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As I have watched my class doing work, I have noticed that overall, they get better scores and understand the material better when I put them into groups to work. Walking around listening to them collaborate, I noticed that there are some really good ideas that these students have and being in those groups to discuss them are turning out to be very beneficial to each of them. Those students who don't normally say anything to the whole class are opening up and actually sharing their ideas in these groups. I have tried both ways: individual work and group work. From my gatherings, I will continue to carry out group work.


Group Work

For the past few weeks, my class has been struggling with raising their hands before speaking. There are a few students who seem to not care about raising their hands. These students seem to be trying to make the rest of the class laugh by doing so. I have had a little sit down with them and tried to understand what it going on, but it still continues. I think I am going to have to start talking to parents about the behaviors of their children. Besides these few students, the rest of the class understood what I was talking about when we had a class meeting. They chose to be respectful and follow the rules that were created. I just can't get through to those select few students. 


This school year has had it's moments, like all school years do. But I am extremely grateful for each student I was able to teach this year. Each student has their strengths and weaknesses individually, and as a group. I think that your children have taught me more then I taught them. Even with the struggles and difficulties going on at home, students were able to show me their best work and positive outlook. There were times that these students shared information with me and my heart broke. But because that trust was created, the students felt more comfortable and safe with me in the classroom. There were those times that some kids didn't want to follow rules, but we got through it and each student learned. I learned a lot about myself and my teaching ways with this class. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity of teaching your children.