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Alberta's Mountains and Foothills

By: Josselyn Lau and Brian Huang 

You get to see the amazing wildlife alongside the majestic scenery. There are some dazzling peaks. The major centres in the foothills region are open all-season, meaning that both the Alpine and Sub-Alpine are well protected today. In addition, some of the animals that you will have an opportunity to see are mountain goats, cougars, and big horned sheeps; some of the plants you will get to observe include wildflowers, lichens, mosses and liverworts, and Balsam Fir. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy the endless outdoor adventures, such as hiking on beautiful trails. 

Why Tourists Should Visit the Mountains and Foothills in Alberta



This is Jasper's climatograph 


We now know that mos species that have ever lived have gone extinct due to human activities, such as over-hunting by commercial profiting, most likely using animal skin to goods, elephant tusks to make decorations, therefore governemtn has to set up tough laws to protect these animals before it's too late. Global Warming is another big issue for biomes, a lot of species are endangered due to climate change, such as warm temperatures and pollution. Changes in temperature and pollution are most challenging for species to survive, such as polar bears will not be able to find good lands to survive as ice are melting. Pollution causes chemical contaminants which certainly poses a further threat to species and ecosystems, such as Blue mackerel, albatross, so protecting our biodiversity as well as reducing carbon footprint are aspects we need to contribute to help.

Description Of Some Threats To The Mountains/Foothills From Climate Change or Human Activity

Description Of A Species At Risk in the Mountains/Foothills