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Jimmy's Christmas 

By: Edward L. and Ava B.

Once upon a time on Christmas Eve, there was a wolf pup named Jimmy.


Jimmy lived happily in Farmer William’s barn with a wise old chicken named Felicia. Jimmy loved his life in the barn.


Every day, he would cluck and peck at seeds just like Felicia taught him to. They would watch the glow of fireflies fly by the flowing creek until the fireflies flew off into the snowy night. It was like magic.

Every night Felicia would tell him about the scary wolves that lived in the forest just past the creek. Felicia would tell him about their fierce jaws, and sharp claws. Jimmy hoped that he would never have to see a wolf.

Because of the wolves, Jimmy was forbidden to go past the creek. 

“If you go past the creek, the wolves will be able to find you and track your scent,” warned Felicia.

But one day, Jimmy saw a squirrel on the other side of the creek and was tempted to chase the little critter. He remembered Felicia's warning, but then he thought to himself, It’s only a one time thing, everything will be fine.

"Woosh!" Off he went! He chased the squirrel deep into the woods. The trees swayed in the strong winds. He was having lots of fun. But what he didn’t know, was the someone was secretly watching him.

(He's butt scooching)

Jimmy didn’t realise how far he was from home and how close he was from something very dangerous. Suddenly, he heard a twig go “Snap!” Jimmy stopped in his tracks. The squirrel climbed into a tree.

Jimmy fearfully looked around and was horrified to see a wolf! The wolf said, “You look like your far away from home.” Jimmy yipped, and ran away deeper and deeper into the woods.

(Furious butt scooching)

Jimmy was huffing and puffing using all his strength to try to get away from the big, scary wolf, but he was too slow. Then, he saw not one, but eight wolves surrounding him.

(I couldn't think of anything to put on this page)

Jimmy whimpered. He was so afraid, fearful that they might hurt him.  

“What is a young wolf pup doing all alone in our territory?”

Jimmy was confused. 

“I’m not a wolf,” he said, “I’m only a chicken!” The wolves stared at each other and then started howling with laughter.

“A chicken he says! He says he is a chicken!” The wolves couldn’t stop laughing. “This little pup is very confused!” They took him and brought him to their cave.

The wolves gave him raw meat. Jimmy was disgusted. Instead, Jimmy found some seeds and bugs on the ground to eat.

That night, after the wolves hit the sack, Jimmy was too scared to sleep. Then he heard rustling in some bushes. He whimpered in fright. 

“Don’t worry, it’s only me,” said a familiar voice.

“Felicia!” Jimmy exclaimed.

“SHHH,” whispered Felicia, “You don’t want to wake up the wolves.”

Then they ran off into the night.

(Butt scooched)

They were so happy to be together at last, but then, they heard a “Grrrrr.”

You’re not getting away!” yelled the wolf.

The wolf chased them all the way back to the frozen creek. Jimmy and Felicia ran across with no problem, but the angry wolf fell the a hole in the ice. Splash!

“Help! Help!” barked the wolf.

Then the farmer heard the ruckus, and quickly ran and lifted the wolf out of the icy creek. The wolf shivered with not only fear in his eyes but joy because of the farmer's courage. The wolf realized how much love is in the world, and it lifted up his heart. 

In the end, Jimmy had a very merry Christmas with Felicia, and the wolf pack celebrated with them. 

The End