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About the festival of the lost

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4-8pm on January 30

Admission fee- $5 each person. Free for kids who have not started school yet.

Purpose for the Festival is to celebrate the aheivments of The Gupta Empire. Those acheivments were inventing universities, literature, paintings, sculptures, metalwork, mathematics, roads, and trading.

Food at the festival are fried chicken, and chinese food. Drinks are water, pepsi and sweet tea.

The souveniers there are braclets, little figurines and necklaces.







The workshops there are dance classes and primary schools

The activities are a necklace making class, a dancing contest, and a ring toss game.

 In the games, you can win Hats, Toys, and T-shirts

The Gupta Festival

By Jesus Hernandez

4-7pm on the 30 of January

Admission fee- $5 each person. Free for kids that have not started school

Purpose for this festival is to celebrate the acheivments of the Gupta Empire. They have built and invented things like universities, literature, paintings, sculptures, metalwork,the mathematics, roads to drive on, and trading.

Foods are fried chicken, barbacue ribs, tacos, pizza. For the drinks are water, pepsi, mountain dew, fanta, and sweet tea.


 By Jesus Hernandez

First Annual Festival