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research report about video editing

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      You get to watch the new movie suicide squad 1 day before release. You are so excited, while you watch it you see dead shot who never misses a shot,then the shot misses. You are as shocked as a girafe with a short neck. You knew you had to do something about it and you thought, video editing.


    There are basic simple steps to editing but when you first start out the minimum number of steps can at least be 4. When you progress, you can have multiply steps and make your own high quality video. For beginers it may be hard but if you have done it before it can be easy. I personally think video editing is cool but it is confusing and hard. After awhile you would get used to it. I think that if I always edited I could teach someone.


There are two types of ellusions/effects. One is special effects and the other is visual. You may guestion what is the differnce? Well the differnce is that special effects is props and green screen backrounds. While visaul is just computer generated images. An example is youtube videos are normally visaul, but in movies there are normally special effects. I think that there should only be one type or more than two. One should be called illustration were you make/draw your own picture.



If there was no sound in the world what would be the point of having ears.(chuckle)In video editing the music you add needs to be added in clips before the effects.You can add music from track but you need to make sure its not copyright. If you add music when your moving clips you can only add 3 tracks of music. I honestly think adding music is good but kinda useless if someones talking and you cant here it.

Today in the present there are iphones. So you can make your own video. Here are some steps. (1) open (after downloading) imovie.(2) Choose a video you want to edit.(3)find songs and tracks to put in your video.(4)drag clips to the timeline.(5)keep watching over and over again till you like the volume. There are somesteps to make your own video. I would add my own step to add pictures that I drew.



You finish editing just in time. You go and see the movie again and see everybodys happy faces. You pat your self on the back and think job well done.

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