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A Simple Booklet about John Lasseter.

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John Lasseter

By: Jessilyn Tran

Why I Chose John Lasseter

I chose John Lasseter, because he is a famous animator, known for being the Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation Studios, and the Principal Creative Advisor of Walt Disney Imagineering. His movies are creative and fun to watch, and it is interesting to see how his characters devlop throughout the movie. He is an pinoneer in animating, becasue his art/animationg style changed the world. Without him, amazing movies like Toy Story, and Wall-E would have never happened, and we wouldn't be able to enjoy these flims today. 

John Lasseter was born on January 12, 1957 in Los Angeles, California. He is married to Nancy Lasseter, and they have five children. He graduated at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, and he later received an honorary degree from the university in 2014. While attending California Institute of the Arts,he made two animated films, both winners of the Student Academy Award for Animation, Lady and the Lamp in 1979 and Nitemare in 1980. In 2004, he was honored by the Art Directors Guild with its "Outstanding Contribution to Cinematic Imagery" award, and received an honorary degree from the American Film Institute. He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on November 1, 2011.


John Lasseter

 The introduction of Copper in The Fox and the Hound (1981) was his first job at the Disney Animation studio. He collaborated with Glen Keane on the fight scene in the movie. In Toy Story (1995), Woody was based on a pull string Casper that John owned when he was a child. Buzz Lightyear was based on a G.I. Joe action figure that John also owned when he was a child. He also created other characters, including Bolt, Wall-e, and the well known Lighting McQueen.