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ST. JOSEPH’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH MOOSE JAW, SK CANADA Third Sunday in Ordinary Time January 22, 2023 Weekly Liturgy Schedule Mass Intentions Priest Parish Activities Monday, January 23 Tuesday, January 24 @9:00 am Mass And Novena of Our Lady Truus van Beers-Repose Fr. Yodel 10:00 am & 7:00pm Bible Study @ Parish Hall Wednesday, January 25 @ 9:00 am Mass 11:50 am- 1:30 pm Eleanor Carretero -Special Intentions Silent Adoration Fr. Yodel Deacon Lamont 10:30 am Providence Place Mass-Fr. George Thursday, January 26 @ 9:00 am Mass Robert Breau-Special Intentions Fr. George 10:30 am Bentley Mass- Fr. George 10:30 am Mulberry Mass- Fr. Yodel Friday, January 27 @ 9:00am Mass Divine Mercy Adoration Jim Allonby-Repose Fr. George Saturday, January 28 @ 5:00pm Mass Stella Campbell- Repose Fr. George Sunday, January 29 @ 9:00 am Mass @11:00 am Mass Daniel Gagnon-Repose For the People Fr. George Fr. George CWL Newcomers Welcome Coffees after 9:00 am mass Parish Hall St. Joseph’s 2023 TAX RECEIPT is available now!!! It can be pick-up by the main entrance of the church. St. Joseph’s Parish Newcomers Welcome Coffees will be starting on Sunday, January 29 after the 9:00 am Mass in the parish hall. There will be a Newcomers Welcome once a month except for when there is a pancake breakfast or in July and August. Anyone in the parish who has come to Moose Jaw in the last few months is encouraged to come and meet more of our parishioners. There will be a welcome and information package for them. All parishioners are encouraged to come to get to know our newest parishioners. Our Pastor: Rev. Father George Thattuparampil Cellphone# 306 727 3280 Assisting Priest: Fr. Yodel Cereno Church Website: Phone Number: 306 694 1944 A Deacon/Pastoral Rev. Deacon Lamont Dyck Admin Assistant: Elizabeth Granil Caretaker: Martin Rossler Confessions 30 mins before the mass start on weekend masses Admin Assistant: Elizabeth Granil Caretaker: Martin Rossler Mass Hours: Tuesday @ 7pm Wednesday - Friday @ 9 am Saturday mass @ 5pm Sunday mass @ 9am & 11am Mass HouReadings for February 5th – Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 1stRdg: Isaiah 58:6-10++ Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 112:4-5, 6-7, 8a-9 (R.4) 2ndRdg: 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 Gospel: Matthew 5:13-16

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3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time There are times in our lives when we may be called to pitch in, to join others in a task, and we’d rather not be asked. We’re comfortable with the status quo, or we might not get along with some of the people involved, or we’re being stretched beyond what we think are our limits. Should we let our fear and reluctance decide for us? Today’s readings say no! Both the first reading and the Gospel speak of people being dawn from darkness to light, from death to life. what an apt image for the call of discipleship – Jesus calling his first followers from the darkness of their own lives into the light of discipleship in the kingdom. James and John overcame any fear or reluctance and trusted that God would give them whatever they needed to follow Jesus. In the second reading, St. Paul urges us to put aside our differences and work collectively for the common good; otherwise, we will not be imitating Christ who is the center of our existence. This is a challenging reminder to us in this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, for all Christians to be Faithful to our baptismal vocation to proclaim the gospel with one voice, following Jesus without fear or reluctance. May we all answer yes when Jesus says, “Come, follow me.” Installation of the CWL 2023 Executive will take place at the end of Mass on Sunday, January 29. CWL members are encouraged to attend this Mass to show their support and appreciation for our executive. CWL 2022 Annual Report copies are available on the CWL shelf at the main entrance. CWL Memberships can be submitted for one more week. Forms are available at both entrances. Moose Jaw Right To Life We need you in the Parish Directory. You can either place your information in the directory yourself or, we can do it for you. The more parishioners are included in the directory, the better and the closer our community will be. Please either call Gilles at (306) 631-7458 if you want help to be placed in the Directory or e-mail if you can/want to do it yourself, to get full directions. Since January 28, 1988, when the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the existing abortion law, Parliament has never been successful in passing a new law. There has been no protection for the unborn at any stage of development up to birth. Many women were and still are led to believe that the conceived baby is “just a blob of tissue” With the advance of science and technology, photos of babies in the womb depict fingernails and toenails perfectly formed at just twelve weeks after conception. Next Sunday, January 29, we will have people at the entrances of the church passing out these wallet cards. Please talk about the miracle of life that begins in the womb with your family.

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PROTOCOL COMMITTEE: The Protocol for Responsible Parish Ministry will be reviewing all the volunteer ministry files updating contact information and insuring that all documentation is current. Criminal Record Checks need to be updated every five years. You will be contacted if your CRC requires updating. Thank you for the many hours you have dedicated to St. Joseph Parish. Cheryl Thul If your contact information needs to be updated or ministry position has changed, send me an email please: St. Joseph Parish Youth Group January 20th for grades 8-12 with the open gym at Vanier Collegiate Come and Join. Please check our bulletin or website For more upcoming information.

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Happy Days Childcare Family Childcare Home Helping families for over 30 years 261 Hall Street W. Moose Jaw, SK. 306-639-7212 Contact: Simone Deyotte Rose’s Sewing I will replace Broken zippers, Hem pants or slacks, etc. Reasonable Rates 306-693-9521 Jones Parkview Funeral Services Phone: 306-693-4644 Funeral Home Crematorium Family Resource Centre In The Heart Of The Community With A Heart For The Community 474 Hochelaga St. W Moose Jaw, SK 1711 Main St. N Moose Jaw, SK S6J 1L6 (306)331-0010;(306)694-1333 622559 Sask Ltd. o/a Espresso Joe’s Coffee and Bubble Tea House Urban Garden Salads and Pizza Dairy Queen Grill and Chill Joey’s Urban Group Travel for Adults with Barbara & Martin Holzer The Marvelous Maritimes June 2023 For more information without obligation: Email: Text: 306-631-1431 Facebook Group: Barbara’s Marvelous Maritimes 2023 VIEW OUR CHURCH DIRECTORY ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE! OR on PAPER Our church directory is a great resource tool that allows you to get to know our church family better! You DON’T need a smart phone or computer We want EVERYONE in the Directory, as we will be printing a directory in the Spring, once we get enough people in there. In order to be included in the Directory, you must E-mail or call Gilles: or (306) 631-7458 You will use your email address listed in the directory to CREATE A LOGIN the first time you use the directory app. OR, I will set it up for you if you can’t…. FREE App for iPhone, iPad & Android