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CONTENTSTABLE OF 04060810So, who is InterLinc?Modest OriginsThe numbers speak for themselvesQuality over QuantityOptions to fit any scenarioLoan ProgramsEmpowering Eciency and Innovation 11 ----- The Linc 12 ---- Online Visibility 13 ----- InterLinc IQ & ILOT 14 ----- InterLeads 16 ---- Simple Nexus 18 ---- CRMTech Stack

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S.E.R.V.I.C.E. VALUES24282022Service Without ExceptionExcellence Made TogetherRelentless Growth & ImprovementVirtue & IntegrityInvest in People AlwaysCommunicate TransparentlyExecute with IntentionExecute with IntentionOptimized OpsSetting You Up for SuccessOnboarding 22 ----- SEAL Team 23 ---- Benefits & CoverageWhere Values ThriveCulture 24 ---- Employee Rally & Production Summit 25 ---- Hieronica Council & Circle of Excellence 26 ---- InterLinc Family FoundationSustaining Unwavering GrowthA Thriving FutureOur “why” and what defines us as an organization

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4 From Modest Origins to Aspiring HorizonsOrigins UnveiledIn 2004, InterLinc Mortgage began with only four employees who were all dedicated to one goal: to revitalize the way mortgages were done. Having spent their full careers in the mortgage industry, they recognized the opportunity to develop a more eective way to lend. By forming a crew of superstars around leaders, InterLinc grew to be home for hundreds of employees and 30+ branches nationwide. Pioneering ProgressWhere many organizations have regional layers, limited one-on-one availability or a reactive business structure, we partner, teach and continually invest in our production teams who have a desire to grow and thrive in their marketplace. We make big promises and fully intend to uphold them. At InterLinc, you can expect engaged leadership with a constant finger on the pulse.So, who is InterLinc?Navigating Our HorizonOur company’s name, InterLinc, is just what it means; interconnected links within the mortgage process with the borrower, Loan Originator and Realtor, to streamline the mortgage process. Since 2007, InterLinc has assisted more than 77,000 homeowners in realizing their American dream of homeownership. To continue building upon that legacy, InterLinc’s goal is to help 25,000 families a year with their home financing needs. Great companies are built by great people and by adding the right members to our crew, the results are clear. Our past is filled with incredible achievements, but as great as our past is, our future will be even greater. Modest Origins

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5GENE THOMPSONPRESIDENT & CEOGene Thompson has been with InterLinc since 2007. In that time, his dynamic combination of sales, real estate and industry experience has allowed him to rise through the ranks and serve as President starting in 2010 and now President and CEO as of 2021. His vision for InterLinc is scalable, strategic growth while focusing on leadership, operational excellence and the promise of a service without exception mortgage experience for all of InterLinc’s borrowers and industry partners. Gene’s big goals and aspirations are positioning InterLinc competitively for exciting growth in the years to come. Gene is married to his wife, Amy, and is a proud father of two children. Outside of work, he can be found in the outdoors either hunting or fishing.JAMES DURHAMWith nearly two decades of experience in the mortgage industry, James Durham oversees branch performance, as well as recruitment of future InterLinc team members. Having been with InterLinc since 2014, James has been a driving force behind InterLinc’s growth and expansion into new markets, and his credibility and character have allowed InterLinc to recruit and retain some of the best talent in the industry. His goal for new production teams is to provide expert mentorship and coaching to help each branch and originator in our family reach goals beyond what they could ever imagine. In his free time, James can be found in the outdoors or spending quality time with his family.281.914.2892 SR. VICE PRESIDENT

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6The numbers speak for themselvesQuality over QuantityQuality over QuantityEvery year, the Scotsman Guide releases a list that includes production numbers submitted by various companies. This list is then organized from highest to lowest, providing a clear indicator of market leadership. InterLinc proudly occupies the top spot for both highest production and units per Loan Originator, establishing its dominance among independent #1With the release of the 2023 Top Overall Lenders by the Scotsman Guide, InterLinc is ranked #1 for production and Our GoalsOur goal isn’t to be the largest mortgage company, our goal is to provide the best comprehensive support and technology advancements to empower our loan originators to reach production milestones they would not receive at other competitors.Our AwardsRecognized by multiple publications and groups, our track record of awards is only made possible by InterLinc employees that have voted for us. Our success is only possible with their support. units per Loan Originator for 100% distributed retail, independent mortgage lenders.

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7SERVICEwiTHOUT ExCEPTiON99.6% overall satisfaction rating with over 40,000 5-star reviews from our borrowers and partners

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8Conventional Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Fixed, ARMs & High Balance – Underwrite to AgencyHome Ready & Home Possible• First Time or Repeat Homeowners• 97% LTV• Reduced MI• Credit Score 620 (pricing advantages if credit score is 680 or higher)Freddie Mac HomeOne• No Income Limits• 97% LTV• Fixed Only• 1 Unit (No manufactured allowed)• Primary ResidenceFannie Mae Refi Now• Income at or below 100% AMI• 97% LTV• Fico 620• DTI 65%Freddie Mac Refi PossibleFannie Mae No Fico options for DU Loan Casefiles(must approve through DU):• Option 1: If no borrowers have a credit score, lenders may submit loan casefiles to DU• Option 2: At least one borrower has no credit score and another borrower has a credit score.USDA USDA Purchase & RefinanceStreamline RefinanceManufactured Housing Pilot ProgramVA VA Purchase & RefinanceVA IRRRLHigh BalanceFHA FHA Purchase & RefinanceStreamline RefinanceHigh BalanceHUD REOFHA Section 184 & 284 (Native American)Bond & DPA Bond• 25+ State Specific Government Bond ProductsNon-Bond• Several City Grant Fund Programs Available• 100% FHA Financing with DPA 2nd lienRenovation Fannie Mae HomeStyleFreddie Mac Choice RenovationFHA 203(k) Limited & StandardLoan ProgramsLoan Programs

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9Loan ProgramsOPTIONS TO FIT ANY SCENARIO With approvals from the three largest issuers of mortgage-backed securities, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae, InterLinc oers our clients access to a competitive stack of mortgage products across all licensed states.Non-QM12-Month or 24-Month Bank Statement Programs(Business or Personal)• 620 Min Fico• First Time Homebuyers AllowedAsset Utilization• LTV up to 80%• 700 Min FicoExpanded Credit• Bankruptcy & Foreclosure 12-month seasoning with 620 score• DTI 50%• 80% LTVJumbo up to $3,000,000• Cash-Out up to $500,000• 90% LTV• 660 Min Fico• Non-DelegatedDebt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) NOO OnlyInvestors with greater than 10 propertiesITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)Non-Warrantable CondosJumbo Delegated Jumbo loans up to $1,250,000(>$1,250,000 exceptions granted on case-by-case basis) • 90% LTV• Specialty Product 89.99% LTV• No MI• 740 Min FicoInvestor Underwritten products up to $3MM• 90% LTV with LPMINiche/Portfolio 100% Financing/No MI• Conforming• Texas OnlyBrokeredOne-Time-Close Construction Loan• Conforming• JumboBuilderBulk Forward CommitmentsJoint Ventures

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10Recognized by Inc 5000 for Our Tech Innovations, InterLinc is Leading the Way in Technological Advancements. Our Originators Reap the Rewards of These Innovations Through Enhanced Eciency. The Ultimate Objective? Process More Loans Swiftly and Seamlessly.Tech StackEmpowering Eciency and Innovation

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11Tech StackIn an industry with numerous moving components, the need for simplification and a centralized hub for updates, news, and resources becomes paramount in achieving your objectives. InterLinc’s intranet, The Linc, serves as your all-inclusive platform, granting access to every announcement, department contact, downloadable marketing resource and beyond. Designed to increase productivity, The Linc ensures you have the necessary materials at your fingertips precisely when you need them.Features• Company News• Underwriting Turn Times• Real-Time 30-Day Closing Calendar• Marketing Assets & Tutorials• HR Benefits• Department Contacts• Employee Birthday & Anniversary Calendar• Timely Newsflashes• Loan Program LibraryThe LincSeamless Access to All Resources and News

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12Tech Stack99.6%Customer Satisfaction1234Lead GenerationSources referrals from your borrower surveys to give you more leadsBoosts SEO5-star surveys automatically post to all your connected social media platformsAI Generated RepliesGeared with custom fields for personalization, Ai generated replies have you covered to respond to both positive & negative reviewsSmart FeaturesAutomatically redirects borrowers & realtors to Google to leave a review if a positive experience is indicated during the surveyLeveraging InterLinc’s dynamic marketing team, we craft eective SEM, SEO, and social media strategies, ensuring your website garners visibility among web users. This concerted eort not only enhances brand recognition but also generates valuable leads. Our team diligently nurtures your brand presence through platforms like Google My Business and Facebook, driving organic trac to your doorstep. All the while, we safeguard your business reputation and integrity, delivering results that stand the test of time.Elevated Mortgage SurveysWithin InterLinc’s state-of-the-art tech stack, you’ll find the Experience Management Platform (XMP), the industry leader in mortgage survey automation. This advanced tool not only collects consumer and partner feedback but also empowers originators to automatically share positive reviews across the web, improving your SEO and influence within your local market.ONLINE VISIBILITY

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13Tech StackMortgage guidelines change frequently, but your access to up-to-date information shouldn’t. Find product information and guidelines on InterLinc IQ, your go-to destination for quick answers and educational resources. With InterLinc IQ, your productivity is guaranteed to increase as wait times for getting your questions answered are decreased.InterLinc IQStay Ahead of Shifting Mortgage GuidelinesKEY FEATURES• Reference guides for agency guidelines on any given subject, updated in real-time • “Ask the Experts” feature to get real-time answers from seasoned underwriters • Social media posts, pre-created email scripts and printed media to share with your referral network • Professional powerpoint presentations are created in-advance for lunch & learns • Online training classes and help videos available 24/7ILOTYour Compensation, On Time & As AgreedWith InterLinc’s custom loan originator compensation tool, ILOT “InterLinc On Time”, originators start their day with real-time, personalized insight into their pipeline and earnings. ILOT allows each LO to calculate their bonus and commission payments on production, review summaries and compensation details with data models on floating & locked applications, expirations, product mix, type and more.

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14InterLeads is a cutting-edge mobile application tailored for InterLinc Originators. It revolutionizes the way you gather, categorize, and oversee information regarding prospective customers or leads. Say goodbye to laborious manual data entry; InterLeads optimizes the entire lead acquisition process through automation.InterLeadsLead intake from the palm of your handTech StackWith InterLeads, Loan Originators can eortlessly capture and store leads, ensuring swift follow-ups and seamless integration with other systems, including but not limited to Simple Nexus and Surefire.SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONInterLeads is seamlessly integrated with industry-leading platforms such as Simple Nexus, SureFire, Power Apps and an array of other tools. This integration ensures a smooth and error-free flow of information between systems, eliminating the tedious task of manual data transfers.View and manage your entire lead pipeline from one screen Simple Nexus Leads are Synced in Real TimeFully automated and syncs to SureFire so leads are placed on a Chase Campaign123Harness the full potential of automation while leveraging your existing tools and processes, streamlining your workflow for maximum eciency.

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15TIME-SAVING EFFICIENCYManual data entry is time consuming and tedious. With the scanning functionality and duplicator tool, you now just have your leads entered into one central location and have it synced across all systems. It means less paperwork, fewer repetitive tasks and more time for what you do best – selling!PROMPT FOLLOw-UPSEvery Loan Originator knows the importance of timely follow-ups. With lead intake automation, you can instantly capture lead details, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks. Automated alerts and reminders keep you on top of your leads, allowing you (or the system) to reach out and increase your chances of conversion.STREAMLINED LEAD MANAGEMENTNo more messy spreadsheets or scattered notes. InterLeads centralizes all your lead information in one place. It provides a structured system in SureFire for tracking and managing leads, making it easy to access details, track progress and collaborate with your team.Refinance OpportunitiesInterLinc’s sophisticated algorithms empower Loan Originators to identify past clients ripe for conversion. Equipped with credit pull alerts and refinance calculators, you’ll never overlook a chance for repeat business.

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16ORIGINATINGElevating the Mortgage ExperienceAt InterLinc, we ensure that every user and consumer enjoys a contemporary mortgage journey from start to finish, bridging the gap between our point-of-sale and loan origination systems. Our application process extends a unique advantage to InterLinc consumers by granting them access to their personalized borrower application portal, providing round-the-clock entry to invaluable resources.Pioneering Digital Loan ExcellenceIn our pursuit of excellence in digital loan systems, we’ve formed strategic alliances with some of the industry’s most reputable and esteemed partners, including SimpleNexus and Encompass. These collaborations are dedicated to emphasizing simplicity, eciency, and precision in each transaction you undertake, guaranteeing a structured approach to every deal you produce.Tech StackHAS NEVER BEEN EASiER

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17Simple Nexus is a robust point-of-sale tool right out of the box, but at InterLinc, our development team has taken it a step further, transforming it into a true business multiplier.We’ve achieved this by empowering our Loan Originators to share their mobile app with their Realtor partners, creating a co-branded mobile experience that adds substantial value. Here’s the key advantage: Realtors can seamlessly introduce this valuable mobile app to their clients, with the client’s information seamlessly syncing back into your CRM database. These clients then receive emails, displaying both you and your Realtor’s branding, elucidating the benefits of collaborating with your team. Simple NexusMore than a point-of-sale, a business multiplierTech StackKEY FEATURESSIMPLE NExUS (POS) Order Credit Personalized Mobile App Issue Pre-Approvals View Loan Status via Borrower Portal Utilize Several Mortgage Calculators Upload Docs with Direct LOS Import Hybrid Close Co-Brand with Realtors Smart NotificationsENCOMPASS (LOS) Order Credit Request Pricing and Lock Rate Run DU and LP Order VOAs, Appraisals, Flood Certs, MI Rate Quotes and FHA Case Numbers Generate Rapid Disclosure Packages eClose Option Send Closing Docs Directly to Title

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18Tech StackOur collaboration with industry-leading vendors extends beyond just CRMs. We take pride in incorporating the #1 mortgage CRM platform into our arsenal, delivering high-touch marketing automation, dynamic campaigns, single property sites and access to a robust content library to empower our sales team.CRMA system that does it allEnhancing Lead ConversionTo boost your conversion rates and transform leads into closed borrowers, we’ve developed an extensive lead journey within our CRM platform. Leveraging InterLeads, our exclusive lead intake mobile app, leads are automatically processed upon entry and receive personalized email sequences crafted within our CRM platform.Whether your leads require additional time, need credit score improvement, or are hot prospects prepared to take action, our nurture campaign is primed and ready. It encompasses pertinent information and timely check-ins, ensuring each lead receives tailored support on their unique path to conversion.Database ManagementInterLinc Originators can manage and optimize their database through multiple methods depending on their lead source. For instance, if your database is focused on builder business and FTHB, you have the ability to send specific emails or SMS messages, customize reporting and tracking.KEY FEATURES Personalized Branding:Customize your communication with your unique brand Ecient Contact Management Streamline your contacts with versatile segmentation Seamless IntegrationIntegrate directly with Encompass and Simple Nexus for database control Automated Campaigns Engage with automated email campaigns for consumers and partners Co-Branded ContentCreate co-branded flyers, emails and single property sites Automated Property Resources Eortlessly generate property websites and flyers

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19In-Process UpdatesThroughout the loan process, all key parties, including borrowers, co-borrowers, processors and agents, receive timely notifications about significant loan milestones. Our campaigns provide concise updates, valuable tips, and reminders, assuring recipients and emphasizing our 24/7 availability to support their unique loan needs.Post-Close CommunicationAfter the closing of a purchase loan, borrowers and co-borrowers will automatically be enrolled in a 5-year post-closing campaign. This ongoing engagement includes over 30 touchpoints throughout the next 5 years, oering a mix of relevant updates, general information, lifestyle insights, and seasonal greetings. These communications incorporate your name and headshot, as well as your agent’s information, fostering a lasting connection throughout their homeowner journey.KEY FEATURES Versatile Forms Capture leads, RSVPs, and more with customizable forms Personalized Dashboard Access a tailored production dashboard Abundant ResourcesFind a wealth of approved email, social media and print materials Third-Party ConnectionsSeamlessly link with third-party services such as BombBomb, MMI, Zillow, and more SMS AutomationAutomate SMS capabilities for reaching leads and in-process borrowersTech Stack

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20Optimized OpsOptimized for Successoperations

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21Optimized OpsOur underwriting philosophy is grounded in common sense and solution-oriented thinking, striving for eciency whenever possible. The result? A seamless and expedited journey for your agents and clients, reducing disruptions and complexities in the loan process.We maintain clarity in closing expectations through our real-time 30-day close calendar, covering originating, processing, underwriting, and closing service level agreements. Our dedication to a 30-day closing period fosters a strong operational framework, enhancing eciency across the entire loan process.Optimized OperationsExecute with IntentionDirect Access to UnderwritersWith our assigned underwriting teams, you have the privilege of reaching out to your underwriter whenever needed. What might take two weeks elsewhere becomes a mere 20-minute solution here at InterLinc. Eliminating unnecessary layers and providing underwriting accessibility is instrumental in enabling you to secure more business and seal more deals.Eciency at the Closing TableOur mission is to save you time and prevent closing delays. We achieve this through our cutting-edge online closing technology, Hybrid Close, which ensures faster, more precise, and seamless closing transactions. In just a few simple steps, borrowers can thoroughly review their entire loan package online and electronically sign many of their closing documents.Furthermore, we prioritize pre-funding for all eligible loan files, guaranteeing the funding notice reaches the closing agent no later than 10 AM on the day of funding.operations______ ______CLOSING DOCS OUTUPON FINAL APPROVAL2ndDAYOur Commitmentto borrowers and referral partners_______UNDERWRITING_______ACCORDING TO APRIL - SEPT 2023 SLA’S1.5DAYSDECISIONED WITH COMPLETE FILE

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22OnboardingOur unwavering dedication to delivering superior service forms the bedrock of our elite onboarding and transition unit – the InterLinc SEAL Team. Led by our proficient Training Department, the SEAL Team comprises a handpicked group of industry experts and rockstars, each specializing in key areas such as Set-Up and Processing, Underwriting, Closing, Capital Markets, and Marketing. From the moment you join our team, a dedicated Branch Relationship Manager is assigned as your SEAL Team liaison, ensuring that your core onboarding needs are met. These individuals are the best in the business, SEAL TeamOur Commitment to Onboarding ExcellenceAt InterLinc, we understand the pivotal role that onboarding plays in your transition to our company. We approach this phase with the utmost seriousness and have meticulously crafted custom platforms to reflect that commitment.entrusted with decision-making authority, allowing you to focus on building your brand in the marketplace.But our commitment doesn’t end there. Through meticulous coordination across our HR, IT, Licensing, Facilities and Marketing divisions, you can anticipate proactive guidance and comprehensive training across all aspects of our business. This journey begins on day one and continues throughout your first 90 days with our onboarding success campaign, providing you with the support and resources you need to succeed.Setting you up for Successonboarding

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23OnboardingBenefits & CoveragePrioritizing Health and Well-beingCommunity ServiceInterLinc Family Foundation oers associates the ability to apply for a grant toward hundreds of eligible 501(c)(3) status organizations across the country.401kAll full-time employees are eligible to contribute and are auto enrolled at 5% on the first of the month after 90 days of employment. Employees have the ability to opt out, increase or decrease their contribution at any time.Medical, Dental & VisionMedical, Dental and Vision benefits for all full-time employees are eective on the first of the month following your hire date. Medical Plans• Associates can choose from two PPO and three HDHP medical plans• HSA accounts are also oered with HDHP• MD Live Teledoc service available with all medical plansHealth Advocate• A virtual medical service that connects you with experienced personal health advocates• Locates doctors for you and resolves medical claims• 100% covered for all employeesDisability Insurance• 100% company paid• Short-term (STD) & Long-term (LTD) options availableLife Insurance• 100% company paid• $25,000 flat coverage amount• Additional Voluntary Life Insurance oeredSupplemental Insurance• Critical Illness Insurance• Accident Insurance• Hospital Indemnity Insurance• Identity Theft Insurance• Legal Assistance Program• Pet InsuranceEmployee Assistance Program• 5 free consultations for issues for the following areas:• Financial services• Childcare & eldercare assistance• Legal services• IT theft• Counseling for marriage, stress and anxiety, health and wellness concerns• 100% covered for all employees and completely confidentialHome Mortgage DiscountsAll lender associated fees waived for any home loan an associate obtains with InterLinc

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24CultureIvan Pastor receiving the Top Producer Award - Employee Rally 2023Each year, we gather in our corporate hometown of Houston, TX, for a company-wide event. This special occasion serves as a time to celebrate both our employees and company accomplishments from the previous year. It’s also the moment when we come together to cast our vision for the year ahead, setting the course for our future endeavors.Employee RallyCelebrating Success, Forging TomorrowOur annual Production Summit, exclusively designed for our production team, takes place mid-year. This event is dedicated to fostering innovation, motivation and elevation among our loan originators.Production SummitInnovate, Motivate, ElevateCulture

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25CultureOur top achievers are the driving force behind our success. To commemorate their outstanding performance throughout the year, we extend an invitation to each Circle of Excellence qualifier and their guest for an exclusive trip to a luxurious destination. Achieve the qualifications and secure your spot on our next excursion:Branch Managers: $50M in branch volumeLoan Originators: Top 30 performers with a minimum of $18M in volume or at least 120 units.Circle of Excellence Work Hard, Play HarderFounded in 2011, the Hieronica Council is a diverse assembly of production team members selected to propel our entire organization forward with a shared voice and vision. Comprising both men and women, this esteemed group collaborates to strategize and enhance our company’s performance.Branch Managers: Branch production exceeding $50MLoan Originators: Personal production surpassing $30MPlease take note: We consider only 2 new candidates annually, ensuring that each addition embodies our uncompromising commitment to excellence.Hieronica CouncilOne Vision. One Voice.Where Values ThriveCulture

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27CultureEstablished in 2012, the InterLinc Family Foundation embodies a profound commitment to serving and enhancing the quality of life in communities aliated with our associates and branches nationwide. Our foundation is dedicated to supporting not-for-profit organizations, and in the past 4 years alone, we have proudly assisted over 60 such groups.InterLinc Family FoundationCreating Change, Impacting LivesWe are unwavering in our mission to drive positive change in the communities where we reside and operate. Thanks to the generous contributions from our employee donors throughout the year, coupled with our annual corporate match, InterLinc has been able to leave a lasting impact on countless lives. Our aspiration is nothing short of transformation, and we are determined to achieve it.Visit to learn more.

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28Thriving FutureInterLinc’s journey has been one of remarkable growth, and we have no intention of slowing down. From a humble team of 4 employees in 2004, we have grown to nearly 300 dedicated professionals today. This remarkable expansion reflects our commitment to seizing strategic opportunities and entering new markets.Our success story is built upon a foundation of exceptional customer communication, service excellence, and our unwavering promise of delivering an “On Time and As Agreed” loan process. Throughout the various challenges our industry and company have faced, we have consistently triumphed. Our business model is firmly centered on long-term, sustainable growth, emphasizing the importance of purchase-oriented strategies.A Thriving FutureSustaining Unwavering GrowthEven during one of the most significant refinance booms in housing history, our dedication to builder and Realtor relationships remained steadfast. In 2020, we maintained a 73% mix in purchase originations, and in 2021, this figure increased to an impressive 82%. Our commitment to these relationships remains at the forefront of our priorities, ensuring our continued success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.JoinUs!

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29Thriving FutureJoinUs! THOMPSONPresident & CEO281.914.2892 JAMES DURHAMSr. Vice If you’re eager to elevate your business and enhance the quality of your work to its fullest potential, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you have questions or want to schedule a call, we’re here to assist. Join us on our journey—we look forward to welcoming individuals like you.

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INTERLINC MORTGAGE SERVICES, LLC.5875 N Sam Houston Pkwy W, Suite 300Houston, TX 77086InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. 5875 N Sam Houston Parkway West, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77086. NMLS ID# 205696. InterLinc is an Equal Housing Lender. For a list of state licenses and licensing information, please visit | To file a complaint, please visit | | Updated as of 8/22/22