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An Multimedia Assignment for IST

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By, Jeevika Lalchandani

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Animation/Video
  • Interactivity 


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A meaningful string of characters - letters, numbers, symbols or punctuation. Text is used in many ways: for headings, content, labels, captions, menus and navigation.


Digital sound consisting of waves that represent change in air pressure. Enhances a presentation by giving it greater reality.


Digitalised pictures, used to aid visualisation and to communicate information.


The illusion of movement achieved by displaying a series of static images, called frames, in a rapid sequence.

Continuous stream of data (graphics and sound) first cereated and then broken down into seperate frames.



The extent to which a computer program and human being may have a dialog.


Interactive Multimedia allows the user to control, combine and manipulate different types of media such as text, sound, video, graphics and animation.