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"Making the world

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     Jason took a job in the government as the Secretary of State in Massachusetts in 2009 and won by a landslide. His votes counted up to more than 75% of all the votes.



Early Life and Education

     Jason Lavon was born on January 7, 1978 on a farm in Detroit, Michigan. His family sold their farm and moved to Boston, Massachusetts, hoping for a better life when he was five. He went to a catholic elementry school In 1979. He graduated from Harvard and received his bachelor's degree in pre-law in 2001.     


Jason A Lavon 




Jason Lavon married his high school sweetheart, Jennifer Blair. Jennifer taught high school kids Language Arts and Social Studies. In 2007, Jason and Jennifer welcomed a daughter named Caroline. In 2009, the family welcomed another child, Michael. The animal loving family later adopted a German Shepherd in 2010. 


Energy Use


     Fossil Fuels have been a threat to earth because the pollution that the fuel makes is causing global warming. Jason thinks that if the world continues using fossil fuels the threat of global warming will be a threat to the animals and people on earth. Jason is on the side of renewable energy and votes for the better use of renewable energy.




      Unfortunitly, most of the people that goes to charter schools do so because their public schools are not high quality or don't prefer proper education. If this continues, some public schools will go out of business. But, if we put more money into public schools, they will improve and more people will be happy with their education.

Gun Control


     For a safe and united country, there must be laws invovling stricter gun control, only allowing people with clear records to buy specific types of guns. Over 289 innocent people are killed by gun violence each year. " I will never forget that a life is the most important thing. "

- Jason Lavon


Jason enjoys donating money to charities, especially the Make a Wish foundation. He likes to travel and meet people in other countries. Jason also likes to play chess for a hobby. He loves animals, especially dogs.



Jason wants our tax money to go to our military, rather than rebuilding our country. He states that if our military is stronger, terrorists won't be able to deface things and we won't have to rebuild our country. He thinks people should pay more taxes  to help the country become stronger.


       The money that the taxes go to will be for