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How America's Government Came To Be

                 A Fun Little Story, Written By Me.




By Joshua Jensen



April 19, 1775





A little country wanted to feel


happy and alive




The evil redcoats told them no






So to war these two groups


would go


The country was young and





But many british they had




Finally in 1783




The little country at last was




America became a great place



But needed some laws for


criminals to face


A group of men got together




And began writing a bill with a




The Articles of Confederation


came to be




How bad they were, these men


did not see


However these articles barely






The government’s duties began


to be shirked



Taxes nobody could collect




A president they could not




The Government had no say



It was clear these articles


could not stay


A new document America did







This young government would


not be taken light


The Constitution defines our






But what if we need a new




A great thing about this page




Amendments can be added


with age


The new government with its


three branches



Supported people from cities to




The constitution taxed people for





But not unfairly, that would not


be funny



Though america worked through


many a strife



The constitution gave the


country new life


Today the constitution


still stands





Respected and admired


across many lands


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