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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf the

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf theOur Origin 01Branch Leadership 02Pioneering Your Path 03Products in Orbit 04-05Our Celestial Technology Stack 06-07All Systems Go with InterLinc On Time 08A Cosmic Mortgage Experience 09-10Marketing with Momentum 11-12Empowered Operations 13-14An Out-of-This-World Onboarding Experience 16Branch Onboarding 17      Interstellar Crew, Culture and Community 22-21InterLinc Family Foundation 22Testimonials 23On the Horizon 24Contact Us 25CONTENT

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569601In 2004, InterLinc Mortgage began with only 4 employees who were all dedicated to one goal: to revitalize the way mortgages were done. Having spent their full careers in the mortgage industry, they recognized the opportunity to develop a more around them while placing a strategic focus on leadership, accountability and operational excellence, InterLinc grew to be home to hundreds of employees and 40+ branches nationwide. Where many organizations have regional layers, limited 1-1 availability or a reactive business structure, we partner, teach and invest continually in our production teams who have a desire to grow and thrive in their marketplace. We make big promises and fully intend to uphold them. At InterLinc, you can the pulse and regular interaction as we work with you and challenge you to rise to new production heights.OUROginThe name of our company, InterLinc, is just what it denotes. We believe in interconnected links and are committed to our builders, Realtors and other partners who make homeownership possible. Since 2007, InterLinc has assisted more than 74,000       homeownership. To continue building upon that legacy, InterLinc’s goal is to help 25,000 families        companies are built by great people and by adding the right members to our crew, the result is clear. Our        great as our past is, our future will be even greater, and I believe fully that the best is yet to come.”GENE THOMPSONInterLinc President and CEO“Great companies are built by great people”InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf the

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569602BranLEADERSHIPKEVIN HOLTONNon-Producing Branch Manager | NMLS# 890251st Year with InterLinc (Aug 2022)Welcome to InterLinc, we’re excited you’ve shown an interest in learning more about our branch and what makes it a great place to grow your business and reach your goals. Our CEO, Gene Thompson, always says that “great companies are built by great people.” That statement rings true at InterLinc, as our team of professionals at this branch are committed to the success of every originator who chooses to make their home with us. you and ultimately pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Read on to check out some of the “We like to think of our branch and its employees as family. Treating our employees and our customers with the respect they deserve and as we would treat a family member.”

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569603Our Track RecordWe are proud to have some of the industry’s best call InterLinc their home. From operations to sales team members, our people are the reason for our results. PieingYOUR PATHWhen you succeed individually, we shine corporately. Through systems, technology and support, we are actively looking for ways to help you achieve even higher lead and conversion potential. As we look ahead, we want to grow with ambitious, like-      status quo. If you want to become a leader in your business, grow your market and are someone whose fabric is interwoven with the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, there’s no better place to look than InterLinc. • Scotsman Guide Top Lenders• Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies• Inc 5000 Regionals Southwest• Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces• Houston Business Journal Middle Market Companies• Houston Business Journal Fast 100• Customer Satisfaction Rating: InterLinc also has retained impactful relationships across the board with our borrowers and partners at 98% satisfaction rating from over 74,000 reviews.

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569604CONVENTIONAL1. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Fixed & ARMs & High Balance – Underwrite to Agency2. Home Ready & Home Possible• First Time or Repeat Homeowners• 97% LTV• Reduced MI• Credit Score 620 (pricing advantages if credit score is 680 or higher)3. Freddie Mac HomeOne• No Income Limits• 97% LTV• Fixed Only• 1 Unit (No manufactured allowed)• Primary Residence4. • Income at or below 80% AMI• 97% LTV• Fico 620• 5. PRODUCTSin Orb6. • Option 1: If no borrowers have a credit score, • Option 2: At least one borrower has no credit score and another borrower has a credit score.RENOVATION (IN-HOUSE DRAWS)1. Fannie Mae HomeStyle 2. FHA 203(k) Limited3. FHA 203(k) Standard JUMBO1. case-by-case basis) 90% LTV• Specialty Product 89.99% LTV• No MI • 740 Min Fico2. • 90% LTV with LPMIBUILDER1. Bulk Forward Commitments2. Joint VenturesWith approvals from the three largest issuers of mortgage-backed securities, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie 

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569605PRODUCTSin OrbUSDA1. 2. 3. Manufactured Housing Pilot ProgramVA1. 2. VA IRRRL 3. High BalanceFHA1. 2. 3. High Balance4. 5. FHA Section 184 (Native American)BOND/DPA1. Bond •     Products Available2. Non-Bond• Several City Grant Fund Programs Available NON-QM1. 12-Month or 24-Month Bank Statement Program (Business or Personal)• 620 Min Fico• First Time Homebuyers Allowed 2. Asset Utilization • LTV up to 80% • 700 Min Fico3. Expanded Credit • Bankruptcy & Foreclosure 12-month seasoning with 620 score • • 80% LTV4. • • 90% LTV• 660 Min Fico• 5. 6. Investors with greater than 10 properties 7. 8. Non-Warrantable Condos

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569606InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf theOUR CELESTIALTECHNOLOGY STACKHaving won the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies award many years running, InterLinc’s growth records have energized continued investments in technology. The end-goal? More loans, less hassle. Online VisibilityGrowing your brand awareness within your community starts online. Through InterLinc’s digital marketing team, your web presence is given special attention by building an online structure for you and your branch to thrive in your local market. Web strategies are established utilizing local search capabilities as well maintaining your business’ reputation and integrity.Survey PlatformAmong InterLinc’s advanced tool stack is our Experience Management Platform (XMP) – the industry originators leverage its potential through an automatic redistribution of positive reviews across the web, InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569607InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf theInterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf theOUR CELESTIALTECHNOLOGY STACKInterLinc IQMortgage guidelines change frequently, but your access to up-to-date information shouldn’t. Find product information and guidelines on InterLinc IQ, your go-to destination for quick answers and educational resources. With this tool in your belt, your productivity is guaranteed to increase as wait times for getting your questions answered are decreased. Key Features:• Always-updated reference guides for agency guidelines on any given subject• “Ask the Experts” feature to get real-time answers from seasoned underwriters• Social media posts, pre-created email scripts and printed media to share with your referral network• Professional presentations and provided notes to use at lunch and learns• Online training classes and help videos available 24/7

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569608With InterLinc’s custom loan originator compensation tool, ILOT (“InterLinc On Time”), originators start their day with real-time, personalized insight into their pipeline and earnings.ILOT allows each LO to calculate their bonus and commission payments on production, review summaries and compensation details with data models A Syems GoWITH INTERLINC ON TIME

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569609A COSMICMtgage ExpienceBetween our point-of-sale and loan origination systems, InterLinc provides each user and consumer alike a modern mortgage experience throughout the entire loan process. Our application process delivers an unmatched advantage to InterLinc consumers who have access to their custom borrower application portal, allowing 24/7 access to valuable resources.When it comes to our digital loan systems, we have paired up with some of the industry’s most reputable and respected group of partners, such as SimpleNexus and and structure on each deal you produce.Encompass LOSSimpleNexus POS• Order Credit• Order Credit• Request Pricing and Lock Rate• Personalized Mobile App• • Issue Pre-Approvals• Order VOAs, Appraisals, Flood Certs, MI Rate Quotes and FHA Case Numbers• View Loan Status via Borrower Portal• • Utilize Several Mortgage Calculators• Slim eClose Option• • Feature Highlights of Our LOS and POS Systems:

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569610THE LINC KEY FEATURESWith many moving parts comes the necessity to streamline and provide a one-stop-shop for updates, news and resources that will help you reach your goals. InterLinc’s intranet, The Linc, gives you access to every announcement, department contact, downloadable marketing resource, and more. The Linc is here to boost productivity by providing you with the materials you need, when you need them.• Company News• Underwriting Turn Times• • Marketing Assets & Tutorials• • • Employee Birthday & Anniversary CalendarLiftoff WITH THE LINC

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569611CRM PlatformPartnering with industry-leading vendors doesn’t stop at CRMs. We are proud to include the #1 mortgage CRM platform in our toolbox–providing high-touch marketing automation, dynamic campaigns, single property sites MARKETING WITHMeum• Streamlined contact management system with multiple avenues for segmentation • management• Automated consumer and partner email campaigns• property sites• • Forms for lead capture, RSVPs and more• Personalized production dashboard• Hundreds of approved email, social media and print resources• Several third-party integrations including BombBomb, MMI, Zillow and more• Automated SMS capabilities for leads, in-process borrowers, and moreLead ManangementTo convert more of your leads to closed borrowers, we have an extensive lead journey built out inside of our CRM platform. After initial contact is made, you’re in control of the dispositioning your leads and can add them credit score, or are a hot lead that’s ready to app, we have a nurture campaign ready to go that includes relevant information and timely check-ins.

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569612MARKETING WITHMeumOur approach to marketing communication is aimed at helping each LO build and maintain lasting relationships                 important loan status updates in the form of automated email and video campaigns.Shuttle Around In-Process Communication             receive concise updates, tips and reminders all while providing reassurance of our around-the-clock availability to support their unique loan needs.DocumentationProcessingUnderwritingAppraisal orderedConditional ApprovalClear to CloseInitial CD ReleaseCongratulations!Shuttle Around Post-Close CommunicationBuilding and maintaining lasting relationships requires intentional communication. Once a purchase loan closes, borrowers and co-borrowers will receive a custom address stamper as well as be auto-enrolled onto a 5-year post-closing campaign, showing your borrower that we keep them top of mind even after the initial transaction.Post-close, the homeowner will hear from us over 30 times throughout the next 5 years. ouchpoints will include relevant, general, lifestyle and seasonal subjects - including your face and name and your agent’s on each check-in.

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569613InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf theOur convictions toward underwriting are to produce common sense and solution-oriented results while achieving consistency and predictability wherever possible. The result? Swiftly moving your agents and clients through the loan process with minimal delays or headaches. calendar, complete with originating, processing, underwriting and closing SLA’s. We maintain a strong model by managing to a 30-day close but we grow by being able to consistently close in 12-15 days. EMPOWEREDOPERATIONSOur “On Time and As Agreed” commitments to our borrowers and referral partners:Assigned underwriting teams give you the ability to pick up the phone and reach out to your designated underwriter at any time, making a 2-week problem anywhere else, a 20-minute solution here at InterLinc. Reduced layers and underwriting accessibility is key to helping you grab more business and close more deals.

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569614eClose and Pre-FundingSaving time and avoiding delays at the closing table is what we do. We utilize SLIM Close, our online closing technology, to deliver faster, more accurate, seamless closing transactions. All in a few short steps, borrowers can review their entire loan package online and eSign many of their closing documents.to the closing agent no later than 10 AM on the day of funding.

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569615Onboarding is crucial at InterLinc! We take your transition to the company very seriously and have created custom, intentional platforms to prove just that. InterLinc SEAL TeamWe believe in superior service without exception, which is the basis for our elite onboarding Team is comprised of handpicked rockstars and production experts representing Set-Up and Processing, Underwriting, Closing, Capital Markets and Marketing. Upon hire, a Branch Relationship Manager is assigned to serve as your SEAL Team liaison for a period, ensuring core onboarding needs are met. These assignees are the best of the best to whom decision-making authority is granted as you stay focused on building your brand in the marketplace.With special care and coordination between our HR, IT, Licensing, Facilities and Marketing divisions, you can also expect proactive guidance and training on all areas of the business via AN OUT-OF-THIS-WORLDOoding Expience

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569616are lasting, which is why we ensure that each new originator who joins our team receives superior service from the get-go. Seasoned pros will walk alongside you as you learn our systems and are available to help troubleshoot issues and train. We also have a team of in-branch support to assist with managing your pipeline and getting your loans closed “on time & as agreed”.Bran

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569617Community Service• eligible 501(c)(3) status organizations across the country401k• month after 90 days of employment. Employees have the ability to opt out, increase or decrease their contribution at any time. Medical, Dental & Vision• following 30 days of employmentMedical Plans• • • Benefsresources is available to all full-time associates.

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569618Health Advocate• A virtual medical service that connects you with experienced personal health advocates• Locates doctors for you and resolves medical claims• 100% covered for all employeesDisability Insurance• 100% company paid• • Life Insurance• 100% company paid• • Additional Voluntary Life Insurance Supplemental Insurance Selections• Critical Illness Insurance• Accident Insurance• Hospital Indemnity Insurance• Identity Theft Insurance• Legal Assistance Program• Pet Insurance Employee Assistance Program• 5 free consultations for issues for the following areas:- Financial services- Childcare & eldercare assistance- Legal services- IT theft- Counseling for marriage, stress and anxiety, health and wellness concerns• 100% covered for all employees and Home Mortgage Discounts• All lender associated fees waived for any home loan an associate obtains with InterLinc

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569619InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmortgage.comSHOOTMOONf theAnnual RallyEvery year we host our Rally event to celebrate our recent achievements together, big or small, as we look forward to the year ahead. Members throughout celebration.Circle of Excellence Awards TripWork Hard. Play Harder. Our top achievers drive our progress. To celebrate their performance for the year,  destination.Reach our qualications to earn a place on our next trip! • • in volume or at least 120 unitsINTERSTELLAR CREWCULTURE & COMMUNITYHieronicaEstablished in 2011, the Hieronica Council is a diverse group of production team members chosen to    voice and vision. This distinguished group of men and women strategize on how to improve our performance in all areas of the business.Minimum Qualications: • • * Only 2 new candidates considered annually

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569620BranCULTUREGiving back to those we serve and those that serve us is extremely important. Our branches enjoy Empowerment, HRRA Events, and First-time Homebuyer seminars. Our Wilmington Branch is heavily involved with local Veteran Associations, raising money and awareness for disabled veterans and their families in need. This allows us to enjoy invaluable time alongside our referral partners and clients. Branch Memberships & Charity Involvement• Cape Fear Veterans Association• 

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569621The InterLinc Family Foundation was founded in 2012 with a heart to serve and improve the              over 60 organizations have received support.We are committed to creating change in the communities in which we live and work. Through the generous gifts we have received from employee donors throughout the year coupled with our annual corporate match, InterLinc has been able to make a lasting impact in many lives. Our desire is to see lives changed and aim for nothing less. Visit to learn more.INTERLINCFAMILY FOUNDATION

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569622BranTESTIMONIALSBorrower Testimonials“Ashley was amazing to work with and got us a competitive rate. Everything was so easy and the process was very fast.”- Jennifer A Chesapeake“”- R CunninghamRealtor Testimonials“ I loved all the constant communication. It was a great experience!”- Jackie Feagin“ Ashley went above & beyond for my Buyers! Had them fully approved 2 weeks BEFORE closing. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We were given continual updates throughout the entire process. The listing agent and I always knew exactly where we were with the process. The Interlinc app was amazing too!”- K Verhalen

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569623InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 205696Y OUR B E S T D E C ISI O N S TA RTS HER Ewww.interlincmor tgage.comSHOOTMOONf theHaving experienced exponential growth over recent years, InterLinc has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. From 4 employees in 2004 to just under 400 today, we’ve continued to expand our footprint, leveraging the right opportunities to compete in new markets.By focusing on excellent customer communication, service without exception, and our promise of an “On Time and As Agreed” loan process, InterLinc has traversed tumultuous seasons throughout our industry and company’s history with great success. Heavily purchased-oriented, InterLinc’s business model and focus remains steadfast on long-term, sustainable growth. Even amidst one of in 2020 and an 82% mix in 2021 by keeping our builder and Realtor relationships top priority. “The vision is aggressive, sustainable growth while remaining committed to upholding our company we are well on our way to doing just that.”- Gene Thompson, President and CEOON THE HORIZON

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InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC. NMLS# 20569624Your Next Career Move Shouldn’t be Rocket Science. This is just the beginning. If you’d like to take your business and quality of work to their highest potential, reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a call. We look forward to welcoming others like yourself along our journey.CONTACT,,, Beach,,

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terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Rates may not be available at time of application. All loans are subject to credit approval. Not all complaint, please visit | | Updated as of 8/1/22VIRGINIA BEACH, VA249 Central Park Ave.Suite 300-71, Oce 245Virginia Beach, VA 23462Branch NMLS# 2399776www.InterLincMortgage.comCHANDLER, AZ 3133 W Frye RoadSuite 101Chandler, AZ 85226Branch NMLS# 2399839WILMINGTON, NC2018 Eastwood RoadSuite 222Wilmington, NC 28403Branch NMLS# 2399361DALLAS, TX6160 Warren ParkwaySuite 181Frisco, TX 75034Branch NMLS# 2399835RALEIGH, NC2500 Regency ParkwaySuite 107Cary, NC 27518Branch NMLS# 2400399