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Jessica Alba
The Honest Company
Alba’s Background
From the big screen to the big market, Jessica Alba has gone from being a successful
movie star and celebrity to powerful business woman and owner of The Honest
Company. After many roles and debuts, Alba decided to settle down and begin a
family of her own. However, finding that she was allergic to the harsh chemicals in
detergent, Alba realized that something had to be done about the unhealthy toxins
that pollute baby products all throughout America and more.
Alba’s Inspiration
Jessica Alba wanted an all natural, organic product line that was safe for babies and
mothers to use. After having children of her own, she took initiative to come up with
her own ideas and products that weren't just healthier than other brands, but more
stylish, beneficial, and functional as well.
The Honest Company’s Purpose
The Honest Company wants to help families out with the best quality products and
services for their children. They not only recognize the importance of safety and
care, but of customer service as well; with thousands of representatives on call to
help assist, guide, or answer any pending questions parents may have.
Alba’s Effect
The Honest company not only brings organic, honest ingredients to starting families,
but they also created a chain of awareness to society and new parents that whatever
goes in, or near their babies is important. They have promoted the use of green
organic materials with a fun, stylish twist in clothing, toys, and accessories for
companies all over the world.