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Jessie's Muggle Pro Shop

Welcome to Jessie's Muggle Pro Shop Website. It is a pleasure to have you interested. As you see, on the webiste, you can find lots of information about JMPS. Come Now to Shop At Jessie's Muggle Pro Shop!


Weekly and seasonaly, JMPS offers free coupons and tickets for items. We also offer samples and fun events. From birthday parties to tea time, we host them all.


Call or visit Jessie's Muggle Pro Shop to book your party or for more information. - 

How JMPS Came About

New shop opened and as popular and thriving as we expected!

"I just keep coming beacuse this is the best shop ever!" - Emily

Honestly, NO store can ever compete with JMPS. All of my items at home and all of my families clothes are all from JMPS. It's just the most magnificent shop ever! - Sophia

      A new shop opened in Toronto. Thousands and thousands of muggles lined up to get the first view of the most magnificent shop ever! And Jessie's Muggle Pro Shop sure did not dissapoint them! Now with a record breaking amount of customers - 5700 each month. JMPS sells all sorts of items. From designer clothes to the newest high-tec T.V. This store is just one you can't help but keep coming and coming! Samples of all sorts of foods you never tasted attract millions and millions of customers each year. Everyone has been to this store before and its been award "The Best Shop", "The Widest Variety Of Selections", "Cleanest Shop", "Most Attractive Store", and all the other awards ever given the the life of Canada. Jessie's Muggle Pro Shop has won every single award ever since it opened a couple years ago. Keep Calm And Shop On At JMPS!!!