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I want to share with you a few series that aren't necessarily my all time favorites but which I've recently discovered and found pretty cool    

Some of you might know some (most) of them but in any case I hope you find my booklet at least a bit interesting.



The first series that I want to mention is Shameless, the American version in particular. Yes, the Americans again took a British series and copied it but this time even with its original screenwriter so it is actually pretty good.

As for the storyline, the main characters are members of a Gallagher family: a father-drunk, 2 daughters, 4 sons and a mother that returns to her family from time to time. What makes the series so interesting (amusing, fascinating, entertaining, or whichever positive adjective you prefer) is the fact that they're broke, they live in the ghetto (Chicago's South Side) and the parents are drunks/junkies and not around for most of the time so the kids are supposed to take care of themselves. And that's the fun of it, I suppose. But don't be mistaken, I've cried a lot too. So in the end, I guess I'd label it tragicomedy. Definitely worth watching, the soundtrack is great too and there's an eight season coming!  


Silicon Valley is a comedy series taking place in, you wouldn't guess , Silicon Valley where a young programmer Richard wants to start his own company that has the potential to be very successful. However, there are naturally people who would like him to fail. But Richard and his friends/employees do try their best to make it through. This general description is partly due to my limited understaning of what is actually happening as it revolves around IT (algorithms, servers, etc.) but it still is pretty hilarious thanks to the extraordinary nerdy characters. And also, Richard is so very shy and nervous all the time that I can definitely relate  


And now a bit of history...   The Crown is, imho, a very sophisticated and brave attempt at portraying the still living members of the royal family with the particular focus on who? Yes, DA QUEEN. This series is a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It won a number of prizes and it is praised by the critics.. so it must be good, right    But seriously, the performances are magnifique (especially the one by the actress portraying the Queen.. I love her accent and all, and the one by the actor portraying Winston Churchill - sorry, I don't recall the names) and I believe it is quite true to the facts. 

I don't really know what else to say, it's just really cool, ok? Plus, Prince Philip is played by the Eleventh Doctor!  


A short series has been created based on the detective stories by JK Rowling revolving around the war veteran Cormoran Strike who works as a private detective in London. So far, they've adapted The Cuckoo's Calling and The Silkworm. 

I've read all of the books and I quite enjoyed watching the series, even though, as a true bookworm I have to say that the books were better   Nevertheless, the teams behind the Strike series have done a great job: the cast is amazing and very true to the books, imo, the atmosphere is also very similar. I was actually quite surprised and am looking forward to the third adaptation  


The plot of this series is pretty heart-breaking and hard to swallow and I do not recommend this series if you're in a bad place. It really is very pessimistic about our future and can be depressing. However, it is one of those series (films) that make a point, that warns us. 

Just for those who have no idea what I'm talking about: imagine a world where women suddenly lose their property (which goes to their husbands) and any other rights actually, where lesbians and gays are called "gender-traitors" and executed, where women are ritually raped in order to get pregnant and bear children for the elite people who took over the country. 

Pretty dark and heavy stuff we got here, huh?   It will take your breath away (especially if you're a woman, no offence, boys).


there are other series that have just come up to my head so I'll just share/recommend them now.

  1. Bad Education (about a young teacher played by Jack Whitehall)
  2. No Offence (police drama written by the same person who created Shameless)
  3. Emma Approved or The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (adaptations of Austen's novels on Youtube)
  4. The Bridge (Danish and Swedish crimi drama)
  5. Fresh Meat (about British university students, comedy)
  6. The Night Of (just google it, you'll see)
  7. Girls (one of my personal favorites because Lena Dunham)
  8. Indian Summers (about Britons in India, 30-40s)

and I could continue forever...   

Hope you find some of them interesting. 

It's been a pleasure. Have a nice day!