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                 Galileo Galilei                      Galileo was a mathmatician physist and anstronomer who had a major impact on the scientific revelution.Galileo discovered the different phases of venus, the cycle of jupiters moons and he observed sunspots.He is known as the father of modern physics and the father of science. 


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                Francis Bacon  

\Bacon was a philospher and a    scientist. He also served as  attorney general and lord    chancelor.His scientific and  philosophicil works played a key  role in the scientific reveloution.








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                                                                          Robert Boyle                              Boyle was a natural philosopher     chemist and physist.He is most famously regaurded for boyle's law. Boyles law states that if the tempature is consistnat that volume decreases when pressure increases.Robert Boyle also conducted many experiements in the natural world using the teachings of francis bacon.




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         Anton van leeuwenheok  leeuwenhoek was a buisness man and a scientist.He studied mircobiology.In his early he studided bactiria and blood cells.Later on he stuideid things like muscle fiber and skin cells.He was the firts inventor of the microspoce and today is called the fatehr of microbiology.


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