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Jim Beam® collection of candles featuring the newest scent, Jim Beam® Double Oak.

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The Jim Beam Collection of
Jim Beam
When the warm aromas of Jim Beam® Bourbon are infused with Candleberrys famous maple
fragrance there is still a place on the palette and the nose for the subtle hints of charred oak,
smooth caramel, and enticing vanilla. This is a celebration of the senses that is at once a distillers
tasting and the swirl of a glass that lls your senses with fragrance.
Jim Beam
The drink: Jim Beams® Bourbon, infused with the rich taste of maple. A
perfect balance of warm aromas, a subtle hint of charred oak, complete
with a subtle and smooth caramel nish.
The candle: Why mess with perfection? Candleberrys famous maple
fragrance is the only fragrance that does justice to this amazing Jim
Beam® product. It is a perfect balance of warm, proprietary aromas,
combined with our famous power-packed maple. This maple fragrance
has been known to ll up to a 5,000 square-foot space.
Jim Beam
Jacob’s Ghost
The drink: It is not moonshine or un-aged white dog. It’s a special white
whiskey, aged for at least one year in white oak barrels and crafted with over
200 years of Beam tradition.
The candle: Just as the drink description, the fragrance is a smooth whiskey,
mixed with hints of warm vanilla and barrels of oak. The fragrance is just as
mystical and intriguing as the drink.
Jim Beam
Kentucky Fire
The drink: Jim Beam® Kentucky Fire contains all the pride of the Beam family’s 200-year history. Our
impassioned distillers have turned it up a notch by mixing the world’s nest Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Whiskey with the avor of red hot cinnamon. The result is a deliciously rich bourbon with a ery, sweet kick.
The candle: Light up your life with the aming excitement of Jim Beam® Straight Bourbon Whiskey and
the exotic notes of cinnamon liqueur. This ery freshness knows no season but brings out the best in all.
Jim Beam
The candle starts with the next new chapter in the Jim Beam legend as it introduces a Bourbon
fragrance infused with real golden honey and the smells of carefully crafted liqueur. The complex
notes of caramel, oak and vanilla are nished by the sweetness of honey providing a fragrance
that will completely ll a room.
Jim Beam
The drink: Jim Beams® Bourbon, infused with real golden honey and
liqueur. A smooth new chapter in the Jim Beam® legend with complex
notes of caramel, oak and vanilla and a rich nish of sweet honey.
The candle: Jim Beam’s® Honey fragrance is warm, honey-drenched
homey goodness, made to please. This one will have the guests asking
for a taste of the aroma completely lling the room!
Jim Beam
The drink: Jim Beams® Bourbon with the snappy fresh taste of
apple. Not a cider, more like a visit to an orchard, this tart and tangy
fresh liquor delivers a bushel of taste.
The candle: Jim Beam’s® Apple fragrance oods the air with an
orchard full of autumn. Tangy, sparkling and fresh, this candle will
become a favorite anywhere in the house.
Red Stag, Black Cherry
by Jim Beam
The drink: Notes of corn and mellow oak accented by a hint of black
cherry for smoothness and balance. Satiny with a true Bourbon
The candle: This sugar-covered black cherry is sweeter and more
delicious than any other. The unusual and unique Red Stag, Black
Cherry. This candle turns the “hint” of the Red Stag, Black Cherry into
a power-punch of the original fragrance that will ll the entire room!
Jim Beam
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
The challenge was to capture the essence of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a legend since
its founding in 1795 and today the best-selling brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon in the world.
Candleberrys renowned candle-making prowess brought together the fragrances of rye, malted
barley, and charred white oak, blended with notes of vanilla and caramel to create a candle as
distinctive as its inspiration.
Red Stag, Hardcore Cider
by Jim Beam
The drink: Fresh pressed apple cider balanced with subtle cinnamon and
complemented with a mix of sweet caramel and vanilla. Smooth Bourbon
with sweet apple on nish.
The candle: Red Stag, Hardcore Cider fragrance takes apple to a new, more
powerful level that what most have experienced in an apple fragrance. Fresh
pressed apples, apples and more apples! Another power-fragrance duplicating
the Red Stag, Hardcore Cider, smooth apple nish.
Red Stag, Spiced
by Jim Beam
The drink: Subtle oak notes create a warm, smooth Bourbon that is
matched by the hints of cinnamon spice.
The candle: Candleberry duplicates the Red Stag Spiced goodness
with intense precision, then turns the fragrance up exponentially for a
cinnamon power-pack that will ll any large space! Don’t be prepared
for anything less than the best spice Jim Beam® oers and the most
amazing talent for fragrance from Candleberry.
Jim Beam
Kentucky Bourbon
The drink: Founded in 1795 and family operated for over 200 years, Jim
Beam® is the best-selling brand of Kentucky straight Bourbon in the world.
Seven generations of craftsmanship go into every bottle, along with corn,
rye, barley malt, water, time and pride.
The candle: The fragrance of Jim Beam® Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a
warm, powerfully-pleasant, almost pastry-like fragrance, duplicating the
essence of Jim Beam’s® Kentucky Straight Bourbon and the oak barrels that
hold the gold! Be prepared to experience the world-renowned, advanced
fragrance technology of The Candleberry Candle Company who brings you a
room lled with the sweeter side of Jim Beam® Kentucky Straight Bourbon.
Let these long-lasting candles and Power-Pods for
melting fill your home, office, or store with imagination.
Jim Beam
Double Oak
The drink: First the liquor ages four years in freshly charred, new American oak barrels. Jim Beam
Double Oak is then transferred to newly charred Ameican oak barrels and aged to taste. The
result is a smooth, aromatic whiskey with a complex fragrance and taste.
The candle: We’ve captured the complexity of the Double Oak whiskey with a candle that will
ll a room with the excellence the Jim Beam® brand represents. Smooth, drinkable whiskey.
A powerfully aromatic candle.
Jim Beam
Power Pods
Candleberry has long been known for super strong fragrance. Despite skeptics who thought it couldn’t be done, we put MORE fragrance into our
new Power Pods. This new creation from Candleberry goes beyond any experience you may have had with melting tarts. These little cubes are
called Power Pods because they feature over 20% MORE fragrance than any product in our line. Be prepared for an intense and uplifting experience
as these fragrances ll the room. You won’t believe how much fragrance is compacted into one little briquette.
• Jim Beam® Maple
• Jim Beam® Honey
• Jim Beam® Jacob’s Ghost®
• Jim Beam® Kentucky Bourbon
• Jim Beam® Kentucky Fire
• Jim Beam® Apple
• Red Stag, Black Cherry by Jim Beam®
• Red Stag, Spiced by Jim Beam®
Red Stag, Hardcore Cider by Jim Beam®
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