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This week’s השרפ states: םהל שעיו םיקולאה תא תודלימה וארי יכ יהיו .דאמ ומצעיו םעה בריו תודלימל םיקולא בטייו
םיתב, and Hashem repaid the midwives, and the nation multiplied greatly. And it was because the
midwives feared Hashem, and he made them houses.
4:08 PM
January 5, 2018
י‘‘עשת תבט ח‘‘ח
תומש תשרפ
January 9—- General Studies
Faculty meeting– Hamilton 3:50
pm dismissal all grades,
Williston 4:00 pm dismissal, no
aftercare both buildings
January 15—Faculty
professional development day–
no classes both buildings.
January 24—STEM Fair– details
to follow
Welcome to the Birnbaum family from England. Sara, Tobi, Shimon
and Nechama have joined 1G, 3G, 6B and 8G classes.
1B completed learning Yom Shlishi of Maaseh Bereishis
3B finished Parshas Vayetzei and is beginning to learn Mishnayos
We have wonderful learners in 5B. They completed their first daf of
Gemara and even stayed for an extra half an hour of learning on
January 1. They celebrated with Slurpees.
6B completed the first half of the complicated “shishim sugiya”,
culminating with skit, gramin and poster presentations.
Girls in grade four created dioramas for Sefer Yehoshua and each
girl described the scene that they depicted.
Grades 2-4G participated in an exciting Chidon for Sefer Bereishis.
Thank you Morah Fontek for preparing the chidon and for
moderating it in such an animated fashion. Thank you Morah
Sternfield for your innovative PowerPoint presentation equipped
with applause for correct answers.
Rashi, according to the םימכח יתפש, learns the
second possuk םיתב םהל שעיו as a continuation of
the possuk that precedes it. Measure for measure –
the midwives were responsible for saving Jewish
children – so Hashem repaid them by building
their individual homes.
Rav Pam ל״צז notes in the name of the םייחה רוא
שודקה that the simple reading of the possuk
connotes that the primary reward of the תודלימ was
the outstanding success of their mission: םעה בריו
דאמ ומצעיו the nation multiplied greatly. The fact
that they saw the fruits of their efforts and
sacrifice with the incredible growth of לארשי ללכ
paled in comparison with their other reward of the
construction of their own homes. Therefore,
explains Rav Pam, the possuk only mentions the
reward of םיתב םהל שעיו
after the primary reward
of םעה בריו
Their success, continues Rav Pam, was not only
because of their שפנ תריסמ in keeping the baby
boys alive, but because of the way they performed
their holy task. The תודלימ were דבכוי and םירמ.
Within the story of the תודלימ, however, they are
not referred to by their real names, but rather are
called הרפש and העופ. These names, explains
Rashi, reflect the quality and tenderness of their
care. Even in an environment of דחא סרכב השש
where women were regularly bearing sextuplets,
Shifra and Puah lavished attention and care on
each individual baby as if that baby was an only
child. Thus it was the ultimate reward for them to
see Klal Yisrael flourish. They saw the success of
their dedication.
Conversely, Chazal inform us that the work Klal
Yisrael did in Mitzrayim was meaningless. They
built םותיפ and ססמער, Both which were situated on
quicksand. Anything the Jews built the day before
sunk into the ground when they returned to work
the next day. This was the ultimate ךרפ תדובע, to
labor and toil, and see no results. Even had they
not benefited from their work, but they would
have witnessed the results of their labor, it would
not have been as crushing. To work and see no
outcome was the greatest of disappointments
May Hashem bentch us that we see the success of
the efforts we invest in raising our precious
תבש טוג
Rabbi Ochs
Bulletin Board
15 Teves—sponsored by Ruth & Warren Shanske as a zechus for a Refuah Shlaimah for Moshe Zev ben Pearl Chaya, Mr.
Murray Lubin
Grade 5
Y. Feldman
Y. Fontek
M. Leff
Y. Y. Mermelstein
B. Septimus
N. Youshaei
Grade 6
A. Bier
B. H. Blumberg
Y. Gould
N. Halpern
M. Miara
Grade 7
Y. Gluckin
M. Hain
N. Katz
M. Ledewitz
Y. A. Leff
S. M. Solomon
Y. Zyto
Grade 8
M. Fontek
Y. Miara
Raffle Winners
Y. Miara
Y. Zyto
Mazel Tov to learners
for Parshas Vayehi
Avromi (’01) & Chana Bracha Soll on the birth of
their daughter and to grandparents, Dr. David &
Mrs. Rochel Soll
Rabbi Shia & Mrs. Sharone (Sunday Williston Office)
on the engagement of their granddaughter Zlata Tova
Dr. Reuven & Mrs. Yelena Shimanovich on the bar
mitzvah of Shmuelly.
for 2017-2018
Bar mitzvah of Shmuel Shimanovich will take place
at Cong. Chai Odom, Kiddush following davening
We are now accepting sibling applications for the
PreK and Kindergarten for the upcoming school
year. Registration opens to the wider community
on January 10th. Thank you.
Torah Academy Hotline
1. Boys in 7B work on engineering projects
2. Boys in 7B work on engineering projects
3. Pong Tournament Finals and Semi Finals Winners: 1st place-JJ
Ledewitz, 2nd place-Gabriel Marshall. 3rd place- Nachie Halpern
4. 6B boys illustrated what they learned in sugya of shishim in gemara.
5. Boys in grade 6 acted out skits as part of Gemara review.
6. 2B presenting book reports.
7. Students from 4B and 1B collaborate with one another helping to
explore and learn new games.
8. 1B and 4B collaborating
9. 6B assignment to simulate earthquake proof buildings using pasta and
1. PreK1 dancing in honor of chazak for Sefer Bereishis.
2. I week in Prek. The Indians came to class during I week.
3. K1 celebrates siyum Sefer Bereishis.
4. 4G art, beauty is in the details.
5. The girls grades 2-5G participating in the chidon on Sefer Bereishis.
6. Tehilla Ganger, Shabbos Mommy in K1.
7. What are the girls in 4G looking at? See the next page to find out.
The 4th grade girls were viewing the dioramas depicting Yehoshua and Bnei Yisroel crossing the Yarden Perakim 3 and 4 in Sefer