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JofQ Gemstone Story

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From Australia with love

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Ethically mined gemstones Coming soon Jewels of Queensland is a jewellery brand that is born in Australia and made in Britain Our jewellery will celebrate the vibrant natural gemstones from Queensland one of Australia s most diverse and beautiful regions We guarantee that all gemstones are ethically mined Our mining partners have a determined respect for the natural environment undertaking land rehabilitation as part of their mining programme Our Australian gemstone mining industry is also regulated under the Mines Department legislation Lightning matrix opals

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Our Founders Ian and Rod Founders Ian Bone and Rod Beattie have been working with the miners of Queensland for a number of years selling loose stones from Queensland to the global jewellery industry through their company Capricorn Gems Ian and Rod have a very personal relationship with the miners and a deep understanding of the world they live in Their aim is to tell the world about the beautiful natural gemstones this part of the southern hemisphere produces and to work with the family based and small scale miners to ensure that the beauty of this landscape is preserved Using only natural untreated gemstones Ian and Rod are full of stories of the unique characters who make a living in the outback digging for buried treasure

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We work with independent Australian miners who often live and work on their own out in the bush mining for gemstones buried deep in the ancient landscapes of the outback It s addictive stuff searching for hidden treasures

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Boulder Opal Probably Australia s best known gemstone we use this extraordinary stone sparingly in our limited editions as good quality stones are pretty rare Opal is mined in far western Queensland in some of the harshest conditions known in a remote part of the outback that few people ever get to visit and experience The miners who live in this region have real grit and determination and they ve grown to love this region and its brutal beauty There s nothing so magical as cracking open a dusty boulder and discovering the vivid rainbow coloured seams of opal hidden within it that have been untouched and unseen for millions of years

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Queensland Sapphires Beautiful gemstones that come in a range of colours from light to deep blue crisp golds and yellows and greens as well as the multi colour parti colour stones which are really special The region they are mined from is harsh and dry and the mining conditions here can be pretty difficult and challenging But it is worth all the heat and sweat to get to the stones as the quality of these sapphires is second to none Jewels of Queensland guarantees their authenticity and natural origins None of the gemstones used in our Jewels of Queensland collections are treated by heat or other chemicals to enhance their colour what you see is absolutely and completely natural

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Queensland Zircon Often found in the same areas as sapphires and while it s less valuable than its bedfellow it has a brilliant lustre that makes our jewellery really sparkle It has a colour range similar to diamonds from white through to yellow champagne and cinnamon colours to a rich chocolatey brown The radiance and sparkle of the natural stone has an honest unblinking beauty

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Marlborough Chrysoprase A real beauty A vivid green stone of exceptional quality Marlborough Chrysoprase is regarded by experts as having some of the finest examples of Chrysoprase in the world We mainly form the rough stones that appear to almost bubble up through the rocks like green sap into smooth highly polished cabochon stones that sing with the lush green colour of Queensland s famous rainforests

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