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This is my PAP Literacy Poetry Project

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Joni Inman's Poetry Notebook

Anteaters don't talk

Bees communicate by dancing

Cats meow

Dogs go bark



Sweet, Beautiful

Caring, Loving, Faithful

So Caring Towards Everyone



Cats like to play

Sometimes cats go meow

I love cats so much


Gorgeous, Swell, Plain, Troubled

Joni’s Ex-Boyfriend

Who had a great love for Joni

He cared very deeply for Joni

He had a great fear of losing Joni

Was Joni’s boyfriend

He wanted to experience Joni’s love

1123 East Wood Street was his current address




The most

beautiful thing I

have ever seen. It’s

beauty is almost seen as

an illusion. The details are perfect

down to the heated steering wheel. Almost

a dream every time I look outside and it's there.









My Sleep Schedule


You have been deeply neglected,

And I will always regret that.


I only feel good

When you are strong


This has been so hard on me,

Worse than you could imagine.


Goodbye, Sleep Schedule

You will be missed.


I love volleyball.

Volleyball is the best ever.

It is fun to play.

You have to work to be good.

A state ring makes it all worth it.

She said “I love it!”

He said “What?”

She said “Red, raft, racquetball, racecars,

Rivers, restrooms, restaurants, records, and racecar drivers”


There was a young girl from Paris

She said “This is not good at all

Cats, dogs, and a mouse

All work together to build

Houses that are really very pretty.”