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this is about the famous animator john lasseter

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John lasseter:

Gavin Ochoa 2nd period

 Why I chose John lasseter? 


i chose john lasseter because he has made a lot of great hits for pixar. He made a buch of my favorite pixar movies growing up like ,cars , bugs life, and toy story.he is an inspiration to the animation world, inspiring so many people to try and animate. 

John lasseter life 


john lasseter was born on january 12, 1957 in hollywood, los angeles, califorina. he liked drawing so che entered a drawing compition and won at the age of five. many years later he worked for pixar , got married to nancy lasseter, and had 5 children. then he made great pixar hits like cars, toy story series and bugs life. he won a  oscar award.

favorite character made by john lasseter

my top 3 characters made by john lasseter is mator, buzz light year, and lightning mcqueen.