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John Lasseter was inspired to become an animator in high school because he read the making of the animated film "Sleeping Beauty". He went to the California Institute of the arts and took the animation course which had just started to be taught by older disney animators.He graduated from there in 1979 and took a job at Disney's Animation Studio to start of his career. He started working on animations like "The Fox and the Hound" in 1981 and also worked on "Mickey's Christmas Carol" in 1983. Lasseter was then fired by disney in 1983. John was then later hired to do computer graphics in Lucasfilm.Ltd. In 1984, his first assignment was to create one of the first animations with computer animated character. The computer graphics division was later bought by Apple and turned into an independent company called Pixar in 1986. They later worked with Disney Studios and made many movies that have received awards that John Lasseter has directed.



Why I chose this animator and the reason he is a pioneer animator:

I chose the famous animator John Lasseter because of all the famous movies he has directed and animated  I've known throughout all of my childhood including "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo". He has created such amazing films that have put smiles on kids faces all the time. I believe that John Lasseter is an animation pioneer because when he first started his career, he got a job at Walt Disney Studios as an animator, but was fired because back then, they liked hand drawn animations rather than start on the newly computer animation in which John loved. He continued in his path and even worked for Lucasfilm. He has been through a big journey and has successfully directed and animated many movies that kids and adults know til this day.  

John Lasseter                                               Felix Luo