corn near the dock. She asked me “How was your
day so far?’’ I told her “It was good. how about you?” I asked she answered it was “Tiring.’’ She told me also
that she has been grinding corn all day. I asked her one major question. “Can me and Saige try to make us
English settlers and Powhatan have a peace?’’ I asked “Would it be dangerous?” she asked “ Maybe,’’ I
whispered.“Sure. Only if she comes back alive.’’ I told her “She will come back alive.” I found Saige and
yelled her name she heard me for sure. I remembered our game plan. I told her our plan” So one of us has to
go to the powhatan village and find Pocahontas and see if she has some answers like Rolfe and tell Rolfes
answers “So we are going to need to find someone who knows the Powhatan language.’’ Saige shouted
“ME!’’ I asked “How come you never told me that you speak the Powhatan language?’’ My mom told me to
keep it a secret so I did “Why?’’ “Because they didn’t want anyone to think we are a Powhatan family.” “Oh,”
I whispered.
‘’Back to WORK! ’’ I yelled. “Do you think you can teach me?’’ Saige told me an easier way. “Maybe I
can pretend to be a Powhatan because I know the language and my mom has Powhatan clothes.’’ “Sounds
good,’’ I explained “Now what should we do?” I asked. “ Let's tell my mom,” Saige told me. “Let’s go,’’ I
Saige’s mom told us our plan was ok and took out saige’s grandma's old Powhatan clothes. Saige’s
mom made sure she knew all off the words she needed to know. She was ready to go talk with Pocahontas.
But it was almost curfew for me so Saige is going to to talk with pocahontas tomorrow. I wish my days could
be longer.I went to bed so excited for saige to talk with pocahontas
The day is here I can’t believe it. I ran to Saige’s house and asked her “are you ready?” She answered
“I will be in a minute.” Saige got up and went to the bathroom she brushed her dark brown, silky hair. She
has her powhatan clothes. She just will put it on when she gets closer to their territory. I was so tired. Saige
woke me up.I went over to house with her. I wasn’t even being patient like I mostly am Saige whispered “I
asked pocahontas if she was ok with Rolfes ideas and she said yes.’’ I also told Pocahontas that John Rolfe
likes her .
A few years later on April 5 ,1614 Saige and I was getting ready for the wedding. I
picked the gown that looked very fancy and put my hair in a high bun and Saige did the same thing. I felt so
happy to get to gather with the Powhatans. We were walking over to the church and found our seats. And
there it was the marriage. We did it! There was a translator for the Powhatans when officiant added does
anyone reject these two. I see the English trying to keep it in.
Chapter 9
The 20 and Odd
Journey to
The 20 and Odd Journey to Jamestown: African
By: Serena Lockett
My mom Abimbola was cooking lunch for me, Nalu and my sister,
Isla. Isla and I were about to go outside and play. Then all of a
sudden I hear someone bust through the door and my mom
scream. I tell Isla to stay right there I didn’t want her to be scared
because Isla’s only 2, she wouldn’t know how to take it. I run
downstairs. My mom’s gone. I run outside to try and save my
mom. Wait I forgot my sister. While I’m running back to the
house to get her I look back and see an english men chasing me. I
keep running as fast as I can. They grab my foot, and as I fell I
yelled my sister’s name “Isla!!!” I asked what their names were
they said Adam and Lucas.
I saw her peek outside she tries to run after me but she trips. I
saw two englishmen their names Adam and Lucas grabbed her she
screamed as loud as she can just how my mom thought her. The
two guards stop, I wonder what their doing. I see other guards run
over and grab her legs and arms. She struggles. I feel like I can
feel her hurting. I feel so bad. I wish I can go help but I’m tied
against a tree. Anyway, they tighten their grip and keep walking.
I miss my mom and my sister, I miss my sister most. I saw Isla 10
minutes later being sat down, I can’t believe it took them that
long to bring her here I didn’t want to talk to her because I was already tearing up. Me and my
sister were really close but, I guess I’ll have to start a new life. We were on the deck waiting to
go on a dutch warship it a light grayish and it was gigantic!
On the deck this man whose name was Abilio with a portuguese dress on asked me some
questions about if I was a “baptized catholic”. We board the ship, I’m trembling from the
thought of Isla on another ship with know one she knows there, she’s probably crying, as
always. We are now in the dark belly of a ship. I see my mom! I walk carefully across. Why is
she sleeping? Then I hear the guards say she was killed, because she kept kicking and punching
them, but I’m proud because she was always so fierce and strong. I was so sad we were so
close.Now the only question, is who will take care of me now?!
On our way our ship was attacked by the Mexicans, yes, it was scary but I’m we were in
the bottom of a ship so we barely felt it, and so we still kept going.
We were brought to an english colony in north america were forcibly landed in virginia
in late August 1619 and all we did is work our butts off for the english. The people we worked
for were 1 husband 1 wife and two sons, the boys names were Caden and Ian and the parents
names were Aaliyah and Jabari they are Italian and they were hiding it but I kept there secret,
and they don’t do athing except for demand us to do stuff they “wanted” not “needed”. I just
wanted to leave but no one would be there to save me if someone took me while I was running
away without any of my family with me so I stayed.
Two days into the job I met a girl named Adamma she was an african slave too, her mom
was so nice she lead me to a spot where they would hide from the english. They had fresh
water and food. It was the life.
Maybe this would be a great 2 years or so, until one day miners came and took the place
apart, after that they said we had to get our own food by ourselves and find our own shelter.
The only time we could go inside is to put the crops in and they timed us. 5 seconds to get in
and out with two annoying boys in the way. I stand corrected.
Where we slept is in cabins and we had to work on farms and make food for the english
people we work for, all of us were taught on how to keep houses clean, cook, wash
clothes...basically how to be a maid/butler. Also we made crops, and tobacco leafs.
King James the first didn’t like the tobacco so we thought we should stop but lots of the
other english men did.
We were threatened as”bound laborers” like indentured servants.
We had to work for a set period of time and then released from bondage. Only later all of us
africans were enslaved and denied all freedoms, it wasn’t fair it wasn’t right why can’t the
Africans and I live like everyone else we’re not all that different. Why don’t you step into my
shoes my mother was dragged away from my family and was snatched from my mother. Put
that in your place now you should feel for me.
Now you know that’s how I’ve been living my life but there’s a lot more from where that came
from.That is the life of an African slave around the early 1600’s in Virginia, The first permanent
english colony. Now that’s my story, I hope I told it well.
The 20 and Odd Journey to Jamestown: African
By: Beylen Gode
The Portuguese traders loaded us onto the “Sao Joao
”. I didn’t want to leave my land, the one I am
familiar with. I tried to get loose, I tried to get away but I just
couldn’t. “No,” I shouted. I heard shouts on the ship as it
started to move away from the dock. I was so sad to leave but
I needed to get over it.
I had to go to the lower deck the traders forced us all to be
squished up on the lower deck on the tiny little ship. I heard
someone calling my name. “Nyack” I turned around and it
was my friend Abena. I hadn’t seen her since we loaded to the
ship. she called to me “Hey, why are we here?” I responded
“I don’t know but I want to go home” Portuguese traders
came to the lower deck with a little bit of food . to eat.
I had to sleep on the floor, I didn’t even know if I could
go to sleep.
In the morning more Portuguese traders came with a little bit
more food. I was so hungry . I heard a bell. The Portuguese
traders that were down here with me looked alarmed then he quick opened the hatch we all ran
to it I finally saw sunlight. I wondered what was going on and he let us out then I saw why .
On the far right side of the ship there were Two English privateers! No! I no it must be a dream
but it wasn’t , I knew it wasn’t. I heard footsteps Abena was running out from the cabin. The
privateers were getting closer, one went on the right side of the ship and the other one went on
the other side of the ship.
Nyack, Abena said “I’m scared I don’t want this to happen.” Abena was in tears now . I
know I responded. I don’t want this to happen either I confessed. The Englishmen from one of
the privateers swung on ropes from their ship to ours. The Englishmen took out their guns and
pointed them at us. Come with us they commanded. Now there was a wooden plank so people
could walk across the two ships.
Go one of the Englishmen grumbled. I was really nervous I didn’t want to go . One
Englishmen raised his gun . I saw what he was doing so decided to cross the plank . So I
wouldn’t fall I got on my eknees and crawled on the plank . I had such a tight grip on the plank
my hands started to turn pal . I can’t believe that I made it across the plank . One of the
Englishmen grabbed me and pushed me into a cell . I had five more people in my cell . Boom .
What was that I thought . I had a porthole in my cell so I looked through it . I saw a big hole in
the ship . Boom then I new knew what made that sound it was a canon ball . Then I another
hole in the ship .
The only thing I decided I should do is sleep . When I woke up the first thought I had was
where are we going .
We’ve been on the ship for two days and I figured out the ship was called the “White
” . I figured it out because I heard some Englishmen talking about it yesterday . When are
we going to get of this ship I thought to myself miserably .
The navigator’s station is near my sell and I saw that there was a red line that was
pointed to a part of the map that was called the West Indies . Finally an Englishmen came in
my sell with a little bit of food . While I was eating I looked out the porthole in my sell and I
saw the other privateer . That was the first time since we were attacked on the “Sao Joao
” . I wondered if Abena was on that ship or that ship or if she even made it onto either
ships before the Sao Joao
” sank.
It was the next day and again I saw a red line on the map but this time it was facing a
place that said Virginia . I had never heard of that place before and wondered where it was . I
decided I would soon figure out because that must be where we are going . Land hoe I heard a
shout and I woke up I looked through my porthole and I saw land for the first time in days . I
looked closer and I saw a dock just barely I also saw a wall .
As we came closer it got lighter and I could see the wall better . At the end of the side I
could see there was a circular structure with two canons at either end and on part of the wall
there was two
giant doors . Just then the doors started to open and settlers came out they ran to dock the
ships. Then I was finally let out of my sell.
Chapter 10
The African Arrival
The African Arrival: Powhatan
By: Rashad Fisher-Jones
Nemettew was with his family in Africa, talking about getting work
done, when he was captured. He was then taken on the ship and into
the fields. While Nemettew and the Africans were working in the
fields, captain John Smith made a rule “You don’t work you don’t
Eat.” The Africans knew they had to deal with a lot of work.
On the trip to Jamestown, the africans were on ships. During the
trip, some africans got sick and some died on the trip because of the
food they were given. When John Smith’s rule was made, the Africans
had to deal with the rule for a long-time and didn’t have a choice.
The Africans had to do the hard work and could not do a thing to
defend themselves from the orders of Captain John Smith.
I can see a few Europeans.
“Where am I? And why am I here?” I ask one.
Nemettew is on a ship going to the New World. Once he made it
to the New World, he was somewhat nervous and scared because he
knew other people were living here. The European said “Hey kid,
what’s your name?” The African said the name is Nemettew. “I want
to go back to africa.” The European said “no chance kid, we brought
you guys here to work the fields.” The Africans answered “What!”
The africans were confused about why they had to work for the
Nemettew became a full time slave. The other Africans were dying
and the Europeans needed to find more Africans to do their work.
Nemettew was the only African in Jamestown until more came over
and John smith was watching me plant tobacco. As Nemettew was
starting to get older, John smith was whipping me for not making
any tobacco for him. That was the first strike. “Then I found out my mom is coming to jamestown to see me”.
“I am shocked to hear this news”.” My mom’s name is Rebecca Anderson and she does not have a job”. That
is why she is coming here to Jamestown!
“Having my mom here is quite amazing”.” Despite being captured, now that my Mom is here to stay, I
can show her around jamestown and might hang out with her”. Man I sure hope my dad is coming. i was on
the first voyage, my mom was on the second and i was just hoping my dad is on the third. By time his mom
came, Nemettew saw his Dad. “My dad is here on the fourth voyage and I have to say I need to meet an
powhatan if there’s any hahahahaha”. Nemettew often sees a lot of Powhatans in the woods.
“Wait I can use my dad as backup to keep me safe”.” My mom decided clear out every one run! So I
ran, to only realize that my dad isn’t here. “I need to find him” I decided”. This is the first African and
Powhatan war. “My mom began to say that my dad has died.” We need weapons and a plan to go to War”.
The war took place for over 3 years but the Africans won the war. When Nemettew’s dad died during the
war, it made him sad and he couldn’t say a word. The Africans were cheering about us winning the war. Then
more Africans were on ships the Susan constant, Godspeed and discovery with over 300 africans on all the
ships and people have been calling me a hero.” A few years later my mom is now sick and is still working on
the fields making tobacco for Captain John smith”.
“After her work is done she comes home feeling ill. “When I wake up, I see she is not here. “I think
she died last night meaning I’m the only one in the family still alive”. “I am now sad and I never talked to
anybody”. At Jamestown, Nemettew made a new female friend and just moved here to Jamestown. What can I
do here? asks a European. “You will work the fields on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday”. “Wow
those are a lot of work days”. “I will find a cabin to stay for life”. “Every morning I will be ready to work the
“Ok the cabins are over there I can live in one of those cabins”. “Hey I asked do you want to stay here
with me”. “Ok I can stay with you before I do, who are you? she asked. “My name is Nemettew, what’s
yours I asked”. “My name is Julia my parents died years ago I stated. “My parents died too”.
“Hey want to be friends or not”.” Ok I am fine with being friends how about you come in, I ask.” Sure
your cabin your rules she decided.” Years later we worked the fields and both got sick and can not work with
the illness we have.” “After a few years people had been talking to Julia non stop like interviews like I have
been doing years ago”.
1 year later Julia passed away from the same illness she caught from working the fields all day long.
Then we had a funeral for Julia to say our goodbyes to her and say a prayer. A few years later we had a war
with the Powhatans and we got ready for it to happen.
“When we practice we pretend there is Powhatan and we shoot”. “The war started with a tree fire and the
Powhatans near the tree laughing at us from a distance”.
When everyone is starting the fight, I think about Julia and it makes me angry just thinking about it.
So we fire our weapons at the Powhatans. The Africans together makes the ultimate team and can’t be
stopped as a great team. During the war, majority of the Africans died, then I fire as quickly as I can to win
our second war.
“We needed even more Africans to work the fields like I did when I was on the first African voyage.” In
1738 Nemettew sadly passed away during the third war the Africans and Powhatans had.
The African Arrival: English
By: Kaiya Bryant
“Hi My name is Elizabeth and I want to go to Jamestown to explore the land.” My Father
and I were walking from home to the Sao Joao Bautista, where we suddenly saw 350
Africans with chains on their necks and cuffs on there wrist. “ I asked my father” “Why
are these Africans walking on the ship?” “My father answered “The Africans are here so
we can make a profit off of tobacco plantations.” ”Many of the African slaves came from
an Urban background.” “whale on the ship Some African slaves got sick and died because
of the nasty food the English men were feeding them. When we arrived at Jamestown, I
felt sad for the Africans that were being taken out of there homes and had to do all of the
English men’s work.
“Then BOOM!” “There was an abrupt attack by the Gulf of campeche of the coast of
Mexico.” When the attack came, I was so scared I started crying and closed my eyes until
the attack was over. When i opened my eyes, some of the African slaves were gone. I
asked My father “Why did they attack us?” “My father answered maybe to keep them?”
The colonist traded African slaves as well as some African slaves who belonged to the
Governor. Then finally we arrived in Jamestown. When we arrived to Jamestown, I wasn’t
so happy any more because of what my father told me about why the Africans are here.
“When we got off the ship the Englishmen started to trade the African slaves to other
Englishmen and then Africans started working in the fields making tobacco.”
The African Arrival: African
By: Kwesi Baucum
I am an African boy. My name is Kwasi. My hometown is Ndongo, Africa. Born
1610. I love to play. I have lots of toys back at home I love to play with. Whenever I
have the chance, I play with the other children in the village. I still have to do
work. I fetch water and walk with Momma to trade. The people with us here say
this is just a rest stop. Us, the Africans, are chained. At least my 12 year old brother
Kofi is next to me. My parents say that Kofi will always protect me and set a good
Us Africans are currently on a large beach near a boat. Our ears are packed with
sand and we are trying to get comfortable no matter how much we twist and turn.
The beach is huge with unfamiliar objects. This wooden boat is huge with plants
and other debris all over it including a mast. I think the debris is called barnacles
and seashells. Us Africans are chained up and sitting on our knees with ropes. We
are waiting to get baptized. Baptized is when your name gets changed to another
to fit that the religion. Uh-Oh. It’s my turn. Caught daydreaming could result in
me getting whipped, another whipping and the third time death. Luckily, that all
starts once we get to our destination, wherever it is. A grown 21 year old man
named Abimbola was behaving so badly, he had to be killed and slaughtered
immediately. I am not happy about that one thing, but some things I am happy
for. I am grateful that my journal is hidden in my shirt although I can barely write in the language these
people want us to speak. These people will not allow us to speak our own way. Englishmen are not aware of
things going on around them. I guess I was wrong. Trouble is coming.
A man walks up to me and demands, “Have you been baptized boy?” I do nothing. He barks, “SHOW
ME RESPECT BOY!!!” He aims a kick at my leg and I dodge it. Then he picks me up by the shirt and threatens
to kill me if I do not respond. I feel like my legs are gone because of me sitting for so long and they just feel
asleep. Sand pours from my legs and go through my toes. I overheard this man angrily tell someone, “Did you
forget that I am the priest in England? You kneel to me you do not show me up like that and ignore me! I am
your supreme ruler! I preach! Serve the king! Long live King James! Long live King James! I do believe that you
have good potential but you just have to show me.” I feel scared. My go-lucky journal almost falls out of my
shirt. I lift it up with my knee just in the nick of time. Thankfully, the Englishman preacher did not see my
journal. They prohibit writing for all of the Africans that came to this beach today. All of the Africans are
yelling at me. I finally shake my head no that I have not been baptized and then he drops me onto the ground.
He says my new name is Thomas Clarke. I wanted to keep my old name. My eyes are filled with tears from the
fall and my knees are scraped up from seashells and rocks hitting them, but I do not let myself cry. Not now.
After everyone gets baptized, we get on the boat I saw on the beach during the baptizing.
I can barely make out the letters and words on the boat, but I think it might say White Lion. First we
take looks at the boat. I see that the mast on the boat is larger than I thought. There is lots of tall poles with
ropes. I see a wet barrel. I suspect that there is a drink. The people say that there is under deck and upper
deck. A captain yells from a tall nest, “AFRICANS UNDER DECK!”
We get on under deck. I ask my parents why we have to go under deck and they tell me they do not
know. The people who baptized us were on upper deck. Under deck is a dark and nasty place. My poofy hair
may have been getting in the way of my sight. There is no food or water and we get chained up and lie on our
backs. Under deck is wooden and slimy and I glimpse fish bones all over the wood floor. I’m guessing that we
get food telling from the fish bones. There was slime and muddy objects everywhere. Under deck is completely
silent until a happy man wearing a striped shirt and tights comes creaking down the stairs and gives us nasty
fish and water. So we do get food and water. I am pretty sure that upper deck is an awesome place telling
from how the striped shirt man looked, but I will probably never know what upper deck looks like. I have to
eat it if I want to survive. But I do not want to. I learn that I must eat the food soon. My parents force me to
eat the food and water we were given. My parents beg me, “Kwasi, please eat this food. I know it is not like
what we have at home but you need it for your nutrients and health.” I respond to them, “How will I have
good health if the food is bad food? It cannot help me if it is not healthy and some of us are dying slow painful
deaths. They are dying without family members around them so they cannot live a long happy life.” My
parents shoot worried looks at me. Some of us refuse to eat the food and die a slow and painful death. Others,
still ate the food but just got sick. I never like to see this type of stuff happen. My grandparents refused to eat
the food and got very sick but soon recovered after a few hours. I felt scared and when I slept, I did not feel
A few days later, the boat lurches to a halt and I hear shouting and swords clanking and clashing
coming from the upper deck. I knew fighting broke out. After it was over, the boat continued on the
voyage.There are cannon ball holes in the boat and now. I feel very unsafe and scared. I relax myself and lie
down and crunch a lot of fish bones. That puts many huge cuts in my back. Before I go to sleep, I pray to
Queen Nzinga of Ndongo to protect me on this scary boat ride. Then I go to sleep. After more days of the same
thing happening over and over, I had fallen asleep for about 3 days straight. I just did this so that I could miss
out on some of the horrible fish.
A few months later, we finally got to our destination. We made it but not safely. Only about 100 out of
550 of us survived because we did not want to eat the food the people provided. I was one of the very few of us
to survive. We just got off the boat calmly. A man on the boat yelled, “It is thou year 1619!” And telling from
how the people from upper deck looked, upper deck seems like a great place. Their faces were shining, they
were smiling, they were just happy. That changed when they saw us get off the boat. They start yelling and
complaining about how there are less of us than there were before. I want to explain that they were giving us
bad, bad food and contaminated salt water and we died. If only they were thinking and being smart, only then
would all of us survived.
We climb off of the boat’s also wooden platform as I happily summersault on the ground. I feel happy
like the people from upper deck when we made it to this place. The chains were off and grass was sprouting
under my bare feet. The scars from my back have healed. The horrid boat is now sailing away. We took a long
walk and stood on a wooden platform, held up by wooden legs. I wonder why everything is wood. They should
use daub sometimes. Something even worse goes through my mind instead of thinking about wood or daub. I
soon realize that this is an auction. My joy is soon gone. An auction man calls me up and says for my family to
come with me so we can say our goodbyes because we will not see each other for a long time. I walk up the
wooden stairs as I get splinters in my feet. The platform has unusual spikes sticking out of it. Before we get
separated, my parents tell me that it will be okay and I will make it through this horrible and sad, sad time in
my life. At this point, I cannot control my anger. I figure out that they do not want us happy, they want us to
work. They do not want us to explore or do anything fun. We probably will never smile and live our creative,
happy and joyous lives, we will just work, work, work! Then I start recalling things that happened on the boat
and baptizing and all of the horrible things that these people did to us and started yelling to him things like
“This is not FAIR AT ALL!” And the Englishman mocks me in a distinguished accent that I cannot quite
catch, “Well I am very tired of thy attitude you have boy.” He also smartly exclaims, “We have to keep an eye
on you. For that you will get the most commanding man.” Now I feel like ripping him up piece by piece. I do
not deserve this work and having to do all this labor if these people are already here to do it by there self.
Besides, I cannot even get paid even a little money or get something that I can trade for like fruits or
vegetables. Then the Englishman starts talking jibberish. He enthusiastically tells us that they are settlers and
that settlers are supreme rulers and that this place is called Jamestown, named for their king, King James I,
who lives in London, England and some other junk that I do not care about. Once we get done auctioning, he
tells us who are master will be. He tells me that my master will be James Rhodes. Then they give us new
clothes. This part takes the longest because 100 Africans cannot dress in clothing that they are not used to
fluently. Then they tell us to go to our master. James has a huge thick, brown beard and moustache and
skinny legs. At least they look skinny because of the tights he wears around proudly. He wears a hat and
buckle boots that curve at the toes. He has lace trousers and a silk shirt. His shirt is purple and his trousers
are black. Under his hat of buckles, he has some sort of white cap with holes in it. James has too many buckles
and James is a bald man. James has baggy eyes and looks about 56 years old. James says, that we can only call
him master. I will follow all instructions because he is about 6’7” 250 lbs. Also, he has whips and rifles that
can harm me very badly. I do not. Looks can deceive. James’ favorite thing to say is, “You can never be too
prepared. Thou savages in thy woods can sneak up and slaughter you.” There was about 7 of us per master.
We notice that everyone is already working in the tobacco and cotton fields. Some women are sprinting into
the settler’s houses to help wash clothes and cook. If you get the gist, everyone is working except for us. I just
want to get this over with so I can be happy and leave. It seems like James read my mind because he said,
“You are never going to be free and you are to work forever and you are to never run away from me.” While
he talks junk, I accidentally daydream and imagine what Momma and Poppa are doing now. Before I realize
that I was daydreaming, James has the whip in hand and a scary look on his face with his beard scrunched up
and beady eyes. He says, “I told you Thomas, no daydreaming or you will feel REAL PAIN just like me.”
CRACKKKKKKK CRUNCH POWIEEE!!! Now I really cry hard with snot dribbling down my nose and tears
sprouting out of my eyes like a wildebeest watering hole and I am yelling and whining. That whip stung my
bare skin and all. Not because of the pain, but now I know for real what the rest of my life will be. Not
happiness and joy, but pain and pain and pain. While I am crying of sadness and pain, he tells us where we
are working and how to do it. I get assigned to the cotton fields, which seems hard because I have to pick 250
pounds of cotton before sundown. By myself. Alone with no help. I ask him why he cannot do it himself
because he is already been here for many, many, years, (according to James 13 years) but I get no response. I
am not I was entertaining the idea of doing bad things to him, but I am already in trouble and I do not want to
feel another taste of that whip. I am just juggling the idea around. I realize I was about to because of me
daydreaming again, which seems to be a problem with me for some strange reason. James is doing something
strange. I do not know what but I know one thing. I see my chance. My chance to be free forever. The idea is
going to happen in 3...2...1...0
I run over and elbow James in the neck while he is bent down. James clutches his neck with a red face
and a bloody, bruised neck. I try to take a glimpse but I do not gloat. I run at breakneck speed. My bare feet
are stinging from all of this running. If only I was really thinking until now I would have realized that it is
impossible for me to run all the way to the ocean and then swim all the way to Africa, then walk to Ndongo,
and hide in my house, all untouched. It was too late. I had to keep running. If I stopped, I would be in even
worse trouble and James would think it was a joke. So I kept running. I leapt into the ocean thinking that I
will make it all the way home, but then, before I even get 20 yards into the ocean, there is a POW and a
stinging pain in my left foot. James has his long, smoking musket under his arm. James angrily exclaims,
“That, was a warning shot Thomas. The next will not be. Come back and LISTEN TO ME!!!”
As I walk back, my left foot is bleeding as if the running did not hurt enough. I am drenched with salt
water. James drags me back to where all of the other Africans are and whips me harder than he ever has
before. Right in front of everyone. After every pop, James yells something at me like he is dying a slow,
painful, death. Before he whips me I tell him something no African would ever dare to do here. I grunt, “My
name is Kwasi, not Thomas.” James angrily told me, “You will learn what a real whipping is now Thomas.”
Then, James, gets into it. For real. “ YOUUUU! POP! WILLLLL! POP! LEARNNNN! POP! DISCIPLINE!!! POP POP
POP POP POP POP POP POW!!!!!!!!!! I look at him with my sad crying eyes. James has his beady grey snake
eyes staring at me like he is daring me to run away again and have all of this nonsense and mess start over
again. James ignores and just goes on with what he was doing. I watch. Then James spits on the ground and
says three words. I wonder if the spitting was necessary. I almost forgot, no daydreaming or I am going to be
slaughtered until I am dead. I cannot understand English fluently. But I know one thing. They are no good
words. He clearly orders, “Get to work.” And just like James was a genie and had put an eternal magic spell
on me, I as fast as I can to the cotton fields to pick my 250 pounds of cotton and work all day and forever.
Chapter 11
Powhatan & English
Powhatan & English War: Powhatan
By: Matthew Boone
We The Powhatan Tribe had to go to war with the English, but I’m only ten
and my name is Stone, so I couldn’t go with them. I had to stay here with the
tribe. Since I am home, I get to do more work like help clean and sweep. We
were also able to play games so we can get ready for when we get older, so we
can hunt and become ready for war with the rest of the tribe. The war was
called “The Dutch War”.
During the war, what would you use? We used bow and arrows. The First
Anglo Powhatan War happened during 1609-1614. Were you alive during that
time? The Second Anglo-Powhatan war happened during 1622-1632. Were you
even alive during that time?
The Third Anglo Powhatan War happened during 1644-1646. Were you even
alive during that time? I was along with Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan were
alive during those times. We went to the “Dutch War” happen on ships. It also
happen on ground (land).
The powhatans used bow and arrows in the war. I was a member in the
Powhatan tribe. To describe myself, I was tall, strong, big, huge, but not out of
shape. We had mohawks (in the pocahontas 2 movie). English made (us) move
west but we wouldn’t go without a fight.
We slept in wood, straw, and stone homes. Would you live in these houses?
Well I had too. I really had no option. I loved it felt good and cosey.
We had to grow tobacco and hunt. We knew how to grow crops. The (Europeans) did not know how to
grow crops. We were hunters. We were gatherers.
Our Chief Powhatan had more than sixteen tribes. John Rolfe got the tobacco seeds during the time of
“The Starving Time” from the Powhatans. John Smith, John Rolfe, and Pocahontas worked together for
survival in the Pocahontas 2 movie. One thing I wanted to write about is when the powhatans and the english
went to war over land and (we) the powhatans used bow and arrows. The english used muskets when they
went to war, and the war happen in the forest.
Pocahontas married John Smith in December 1614. The town is now called Jamestown, which is in
Williamsburg Virginia. Pocahontas died in 1646 and her dad died a year later in 1647. Chief Powhatan died
very close to pocahontas in 1647.
We dressed in deerskin. We did that because when we went hunting for deer. We wouldn’t wanted to get
spotted by the deer, so had to stay hidden in the deer skin. We also dressed in skunk skin. I even had to use
the red face paint.
Yellow face paint. Black face paint. We wore headbands with feathers. We couldn’t wear clothes until
we were 12. We had to go with camouflage so we won’t get spotted.
Men and Boys all had to go to war with their tribe. Pocahontas married John Smith in December 1614.
The town is now called Jamestown. That is in the state of “ Williamsburg Virginia.” Pocahontas and John
Smith got married there.
Pocahontas died in 1646 and her dad died a year later in 1647. Chief Powhatan died very close to
pocahontas in 1647. I was a little bit younger. I died in 1654 in the war. I died far away from Pocahontas and
Chief Powhatan, I also died in the forest just like them (Pocahontas) (Powhatan).
Powhatan and English War: English
By: Sarah Schifferle
“Henry,” my dad called. “It’s time for dinner” my dad groaned. I like my short
brown hair. My dad told me not to feel bad when people make fun of my height.
All English settlers are short. I go inside and have dinner. Then I go to sleep.
That night I hear gun shots. I go outside my dad is there. He says “go back to
bed”. I run inside and hope that it was all a dream. But it wasn’t. My heart
sank. I felt a drop of cold rain. I sat and thought. My dad was nowhere to be
found. I was scared. My dad told me once “I won’t always be here for you”. Was
this the time he was talking about I wondered. Was this it? Was he gone? There
were still so many things I didn’t know.
I ask my uncle how my dad got captured and he explained that a
Powhatan took him from our side onto their side. Then he was gone. Nowhere
to be found. “That’s when you woke up,” my uncle told me. The rest of it you
The following day I decided to ask my uncle Jo to teach me how to use a musket
because he’s really good with muskets. Also because he moved in with us when
I was born because he wanted to see me. I decide not to tell him about last
night. Even though he’s not very tall he’s brave and kind. But my heart sank
when he said I wasn’t ready. I don’t see how he thinks I’m not responsible. Just
because I’ve never made my bed or set the table I don’t see any reason why
that’s irresponsible. “Okay that might be a little tiny bit irresponsible but don’t
you still think I should learn?”
I saw a book in my dad’s room that was signed Matoka and showed it to my uncle. He had no clue who
Matoka was. I went outside to think and only think. Who could she be? I thought and why does my dad even
have that book. I am confused again. Life is confusing. What am I going to do? I’m lost. Why can’t my dad be
here? There are too many questions that I cannot answer. I decided I would put the book back and go to the
grassy field area.
I saw John, my best friend, then I heard “think fast” I turned to look and a ball hit me splat on the
face. I got the ball and threw it back. “Are you okay?” John asked. I nodded but he could tell something was
up. We walked as I explained to him what happened that night as we went to church. We made sure to get
there early so we didn’t have to spend the whole day there (that’s the rule).
During the Anglo Powhatan wars they told everyone at church that is what is happening. Our church
master is short but strong. With a coordinated attack by the Powhatans they could harm us my church master
told us. They captured and killed many settlers and sure enough my dad was probably one of them. For all I
know they could have killed him. Their only reason why they possibly killed my dad is that we were taking
their land but that’s no reason why we all have to fight. This is the third major fight and I’m sick and tired of
it. The Anglo Powhatan wars were horrible.
So after church I went to John’s house to cheer me up and he said “Henry would you like to fight in a
war?” I knew I had to respond so I said “maybe one day”. I had no idea that they meant today. Once I got out
on the battlefield, I remembered I didn’t know how to shoot because my dad and uncle never showed me how
to. But I still tried anyway just it was a little too heavy for me so I fell over. Also the Powhatans stopped
trading with us. The only problem was we needed the trading of food to survive. When I heard that I knew we
were doomed! Doomed I tell you doomed!!!!! My dad told me to go to church so I could learn new things, so I
did. Also during this time the Powhatans who were captured were sold as slaves. Now I learned this one
because on of the kids at church is always talking about their slave.I wish I had a slave because I would have
had him or her sit around and be lazy while we provide food for them. That would have been fun. My dad
doesn’t believe in slavery and nether do I.
I go back to John’s house after my job as a person who trades but I just did it with Englishmen. I
asked him about the opportunity to fight in the war. He offered “I’ll join you and we can get captured so we
can save your dad”. “That’s a great idea just what if we can’t get out to save my dad or he got killed?” John
just answered “you worry too much”. “ But what if we do fail?” I asked but he promised me we couldn’t.
“Still what if we fail?” I asked. It scared me when he admitted that “if we fail we could get killed but I know
we won’t”. How about a different idea I asked but he quickly replied “no”. I went out to the battlefield with
John. We hold hands as we cross the Powhatan border. I bite my lip fearing that we would run into a
I also closed my eyes and ran into a tree. I heard someone yell “get them” so I dragged John away
from the Powhatan and hid behind a bush. “Why did you do that?” John asked. “I was scared okay” I replied.
They saw us so we ran. It felt like 100 miles with the Powhatans chasing us, but finally we got to the jail but I
didn’t see my dad so I got nervous. We ran all around even into someone’s house by accident. Finally I caught
a glimpse of my dad. He was being brought back to his cell but there were guard's. I decided that we would
make a diversion. John would run around the jail and say I’m English ’till he caught their attention. Then I
would try and free my dad. I decided we had to go back to the fort to get something hard enough to break my
dad free. Quickly we snuck out and safely made it back to our side. That night I slept at John’s house. We
discussed what we were going to do and bring. In the morning we snuck out early before anyone was awake.
We made sure to bring a musket. I told John to watch for guards and he agreed. I went to find my
dad’s cell first I tried whacking the musket against the bars but it didn’t work. I had to get the key. We snuck
and got to the little area where they kept all their riches. We tiptoed inside and tried to find the keys but I just
didn’t see them. All of a sudden I see them and so does John. I reached for the keys and I heard “hey you get
out”. I grabbed the keys and ran. I tripped on a root and tossed the keys to John and he ran off with it. Soon
enough they brought me behind bars just like my dad. It was getting late so I decided that I would try to go to
bed. In the morning I saw someone short and thin unlocking the gate. I thought it was a Powhatan and it was,
it was a girl, she looked about 13 years old. She had long thick black hair. She said “hi my name is Molola.”
”hi I’m Henry” I said and “I’m 12”. “Well I hope to see you soon” Molola said. “Oh I’ll be back” and then I
giggled. I ran back to the fort and went straight to John’s house. He mumbled “come in”. I said “hey”,
“HEY!” John shouted.
The second day when we tried to save my dad it had ups and downs. It was hot out that day but I still
had faith. When I go out to the other side I see Molola standing next to my dad’s cell. “How, how did you
know?” “He is my dad” she said. “But he’s my dad” I said. “No that can’t be” I said. “That means you’re my
sister” I pointed out. “Why did you free me when you didn’t know we were siblings”? I said. “There was just
a feeling that I had to do it” Molola replied. “Well anyway let’s get our dad before we get caught” I exclaimed.
“Let me open it” demanded John. “That’s a fake key” Molola declared. “JUST OPEN IT!” I yelled. So Molola
opened the door of my dad’s cell and we quickly ran away. With the death of Opechancanough they signed a
peace treaty between us and the Powhatans. I told you I learn a lot at church. That also allowed us to visit
Molola and sometimes I would see my mother Matoka with her. A couple days after the war I read that the
peace treaty established a pattern of removing the Powhatan Indian nations from invading our land so we
would not fight as much. We visited Molola and Matoka ever since. We lived happily in our homes. And went
on with our lives. Me and Molola have been best friends ever since the day we met. We still fight with each
other a little but not very often. We meet at the border every day now. That explains why dad has the book
signed Matoka. Now I know more and some of those questions are answered.
Chapter 12
Peace Treaty
Peace Treaty: Powhatan
By: Catalina Otero
It is 1614 I am making corn meal thinking of what my mother and I could’ve
done to save my friend Wachute and my father from the English. Since the
English came, war began years ago, and life isn’t really that good. It seems
like everyday someone dies. When I finish making the corn meal, I go and
bring it to my mother. She always says “work is hard but the winter is harder
and harsher.” And when she says that, I always think of that big harsh winter
my tribe once faced.
When I come home from the village, I see my mother and give her the corn
meal. She has a big smile on her face. Mother looks happy but still looks a
little worried when she says two words that almost make me faint and those
two words were “peace treaty.” I am happy and surprised and a little
worried.” Mother tells me the chief sent messengers to ask if it could be
possible for his thought to become reality.” If there could be peace in this
nation or war that will separate us even more.The messengers left this
morning with those words. I run to the edge of the village trying to spot
them.” I walk closer to the edge but it is no use I can’t find them. It is like a
trying to find a needle in a haystack!
It has been a few days since the messengers left the village and I when I am
about to lose all of my hope for peace, I hear a noise. The noise is small but I
can hear it, leaves crackling and voices from the edge of the village. It was the
messengers they go to the chief and say. There was difficulty.And the thought of peace was gone. It was naw
a reality the English had accepted the offer. King james the first was going to sign the peace treaty. At the
north of york river. Will the war get worse or stop I ask myself in wonder. The chief says He leaves at dawn
tomorrow. The chief just left and I prepare for the worst. I don’t trust the English as much as my old friend
would of. And if he lives I don’t think he does any more. He said he might take a few days before they
return but after the first day I am kind of worked up on the fact my tribes great chief could be in great
danger. You know, it has been one day sins the chief left for york river and I am shur he and the is in danger.
My mother tells me come on give him a chance he might surprise you.
Then I hear a voice from the edge of the village I sneak behind a home and listen it is the the person
who was on one of the canoes. And the words that he spoke almost make me want to faint the chief is safe
and with the confederacy and coming back to the tribe tomorrow.”
The next day mother says I can come with the group that is taking the chief home.” I run to the group
Before she can change her mind about this idea. i jump into one of the canoes. After A few hours but we
finally get there my arms are tired from rowing for so long.After stretching and getting all the cramps out I
see the the confederacy . That came with the chief but not the chief a few minutes go by. I do not see him
but then I see someone it’s the chief. Proud, strong and not even a scratch. He gets on one of the canoes
after the ship with king James leaves we all row home. When we get back to the village the chief go’s the
middle of the village and announced. That the war is over and we shall move to the north of york river. To
never have to remember this tall of war.”
I go to my mother I ask if this is true she nods in gilt”. Why I ask? If you knew you would not want it,
you would not want peace”. And that would just be awful I don’t want to leave my home I don’t want to
ether but the chief is doing it for us’ or is it for a silly argument I say stop it she says.”we leave at dawn.”So
get your stuff read so why was it was signed at york river.I ask but she is gone by the time I turn around she
is gone and not likely come back until morning I may never find out the true reason or the reason we left our
beloved village and homes I but know this a lie is a lie and can never be put back together so if you make a lie
remember what happened to me and my tribe and the story we created and It is the end of war but it is a
start of loss and the end of our story.
Peace Treaty: English
By: Theo Weller
“Man thy cannons!” a voice yelled. I swung open the door and rushed outside. I jumped back just in
time to get out of the way of an arrow that sent chunks of dirt flying onto my linen shirt. It was the
Powhatans attacking. I cursed with anger.
I just don’t get it. Why do we have to fight? You see, I live in Jamestown. We’ve had a war with those
Powhatans, the natives here, for almost 2 years now. Although I can’t tell anyone, I’m hiding a Powhatan boy
with me. It all started when I saw the boy marched into the fort with his hands tied behind his back. I knew
they were going to sell him into slavery, so I smuggled him into my basement while my dad was ordering our
own slaves to work on our own plantation. I’ve picked up a bit of Algonquian, the Powhatan language, so I
started talking to him. He said his name was Wachute Hanock. I told him I was named John Sammers.
I sprinted to the guardhouse, going so fast, my feet stung through my boots. I kicked the door open
and found myself staring at a dozen muskets. Without hesitating, I grabbed all of the guns off the wall and
threw them into the Chesapeake bay. That felt good.
The following day, I talked to Wachute about the terrible violence. He said he would go to the
Powhatan village where Chief Opechancanough lived to try to convince him to stop attacking. I was worried
about him all day. “Would if he got lost? Would if the Powhatans thought he was a traitor and shot him?” But
he returned at sundown. However, he had not been successful.
We’ve been doing this for about a year now every time there’s an attack. Except that now Wachute just
talks to the Powhatans because Chief Opechancanough was captured and killed. Still, the other settlers always
seem to have more muskets, and those Powhatans seem to never respond to what Wachute says. Today we
had a meeting about what else we can do to stop the violence. “You should come with me to talk to the
Powhatans.” Wachute expressed. That really surprised me. At first, I told him that I wouldn’t come with
him.”No way.” I responded to him. Besides, those Powhatans would laugh at me. I knew they’d be much
stronger and bigger than me. In fact, Wachute was 3 years younger than me, but he towers over me!
A scene started playing in my head as soon as my head hit the pillow that night. I was here with
Wachute. We were having breakfast, when we heard a call we hear far too much. “Man thy cannons!” We ran
outside of my wooden house. It had the simple design of most houses in America’s first permanent colony.
Smack! Wachute fell to the ground with blood seeping out of his chest. I knelt beside him. And then, he
started, speaking terrible english, “We should’ve ended the violence-” But he stopped breathing and closed
his eyes.
I woke up with my hands sweating and immediately ran downstairs to talk to Wachute. I woke him
from his sleep on the blankets I’d laid down for him as a cot. “I decided I’m going with you to the Powhatan
village.” I told him.”Won’t your dad notice?” he asked.”No, he never really pays much attention to me.” I
responded. Now the both of us sprinted back up the stairs. I slipped on my boots and a thin wool jacket.
Wachute slipped on his only pair of moccasins and his only deerskin coat. Thankfully, it was too early for
anyone to be out and about. But the gates were a whole other situation. I knew there were guards there 24
hours a day. “ How do you get past the guards when you go to that Powhatan village?” I asked him “Easy,” he
replied “ I climb the fence.” “How do you climb a ten-foot fence?!” I asked him in disbelief. “You really think
I can’t climb a fence after spending almost my entire life in the wild?” He snapped back at me. “Anyway, I
know you can’t climb the fence, so there’s no use in that.” “Well back in England, I learned a bit of hand to
hand combat.” I boasted, “So I could talk to him, then suddenly take his musket and hit him on the head with
it.”. Just like that, we had a plan.
I don’t want to admit it, but I was nervous. This guy was armed and dangerous. Was I doing the wrong
thing, doing violence to someone when I was fighting to stop violence myself? But I shook away this thought
and walked up to the guard at the closest gate. “Don’t you think thou Powhatans are so nice?” I asked him.
“They’re savages. What are you thinking, thou dark-skin lover?” “About knocking you out!” I replied. Bang!
The poor chap fell to the ground as I knocked him with the stock of his musket. Then, me and Wachute set out
into the wild.
My feet were aching as I trudged through orange leaves towards an opening in the wall of a small
wooden fort.“That was a long walk.” I grumbled to Wachute. “It was only a little while.” he replied. I didn’t
answer. I was amazed when I stepped into the Powhatan village. Some men were sharpening rocks. Some
Women were grinding corn. I’d expected that, but what really amazed me was the kids. A nine year-old boy
and girl scuttered past me with absolutely nothing on their bodies. When I say nothing, I mean nothing.
Believe me that was not so pretty. While I was frozen in shock, a huge man in deerskins, a feathered hat, and
a completely painted body walked in front of us. He picked me up and hugged me. I was once again, amazed.
Why was this guy hugging me, a stranger? I looked at Wachute. He bowed and I followed his lead. When he
came up from his bow, he told me the man was one of the most heroic warriors the Powhatans had. The
warrior spoke something that I couldn’t understand. Wachute told me the man loved meeting European boys,
but no other Europeans. That explained a lot. I told Wachute to tell him that we came in peace to ask him
about stopping the war. It went back and forth like that for a while until he said something that caught my
attention: Wachute repeated what the man had just said by telling me that they were sending messengers
with a peace treaty to the fort. I told Wachute to tell him that was great.
But what he spoke next seemed to have paralyzed Wachute. After staying still for about 10 seconds, he
fell to his knees and softly said to me that The Powhatan Confederacy was breaking. Now I fell to my knees
and thought deeply. We had reached our goal, but things didn’t turn out that good. This was impossible. That
was it. We had fought and fought, but we had only stopped the Natives way of living . That is like “The
Tempest” without the shipwreck. Or the Jamestown fort without walls. It simply doesn’t work. The
Powhatan’s were here first, and now they’re leaving? We tried to change his mind but he wouldn’t budge.
looked at the village and I knew it would be gone.
(A few months later, fort Jamestown) I saw a white and brown ship with 4 massive sails breaking
through the waves heading towards the dock. Men and women rushed from the fort to the docks waving at
the approaching ship. I knew this ship was finally bringing back news if the King of England had signed the
As the boat got right next to the dock I heard someone shout “Thy king signed it!”. It felt like someone
had punched me in the gut. While everybody around me cheered, I once again, dropped to my knees. This time
I sobbed. That was it. The settlers had officially just broken up a family. If you think that is good, I will smack
you across the face. I already thought this, but now I knew that violence is never the answer. I hope now you
know that, too.
Jamestown Today
By: Theo Weller
So, now you’ve read our book, but probably want to know more about Jamestown. Well
the best way to do that is to go to Jamestown itself. Here’s some things to see in the historic
site today.
One interesting thing to see at Jamestown is the church. The church is located inside the
version of the fort made mostly with original parts of the fort. You can see the tomb of a settler
who was granted in the rank of knight in the church. There also are engravings of names in the
bricks of the church. Some are important, some are not.
Another interesting thing is in the outside part of the museum, where you can see are
three mock ships of the Susan Constant, The Godspeed, and The Discovery. In the largest one,
The Susan Constant, you can see armour, or lie down in the small lump of blankets that served
as a bed for the sailors and settlers who lived on board the ship for less than a year.
My personal favorite thing to see in Jamestown is in the outside part of the museum, the
Powhatan village. Here, you can ask questions to people who are dressed up as Powhatan
Indians. You can also go inside longhouses, the Powhatans standard houses. Inside those, you
can take lie down on an animal skin bed(I know what you’re thinking: People in the 1600s had
a lot of beds!), or pick up an arrow.
Finally, in the inside part of the museum, you can see a film about the Africans arriving
in Jamestown, or see how the Africans, Settlers, Powhatans, and indentured servants lived
before Jamestown(you can also hear how they spoke).
All over Jamestown, you can see people doing things that the person they’re dressed up
as might do(like fire a musket).
For directions to the museum and actual site, you can just look it up on google docs. The
museum is called Jamestown Settlement and the address is 2110, Virginia. To find directions
you can search “Jamestown Settlement”. You can also go to their website from that search.
I hope you enjoy your trip!