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Jobs Nobody Loves

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Jobs Nobody Loves

By: CJ

Jobs Nobody Loves

By: CJ


 Table of Contents

Introduction p.4

Lumberjack p.5-6

Snake Milker p.7-8

IMAX Screen Cleaner p. 9-10

Roadkill Remover p.11-12 

Window Washer p.13-14 

Hazmat Diver p.15-16 

Face Feeler p.17-18

Highrise Iron Worker p. 19-20

Pet Food Tester p.21-22

Porta-Potty Servicer p. 23-24

Conclusion p. 25

Works Cited p.26





     You know the porta potties you dread using? Imagine if your job was to clean one every day, or would you rather dive into a nuclear reactor to unclog it? Some brave people do these real jobs for the fact of making a living, and in turn support their society, and in some cases, the world. The following is about jobs that nobody loves. 






     Paper comes from logs. Logs come from lumberjacks. Lumberjacks cut down down trees. This an especially dangerous job not many people want to do.


     Usually they use chainsaws but some go old fashion and use axes. A chainsaw can be hazardous to lumberjacks. It can ricochet off the tree and rip you open as kids do to presents, but an axe won't be as dangerous.


     As the lumberjacks hack away at trees they must be careful of the trees falling on them and making them pancakes. It can happen at anytime so they must be vigilant. They have to direct the tree by tying ropes and pulling so the tree doesn't hit any of them.  


     The lumberjacks also have to navigate through lots of forest to get to certain trees. They work dreadful hours and sometimes they spend nights in the forest. It seems as if the pain will never end. 


Snake Milker 


Snake Milker  

     Antivenom is what snake milkers help create. They are the ones who handle lethal, hostile snakes while extracting venom by hand. The operation can be deadly to the milker if they're not careful.


     Before they handle the snakes, milkers are trained for many years for the job. All that discipline will payoff by getting the venom out while not getting harmed. One slip of a finger can cause them to lose a finger or even die. They have to be extra careful.


     As they extract the venom it can be used to make antivenom which saves lives. Antivenom is used to make cures for sickness and disease.


     Next time you are sick and given medicine, thank the snake milkers. And don't forget the snakes!


IMAX Screen Cleaner 


     You know the movies you go to? Imagine cleaning the screen. Some people do that. They have to clean anything on the screen. They clean spit wads, gummy bears and soda.


     Screen cleaners clean a lot of dust too. The dust can be up to 1/8 of an inch thick sometimes! By now you're probably thinking, 'how do they clean it?'. Let's find out.


     They usually use ladders to get to the top of the screen and clean downward. In case some extra dust falls on the floor they will sweep it. They use cleaner and spray it on the screen. Then they use an arm extension to get the excess dirt off of it.


     So next time you're at a movie don't throw anything at the screen, because someone has to clean it.  

IMAX Screen Cleaners


Roadkill Remover 


     What's that smell? It's the unbearable stench of roadkill. People have to pick that up you know. Roadkill removers have to drive to find roadkill to remove, and the job can be dangerous also.


     Oncoming traffic is a reason to be on the lookout. You don't want to be squashed like a bug by a car. They must wear special gear to protect from diseases that the animal could have carried.


     They have to deal with any size animal, then load it into their truck. Even if it's a bear they must remove it. They use machines sometimes to lift the animal off the ground to put it in the truck. Still disgusting.   

Roadkill Remover 


Window Washer


     Imagine being high up washing windows, Window washers do that every day. While doing so they have exposure to the elements which can be bad for their health. They work in air pollutants like smoke so they could get asthma.


     There is a high injury rate. In New York City seventy five people died between 1983 and 2008. They died because of strong wind blowing them and the lifts around. If they are not harnessed properly, a good wind could cause them to fall right off the platform. 


     Additionally, the platform could slip out of the rope and cause them to dangle thousands of feet in the air. Worse yet, they could slide off the platform and fall thousands o feet to their death.The lesson learned: be dilligent in checking your safety equipment!

 Window Washer


Hazmat Diver


     When you think of swimming you see a clear blue pool. When hazmat divers think of swimming, they think of dirty green sewers. Hazmat divers swim in nuclear reactors and toxic spills for research. 


     They're called on to swim in sewers to fix clogs so they don't overflow and cause a spill into the ocean. They also identify pollutants when called upon by emergency services. In addition, they are asked to research to identify any changes or differences in pollution levels.


     They have to keep their shots up to date in case of a suit rip. They must wear the suit so they don't get poisoned or be at a risk of getting very sick or even dying. It's a very dirty, dangerous and disgusting job.

Hazmat Diver 


Face Feelers 


Face Feeler 

     Sitting next to a celebrity is cool, feeling there their face really isn't. There is a job of face feeler and they have to feel other people's faces for a living. Doesn't sound like too much fun. 


     They feel a face before and after someone puts on a lotion or uses a shaving cream. If the cream says it will make a face feel softer, the face feelers have to look for that. If it does that's great, but if it isn't softer...well, the product didn't work.


     Some feelers say they get to have lunch with the actors and they make up stories about it. You might think that this is an easy job, but there is more to it. Cleanliness is a big part of it too.


     Equally important is the hygiene of the ace feelers. They must keep their hands and nails dirt free and clean at all times. Their nails must be filed so they don't scratch. There hands must be moisturised so they are soft. We'd still imagine it's not such a popular job.       


Highrise Iron Worker


     Working at heights that make us weak kneed is scary, but highrise iron workers work up there. Highrise iron workers are heroes. They're heroes because of their bravery. They build bridges, highways and buildings. They also work in any kind of weather.


     The iron workers work in the cold, heat, rain, blazing sun and snow. They work in all areas over water, like the new Tappan Zee bridge. Their job pays little money for what they do. It takes a lot of courage and carefulness.


     The Highrise Iron worker was listed as the second worst job of "Career Cast's Second Worst Job of 2011". This is because of the lower pay rate and the dangers of working high up while lugging materials to the top of highrise buildings. I'm sure somebody get's excited from being in this type of danger.

Highrise Iron Worker 


Pet Food Tester


     When you walk in the kitchen you smell your favorite food. But, when you pull out the nasty smelling cat food, your cat runs in and says, "yum!". Well, before your beloved pets eat that food, someone must test it. Did you know that someone was human?


     Pet food testers eat the food because they must test it and see if they experience any sickness or symptoms of illness. They look to see if they feel sick, have tummy problems or breakouts. The goal is to look for vitamin packed solutions. If they feel stronger, weaker, tired or energetic effects how they rate it, good or bad.


     Another important thing they look for is good flavor. They make sure it's not too sweet or not too sour. So the pets don't say "yuk!", they add texture and more flavor than normal. After all we want our pets safe and happy.

Pet Food Tester


Porta-Potty Servicer 


     When you go to an outdoor event you hate using the porta potty... imagine cleaning it! They wipe it down. Who? The porta potty servicers do it.


     The porta potty servicers first transfer the nasty waste from the toilet to the truck. Then they have to suck the waste out of the truck using a vacuum. They work with power washers and bleach to clean the inside. 


     The worst is when they have to clean the poop off of the walls, floor and ceiling. They sometimes must use their hands because they forget their tools at the warehouse.


     When they use the vacuum it is very loud and sounds like a bull horn doubled. When they suck it out, it smells like sewage combined with waste and garbage. Their job stinks....literally. 

Porta-Potty Servicer


     After reading about these jobs does it make you feel different about them? Do you appreciate these jobs and realize their importance in society? Perhaps you will think differently and maybe you'll take one on. There are definitely more than ten jobs on any list that nobody loves.