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Research report about tigers

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   The dear runs but it is  no match for this amazing animal; as its tear and bite  and its claws strike! You won this time! Flip the page for the real secret of this amazing animal! With there stripes and colors alsohungry enough! Along in the normal basics and hunting!

njYour A froshess animal! Aloe in a jungle. Your hungry enough to eat a bear! But you sit quietly stalking a dear. you slowly move closer and closer you lean back and pounts!




   My Thoughts!   

Q. Why do tigers have orange fur with black stripes?  

' perhaps orange and black blends in with their surroundings- with the trees and grass.

   Tigers are the biggest member of the cat family! Tigers are an orange or light brown color. Tigers live in aisa, china, korea and russia. (they live in many other places - but these are the most common).


Most people think tigers are dangeress animals, but they are just  looking for food - they need between 10 and 25 pounds of food a day to survive. I think tigers are butiful cats!;but people hunt tigers for their fur, bones and meat.  I would never do this- what do you think about these people hunting tigers?


   Tigers can be  any shade in this pichture depending on the type. 

   My thoughts!   

Q.  I don't know how the prey of the tiger doesn't see the tiger sneaking up o him?

Maybe the prey doesn't realize he's going to get eaten.

    Tigers mainly eat dear- they also eat water buffalo and wild pigs. Sometimes they may eat monkey or if it's "hungry enough".  It can even eat a bear. That can be a bad choice, bears are stronger and bigger than tigers.  They are not part of the cat family. Tigers might eat crocodiles, pythons and other snakes.

Hungry enough!

         My thoughts      

    I couldńt imagine   eating 40 hamburgers. I could eat1 and a half if I was that hungry!

   Tigers hunt by sneaking up behind-then punsing on there prey. Then drag it to a hidden spot ,not in the open.

  Tigers sneak up behind itś prey so the tiger suprises it - itś prey has barley any time to reacted. 

   A tiger can eat up to 100 pounds thats like a 10 year old eating 40 hamburgers at once!



    tiger stalking its prey.

  3 days later ... Your hungry again this time the tiger is going for a buffalo - buffaloś are strong like tigers.The tiger sneaks up behind it inthe forrest.He move closer, stops, then moves closer. The  buffalo moved around. The tiger jumps onto it and goes for the kill!Theres the amazing tiger once again!

  End is here!

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