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Golf School District 67
9401 Waukegan Rd.
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Ph 847-966-8200
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Please be courteous when dropping-off and
picking-up your child in the parking lot. The
extra rows of cars that are created prevent
the buses from passing through and
the cars from moving. When staff ask parents to pull ahead or
move, remember they are trying to help the flow of traffic.
Thank you for being respectful to both staff and fellow
parents during a very busy time in the parking lot.
In this issue:
A Note from the Superintendent
Strategic Plan Update
Hynes Elementary School
Golf Middle School
Registration Information
District 67 Foundation
Emergency Closing Information
Revised 2017-18 School
School Board
A Note from the Superintendent
Happy New Year to our Golf School District
families, staff, and community members! We are in
the midst of a cold, snowy winter and flu season, so
please take precautions to stay healthy.
January and February have been quite busy in our
schools. We continue to focus on providing our
students with a high quality instructional program.
Our literacy leaders have been evaluating curricular
resources for next school year and STEM leaders are
evaluating science curricular resources for middle
school students.
The administrative team is already planning for the
next school year. We are excited to offer our incoming
kindergartners a full-day program beginning in the
fall. Registering early will assist us with proper
planning. Information for kindergarten and preschool
registration is included in this issue.
Best wishes for a happy and successful 2018!
Dr. Beth Flores
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
3/1 Golf Middle School
Music in Our Schools
3/8 Foundaon 67
3/10 PTA Aucon
3/16-17 Eighth Grade Play
3/26 Spring Break Begins
4/2 Classes Resume
20182019 District Calendar
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
In 2014, Golf School District 67 partnered with Bright Bytes to provide the administration with
comprehensive data for informed decision making about improving instructional technology in the district.
Students, teachers and parents completed surveys that examined access to technology, the status of skills,
and environmental factors in the schools. A technology committee was formed to
review the data and begin the process of developing a three-year technology plan
through 2017-2018.
Over the plans three-year term, the district saw tremendous progress in all areas
of the framework. Teachers and students have daily access to devices, training is
ongoing for teachers and staff, and the learning environment is enriched through
technology-enhanced instruction.
We are currently in the process of developing a new instructional technology plan to guide our work for the
next three to five years. The committee includes teachers, staff, parents,
students, and administrators who have been working on a new vision
statement with clear measurable and attainable goals that pertain to
curriculum and instruction, professional development, finance, communication
and technology hardware.
Your input is always welcome throughout this process and we look forward to
sharing the completed plan with our district families and the community.
Math Professional
District 67 and District 69 middle school
teachers collaborated during the early
release professional development day
on February 14
. They created complex
tasks and learned strategies to illustrate
and enhance lessons using technology.
Coming Together Presents Celebrang Muslim-American Cultures
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Ebru, or marbling, is a traditional Turkish art that uses oil, water, and
pigments to create colorful patterns. Golf Middle school students joined Ebru
master Sevim Serucu, as she demonstrated this art-form at Niles North
High School.
On Saturday, February 10
, Samina Hussain facilitated an interacve workshop
with students and parents that explored the connecon of henna to Islamic art and
beauty. Parcipants enjoyed applying henna on themselves and others.
District 67 students participated
in the Coming Together opening
ceremonies at Niles West High
School on January 28
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Hynesrst graders are learning the FUNdamentals of computer programming (LOGO)
playing the ROBOT Turtles game. Players use code cards (forward, le, and right) to guide
robot turtles around a course, evade obstacles and achieve a reach the jewel le goal.
Players dictate the movements of their Robot Turtle tokens on a game board by playing
Code Cards: Forward, Le and Right. When a player's Robot Turtle reaches a jewel, they
win! If they make a mistake, they can use a Bug Card to undo a move.
Families at Hynes took part
in the 4
Kids Can Code
event on February 7
Families learned how to code
an Ozobot robot through a
difficult course. Students
used different color markers
to code the robot to speed
up, turn around, and even
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
graders chemically engineer
slime toys using sodium borate,
liquid starch, and glue.
Congratulations to our Golf
Middle School
Bee winner!
EYE-TO-EYE Mentoring Program
celebrates Strike Out Stigma Month.
Bari Levin and Northwestern
University mentors partner to
encourage students to take
pride in their learning differences.
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
2018-19 Registration Is Coming Soon!
Golf School District 67 is a diverse community of
students and families who speak many languages. In an
effort to ensure all families feel welcome and informed,
we are starting a Language Ambassador Program. A
Language Ambassador is a parent volunteer who has
fluency in English and a second language including, but
not limited to:
Urdu, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, and Assyrian.
Language Ambassadors will support and welcome second language families by
assisting them with:
registration requirements,
understanding school culture,
communicating with school and district staff, and
sharing their experiences in overcoming language barriers.
If you are interested in becoming a
Language Ambassador for Golf School District 67:
Please contact Pam Clark at 847/966-8200 x 235
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
There is a drop-
off box at both of
our schools! Box
tops are located
on so many of the items you
already buy.
Our schools can benefit greatly,
so please take a few extra
minutes to clip and bring them to
the schools.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
The Golf School District 67 Foundation invites parents, teachers and
community members to attend their next meeting on Thursday, March 8, 2018.
The purpose of this meeting is to provide an overview of the Foundation’s
vision/mission, highlight their many accomplishments, and to encourage you to
become members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
The Foundation holds two events each year. The funds raised directly impact Hynes and
Golf Middle School students as teachers apply for innovative grants that enhance their
instructional program.
The District 67 Dash is a 5K Run/Walk held the last Sunday
of August. Students, teachers, families and friends take off
at the start line at Frank Hren Discovery Park and enjoy a
professionally timed run/walk in a safe and scenic route
through the neighborhood. Refreshments, face painting and
balloon art are waiting at the finish line.
is an adult-only evening where teams of teachers,
parents, and community members choose a table
theme, bring their own food, and work together to test
their knowledge of topics ranging from sports to
history to music, and much more!
We know that closing schools in bad weather has a big eect
on families. We also understand that students are beer
served, both academically and socially, by being in school
whenever possible. The safety of our students and sta is our
top priority in making a decision to keep schools open or to
close schools in bad weather.
We make the decision to close or delay opening schools in bad weather based on many factors, such as:
informaon on road condions
the ability to start and move buses
amount of snow and ice accumulated
whether snow/ice is connuing
building condions and parking lot condions
temperature and wind chill
weather predicons and what other Niles Township school districts are doing
The Superintendent of Schools makes the nal decision based on these factors.
Usually the decision about opening schools is made by 6:00 a.m. Nocaon is posted on our website at and Emergency Closing website,, as soon as the decision is made. Also,
our automated messaging service makes calls to nofy families.
There are several other ways to nd out if school is open or closed on a bad weather day.
Check your email (make sure that the District has your current email address).
Tune into TV (CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, Fox, CLTV) and local radio: WGN AM, WBBM AM, and The Zone (FM).
If the decision is to open schools, please keep in mind that, even if weather condions worsen, we cannot reverse our
decision in the morning without endangering students. Once we make the decision to open, many parents leave for
work. If we then send students right back home, many will return to empty houses.
School Messenger is our automated phone messaging system. Everyone will receive the same recorded message
within minutes. Calls will be sent to the phone numbers you have provided the school; so be sure that you have
updated your home and cell phone numbers.
Although the District does its best to make the decision that is best for everyone, we know that oen no perfect
decision exists. If you do not feel it is safe for your child to aend school, we respect your right to keep your child
at home.
Extra days are not built into the District calendar, therefore, if the District closes due to weather, each day missed will
be made up at the end of the school year in June.
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
District 67 Board of Education
Mr. Richard Toth, President
Ms. Samina Hussain, Secretary
Ms. Nada Ardeleanu, Member
Dr. Guy Hollingsworth, Member
Dr. Ashwini Kumar, Member
Mr. Jermaine Lindsay, Member
Mr. Joel Mehr, Member
Dr. Beth Sagett-Flores, Superintendent
Mrs. Carol Westley, Principal, Hynes ES
Ms. Karen Chvojka, Principal, Golf MS
Dr. Joseph Bailey, Interim Business Manager
Mrs. Lynn Kurokawa, Director, Student Services
The Golf School District 67 Board of Educaon meets monthly to review and
oversee the management and direcon of the School District. You are
encouraged and welcome to join us at these important and informave
meengs. Visitors are invited to speak before the Board both before and aer
the Boards deliberaons. Board meengs begin at 6:30 pm in the Board Room at
Golf Middle School. Scheduled meengs are:
March 15, April 19, May 17, June 14
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018