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It's About the layers of the Earth, and what they are made of. Where are they located. I've also gotta Write a paragraph about each layer.

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Inner-core, Outer-core, Mantle, Asthenoshere, Lithoshere, and the Crust. 

#Write a paragraph about each layer~


The Inner-core is in the center of the Earth. It is mostly solid and Is coverd by the

outer-core. It is packed with really hard Iron.


The Outer-core is above the inner-core. It is composed of a nickel-iron alley.

It is also liquid.


The mantle has two parts, the upper mantle and the lower mantle. The mantle is placed on the outer-layer.

The lower mantle is soft and begging to melt, but the upper mantle is hard.


The asthenoshere is like a rumbery rock. It sits on the upper mantle. The asthenoshere 

moves around its area like silly putty. (turn the paige)


Where are they located~  Inner-Core. It is at The very center of the Earth.

Outer-Core- It is around the Inner-Core. 

Mantle- Above the outer core layes the lower mantle (mostly liquid) and the upper mantle lays above the lower mantle, (hard and soild)

Athenoshere- it layers on the upper mantle. it moves beacuse its Like silly putty.


 #What is each layer made of      #Where are they located.            #Write a paragraph about each layer,

What is each layer made of~

Inner-Core. It is soild packed iron. Very hard.

Outer-Core. Composed of a nickel-iron alley.

Mantle. Semi-molton rock. (magma) The upper mantle- is hard. The lower mantle- is soft and beghining to melt.

Lithoshere. Composed of rock in the crust, and the upper mantle.

Asthenoshere- Rubbery Rock. Mafic and ultramefic rocks.


The lithoshere is on the asthenoshere. The lithoshere is soild and it is composed with rock for the crust

and the upper mantle. Its name also rymes with asthenoshere. XD


The crust sits at the topmof the earth. It takes up 7% of the Earth. 

It is made out of rock, dirt, mud, trash, life, worms, and STUFF.