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John Lasseter

By:Maggie Calloway

John Lasseter is the chief officer of the famous computer-animated company, Pixar. Pixar animates Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, WALL-E, The Incredibles, Inside Out, and much more.






John Lasseter was included in Disney's 2013 game "Infinity" by adding in characters from Pixar movies such as: "The Incredibles", "Monsters Inc", "Cars", "Wreck It Ralph", and more. 

John Lasseter went to college at Cal Arts Studio and was a ride operator for the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland. John Lasseter worked for Disney for 5 years, until joining Pixar in 1986.

John Lasseter was also included in "Ratatouille" and "Meet The Robinsons".

John Lasseter has 7 awards for various movies:


-2 awards for Best Animated Short Film: 1 for "Tin Toy", and 1 for "Luxo Jr"


-2 awards for Best Animated Featured Film: 1 for "Cars", and 1 for "Monsters Inc"


-The Toy Story series has 3 awards: Toy Story 1 has "Special Achievement Academy Award" and "Best Original Screenplay". Toy Story 3 has "Best Written Adapted Screenplay Award".