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His Life changing story on Pixar.

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John Lasseter / Alice Ramirez-Garcia

Why I Chose John Lasseter:

I chose this animator because he has created so many amazing films and has brought joy to the world. He has brought entertainment to the world which I am grateful for.

Why is he considered an animation pioneer?

He goes out of his way to create films and characters so original and creative to entertain the crowd or audience.


He is married to Nancy Lasseter and has five kids. He wears Hawaiian shirts that are either Disney or just plain Hawaiian. John Lasseter was born on January 12, 1957 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA as John Alan Lasseter. He is a producer and writer, for Toy Story 2, Cars and Bug's life. Nearly all of his films have hidden visual in-jokes with regards to Pixar and Disney. He has won many awards like Outstanding Contribution to Cinematic Imagery, which is a big deal to an animator. He also helped with characters like WALL-E, Woody, Flint, McQueen and the layouts of the story boards.

John Lasseter and his Characters :