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This is a book all about your child's class. This will show class achievements and goals that your student was apart of. This will also include what we have learned over the past several months.

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Look what your child


learned this year! 


*Class Achievements

*Class Projects



See What your child learned this year!

Miss. King's First Grade Class


*Class Projects


Class Achievements

*This school year as a class we read over 1000 books!

*Learned how to do addition and subtraction with all the numbers up to 15!

After each student read their book for the book report they all presented to the class what they learned.

When we were learning about the National Symbols we made a class book of each of the symbols we learned about. 

We read Charolette's Web as a class and then made pigs, like Wilbur, in the book. 

Class Projects