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By: Janisha Bindal

Once there was a teacher, who gave her students some task for home and said that “We would discuss the task tomorrow”.

In the class there were two girls, one was Riya

and the other was Siya.

Riya was very intelligent but very impatient and never listened to anyone and thought that she was always correct.

On the other hand, Siya was also intelligent but very quiet and peaceful.

The next day, teacher asked the children some questions and riya being very impatient, said whatever came to her mind but she was wrong.

 Then the teacher asked Siya the same question and she thought about it very carefully and answered correctly.

Everyone in class including the teacher was shocked as she explained the answer so nicely.

Riya felt really embarrassed and guilty. She learned a lesson from this and decided never to be impatient and pay attention to what other people say.