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A timeline of my life


Jessica Howard

On December 28th 1999, in Baptist Hospital of Jacksonville Jennifer Howard and Justin Jackson had the most kick ass daughter possible. I ruled the world (well my moms world) before I could ever say a word. 


Dec 28th 1999 - Burger King recalled pokemon balls (according to LA times) 

Birth to 10 years old

Stages: Trust vs. Mistrust, Autonomy vs. Shame, Initiative vs. Guilt, Industry vs. Inferiority 



Parents got devorced at age 4 - This had the biggest impact on me because since then I haven't seen my dad or his side of the family but only a hand full of times.  


Moving to Callahan at 8 - I hated Callahan for the longest time but that was soon before I was blessed with some of the greatest friends of all time and before I had chicken house.


New Family at age 9 - my mom married a man who adores her and along with that I got a brother the same age as me. 

 Age - 10 to 20 

Stages: Industry vs. Inferiority, Ego Identity vs. Role Confusion, Intimacy vs. Isolation 


Turned 16 - Turning 16 gave me much more freedom since I was able to drive, this freedom durning my 16th year helped me mature so much. 


Graduating Highschool (18) - Graduating Highschool is going to be my first step into the real world. From here on I can offically be independent. 


College - My goal is to go to Georgia Southern Univ in Statesboro GA. I'll go for Dental Hygiene and Cosmetology and be in a sorority. 

Age 20 to 30 

Stages: Intimacy vs. Isolation 



I will graduate college and start my career. This will probably be biggest step I take in life since it's laying the future out for me and how my success will play. 


I will move back to a city - somewhere new, where I can become whoever I want to become.


I'll settle down with someone - life will hand me what and who I'm supposed to have! It would be impossible for me to plan a future with someone at a set time, but I'm hoping I do find someone in my late 20's.





Age 30 to 40 


Stages: Intimancy vs. Isolation 



By my 30's I will hopefully be married and have one kid. To have a family of my own would be the best thing my life could ever give me. I would want nothing more than love and happiness for them. 


Open my own make up store on the side. This will add on to the stress of my job and take a lot of work - but in the end it will be worth it. 


My make up store will be like an ulta but way better and be famous for having amaging store brand highlighers.



Age 40 to 50

stages: Generativity vs. stagnation  


During this age my child will be graduating - leaving me with an empty nest. Hopefully going on to whatever college they dream of.


Move into a smaller home - possibly away or stay in the same area. This will be a positive move into a good, rich old people neighborhood. 


See where I am in Dentistry and my store - if I'm comfortable enough where I'm at I'll open my own practice, along with store. This will be extremely stressful but super rewarding. 

Age 50-60 

Generactivity vs. Stagnation 


My makeup will continue out and fill multiple states! (Jacksonville will have the biggesst store of course!) 


Will have a cute little grandgirl - who I will love with my whole heart and hope she has the same passions of makeup as I do! - She'll grow up with plenty of it.


Buy a vaction house down in the keys to slowly start relaxing as well as working! 

Age 60-70


Generativity vs. Stagnation, Ego integrity vs. despair 


Will retire from the dentist office and sell my make up store! This will help me move on to a more relaxed life on vactions and such!


Adopt a bunch of dogs and volunteer at many shelters! 


Go to all the places I've wanted to go and enjoy life with my husband & enjoy my kids!

Age 70 - 90 


Ego intergrity vs. despair 


Watch my kids and grandgirl and many dogs grow - this will my be my happiness as well as my husband.


Do my other old peoples make up at the nursing homes and make them feel pretty! 


Hopefully die with my husband in a nonpainful way! Leaving my family and friends with whatever I have left of me, knowing I lived a life of what I find successful.

Carry my legacy - of whatever you think that might be on with you. 

Do what makes YOU happy, and what you find sucessfull - society changes like the wind please yourself. 


Please yourself in whatever you might do.