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Ja Maria Jenkins 



English 2 




  In the Bahamas there food is way different from what we have in the united states. People won't see the common sides that they have on a Bahamas plate people will see coconut a lot as a side because that's a common ingredient they use a lot . They also have a variety of fruits . Johnny  cake is side that is used a lot on the side of a Bahamians dish . In the Bahamians they have a national food called conch that is used a lot on a Bahamians dish . Food is important to a country because there food is made differently from other countries and the way the food taste and look from other countries (McCoy) .  


The language in the Bahamas is important to them because, when the UK arrived to the island in the 18th century they brought their language and culture to the island . The main language on the island and creole family is English .Half of the population on the island is Haiti immigrants who traveled there in the 19th century . The Bahamas is a very popular island that people visit to explore and try different things . The language is important because it came from the UK Centuries ago  (Chepkemo) .

 The history is important because, while world war 2 was going on the Americans soldiers used the island as a naval base . Christopher Columbus and San Salvador was first to steep foot on the island but Hispanics did not make that place they wanted to stay forever . In the early 1920s the island has had a big drug problem . In May 2002 voting, PLP got power back and the leader was Perry Christie .  Sometime in September in the year of 2004 a hurricane name France ruined the widespread  and it messed up almost everything and then weeks later another hurricane came through and ruined the whole island  ( the Bahamas ) .


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