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The Dallas Cowboys were in need of help, and then that's when Jerry Jones heard the cry for help! Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and saved them from the pit of doom, but will it be enough?

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A simple picture book by Raegan Holyfield

Jerry Jones


Once upon a time, there was a team called the Cowboys, and they needed help.

Luckily for the team, a man named Jerry Jones was walking by, and heard the call for help.

Jerry Jones said, "Well I can help that!" He gave them some money and said, "Here's $1.5 million dollars."

"What will we do with this?" One of the Cowboys, Tony Romo, asked.  "I just bought you." Jerry Jones replied before running fast into the horizon.


Jerry went fast to his house where his wife of 50 years, Gwen, and his three children, Charlotte, Stephen, and Jerry Jr. were located.

"Honey, I bought the Cowboys!" Jerry shouted.                                                                                              "Okay." Gene replied.



A few years later in 1992, the Cowboys went on to win the Super Bowl! 

And later on also went to win the Horatio Alger Award!

And right now, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have lived happily ever after.