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January Specials 2017 :

Happy New Year
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Lets get 2017 o to a great start with a ne selecon of special
oers. As always in January fresh sh will be a a lile less
abundant than it normally is but nonetheless we always have a
great selecon of top quality frozen alternaves available.
Happy New Year
Special Oers for January
Individually Frozen
Skinless Boneless
Cod Loins
170-200gm each
£10.00 box of 10
Individually Frozen
Skinless Boneless
Pollock Fillets
140-170gm each
£12.50 box of 25
Don’t be fooled by this low price, this
is genuinely a top quality white sh
Many of the Queen Scallop shing
grounds have been closed to preserve
stocks, but no worries, we have a great
frozen alternave.
Queen Scallop Meat
Wild caught in the North East Atlanc
and individually quick frozen
£8.99 1kg bag
Fresh Fleetwood
Smoked Haddock
Packed in approximately
1kg vacuum packs each
llet 280-340gm
£7.99 per kg
6 Perfectly
Swordsh Steaks
170-200gm each
£16.50 per tray
Weather perming
January is one of the
best months for
Fresh Welsh
£12.99 per kg
5kg or 1kg nets
Tel. 01484 548975
Oers available throughout January 2016 while stocks last. Subject to change without noce. Pictures are for illustraon only, oers based on full retail price
Happy New Year
Special Oers for January
Oven Ready
Tray of 2 succulent 400gm young
Chickens, oven ready, frozen fresh
£3.50 per tray
Fresh Chicken
Breast Fillets
Trays of 10 plump
190-210gm Breasts
Skin On £8.70
Skinless £8.90
Prosciuo Crudo
(Sliced Italian Dry Cured Ham)
Produced using exactly the same
method as Parma Ham our Prosciuo
Crudo comes thinly sliced &
interleaved in a 250gm pack
Perfect anpasto
£3.95 per 250gm pack
Dry Cured
Chorizo Ring
From one of Spains
leading producers of
1kg French
Brie Wheel
Top quality French
cheese at a rock
boom price
£4.40 each
Italian Mixed Wild Mushrooms
A beaufully balanced
mixture of Ceps, Shitake
and Nameko Mushrooms.
Frozen in a freeow bag.
£3.99 1kg bag
Tel. 01484 548975