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Until recently it was thought that corporate responsibility was reduced to produce profits for shareholders. But this idea has been changing and today it is accepted that the company has not just this function, of course important, but must take care that their activities affect, positively or negatively, the quality of life of its employees and the communities that They surround it.

According to this approach the companies -and who the representatives are on duty to ensure that its own activities and those of its members are developed within a framework of respect for certain types of social values ​​that are considered essential within which it is respect for human rights. Rights that protect women occupy a central place.

Eliminate violence against women is an important part of corporate social responsibility and from this perspective the comments of Mr. Andrés Jaramillo, owner of the restaurant Andrés Carne de Res, about the alleged rape of a young woman in his establishment should be analyzed.

The area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility was christened the R.E.S. Andrew and since it is under the leadership of Prime Minister and has the orientation of the Management of Public Works and Factorías. This work interprets the feeling and dedication to Andrés Jaramillo.


Social Corporate Responsibility Andrés has under its wings several projects, among which Andrés and Lucia, which aims to strengthen the education of children through art and sport, and that in turn helps them in their cognitive development, social and staff. This project was named in reference to Andrew and St. Lucia neighborhood where the restaurant is located.


This new project is based on the technique known as art therapy, in which several workshops and constant visual arts, performing arts, theater, puppetry and karate-do are done. Undoubtedly, children spend so good that contributes to their happiness and development of creativity.

These workshops were carefully designed in order to positively impact the development and strengthening of physical and psychological capacities children. The talleristas of Andrés® have the ideal training in handling technique for children, as well as the comensalitos, always live an experience that will enrich your spirit.


What is Andrés Carne de Res?

Andrés Carne de Res first opened on Saturday June 19, 1982, a day of warm and bright sabanero sun, like a snail slow hours. Years later set the date so that when they ask me, I say that actually opened on June 21, the day of summer solstice and that way I can blame the sun for the foundation of the restaurant. The important thing is that it was in June 1982. Perhaps the excitement of the moment I can hardly remember much what exactly happened during the first day, but I guess it was quite a kindred Andres Jaramillo.