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Golf School District 67
9401 Waukegan Rd.
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Ph 847-966-8200
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
In this issue:
A Note from the Superintendent
Hynes Elementary School
Golf Middle School
Victor Pacini — Erins Law
Custodial and Building Support
Upcoming Events
Cold Weather Notice
2016-17 School Calendar
School Board
A Note from the Superintendent
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed me with your
families and friends. It is hard to believe we are starng a new
calendar year.
I am proud of the many accomplishments we have made in our school
district. Teachers are working hard as they implement Eureka Math and
introduce STEM modules in their classrooms. Literacy leaders at both
schools are engaged in aligning assessments to the Common Core
Standards and technology is being integrated into the curriculum.
We are making signicant progress in providing 1:1 all-day access to
computers for students in grades 3-8. Chromebooks were assigned to 6
graders and this week the students will carry the devices with them
throughout the day.
Teachers have reviewed guidelines for Chromebook use with their
students and we recommend that you review them with your child as
well. Click here to view the guidelines.
Our plan is to provide 2:1 iPad access for students in Pre-k through 2
grade. Moving forward, we will connue assessing our technology
program to ensure student access, security, and sustainability.
This is the me of year when we begin to plan for the next school year.
Kindergarten registraon was held last week and we are pleased to
report that online registraon was successful. Thank you to our incoming
kindergarten parents for working through this process with us.
Upcoming dates for registraon are February 28
for Pre-K and
April 25
and May 8
for grades 1-8. More
informaon will be forthcoming.
I wish all of our families and staff
members a very happy and
successful 2017!
Dr. Beth Flores, Superintendent
2/8 1/2 day Aendance for
2/20 Non-Aendance -
2/21 Parent-Teacher
Conferences - No
Student Aendance
2/28 Preschool Registraon -
4-7 PM
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
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A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Every year, Lisa Featherstone, Guidance Counselor, hosts a lunch for new students and staff in
January and May. They share all of the fun and exciting experiences they have had at Golf
Middle School.
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
ynes 2
graders took their annual community field trip
to the Village Hall to meet with the Mayor and Fire and
Police Chiefs and learn about their responsibilities. Later,
they went to the Morton Grove Public Library where
students learned about library rules and the different
resources that are located in the library.
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Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Victor Pacini presented his
age appropriate sexual
abuse and awareness
program Be Seen & Heard to
students at both Hynes and
Golf schools in January.
Students learned the
importance of speaking out
about sexual assault and
abuse. This program
implements the mandates of
Erins Law as required by the
State Board of Educaon.
The GMS staff sends a big
for an outstanding and meaningful
presentation on Erins Law to our students!
- Victor Pacini
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School istrict 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
District 67 is proud of its facility support and maintenance staff.
These staff members work everyday to ensure that our schools
are safe and secure, and that they are clean and healthy for our
students. This team is supervised by Mr. Richard Searl, Director of
Buildings and Grounds.
Prior to coming to Golf, Rich was at Newark School District #18
for two years and Naperville District #203 for six years. He also
worked for the City of Batavia.
Rich says, Our maintenance staff work hard to keep our buildings clean and safe for
our students and faculty. Many have been with the district for several years, and they
may work at either school building depending on the need.
This past fall, students spent time interviewing these staff members to learn about
their background, their families, what they feel is important, and how they keep our
buildings safe and clean. Their backgrounds are varied and they clearly care about
Golf District 67 and its students.
Richard Searl, Director of
Buildings and Grounds
Thank you to the Golf
School District 67 Custodial
Team for supporting our
Strategic Plan Goal of
providing Safe and Secure
Learning Spaces to
Support 21st Century
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Spiro Sintos-Mantelas was born in
Greece. He stated that the biggest
dierence in the schools today is
the access to computers. He said,
Kids today are smarter than ever
and I am impressed by how much
they know.
Spiro keeps the buildings safe by
ensuring that they are properly
locked and by making
mely repairs.
Spiro collects sports cars as a
hobby and he proudly reports
that he has fourteen in his
His message to students is, Make
sure you are working very hard.
Krystyna Kowalska
Krystyna Kowalska was born in
Poland and has fond memories of
her homeland. If she could go
back in me, she said that she
would focus on geng a beer
educaon so that she could have a
career in management.
She stated that when she was in
school there was more focus on
discipline. These days, kids are so
smart. I am grateful to see how
much they enjoy learning.
Krystyna keeps the building safe
by checking the locks on doors
and windows, and checking for
building issues.
Her message to students is, Be
respecul of teachers and elders,
focus on geng a good educaon
because it will change your life.
Spiro Sintos-Mantelas
Ted Anton was born and raised in
Chicago. He has worked at Golf for
over twenty years and he likes
everything about District 67,
especially the sta and the
He has had enjoyable experiences
that he has come to cherish in his
life. A fond memory was the 2011
snowstorm. The snow was at the
top of the doorway and you
couldnt see Hynes School.
Mr. Ted Anton works hard at
keeping the building and the
students safe by keeping the
hallways clean, making sure doors
are locked, and keeping an eye out
for unusual situaons. He likes the
quiet me in the morning before
sta and students arrive when he
can get things done.
Mr. Antons message to the world
is, Live your life to the fullest
because life goes so fast.
Ted Anton
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Jean-Claude Poullard
Luis Gonzalez-Parra was born in
Ecuador and has fond memories
of the beauful mountains.
He stated that access to
technology is the biggest
dierence from when he was in
Luis keeps the buildings safe by
checking exit lights and
locking doors.
His advice to students is, Stay in
school. Educaon is so important
nd a job that you love.
If Luis had a me machine, he
would go back to when he was
ve years old –It was so much
Jean-Claude Poullard was born
on a lile island in Hai, named
Léogâne. While in Hai, he had to
walk miles to school in contrast to
the buses and cars that take
students to and from school.
Thats why he reminds students to
be grateful for school and to do
their best.
Mr. Poullard helps to keep the
GMS community safe by making
sure the doors are locked and by
thoroughly cleaning so there are
no hazards.
Mr. Poullard has lled many jobs
in the district. One memory he
shared was when a student
recognized him while at a store
and said, Hey! You were my bus
driver - the best bus driver I ever
had! Compliments like these
remind Mr. Poullard of what he
likes most about working here,
the sense of community in
District 67.
Peterson Moresca was born and
raised in Port-au-Prince, Hai and
remembers how he had to walk a
long distance every day to get to
school. He joined the Golf District
67 sta in 2001 and has fond
memories of a eld trip with
kindergartners to get pumpkins.
Mr. Moresca keeps the building
safe by securing it nightly and
approaching any visitors he
doesnt recognize.
His advice to students is Kids
today are really smart. I tell them
to focus on school, focus on life
and to do what you think is best.
Peterson Moresca
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Luis Gonzalez-Parra
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Coming in February…..
The Great Kindness Challenge
At the heart of the Great Kindness Challenge is the
simple belief that kindness is strength. We also
believe that any action repeated over and over
becomes a habit.
With the Great Kindness Challenge checklist in hand, students have the
opportunity to repeat kind act after kind act after kind act. As kindness
becomes a habit, the culture is shifted and peace becomes possible.
The Golf School District 67 Wellness Committee has planned an exciting
month of kindness opportunities. Some activities include:
Opening and closing assemblies at each school
Door decorating challenge
Kindness quotes will be read by students at
each school
All students will make a square for a grade level
kindness quilt.
Good Morning America showcased The Great Kindness Challenge
for one week in January!
Click below to view
(Illinois Grade School Music Association) Solo
and Ensemble Competition on February 25th.
Schools from around the area will participate
in this exciting music experience.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Tuesday, February 21st from 12:00 - 8:00PM.
More information will be sent home in the
near future.
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Family Night at Sky-High Sports
To show its appreciaon to Golf 67 parents and
families, the
District 67 PTA
provided an
evening of fun at
Sky High Sports!
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
2017 International Celebration of Cultures
Friday, January 27, Golf District 67 PTA held the 19th annual ICOC celebration.
District families came together to celebrate the diversity and richness of our
beautiful, multi-cultural community.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
We know that closing schools in bad weather has a big eect
on families. We also understand that students are beer
served, both academically and socially, by being in school
whenever possible. The safety of our students and sta is our
top priority in making a decision to keep schools open or to
close schools in bad weather.
We make the decision to close or delay opening schools in bad weather based on many factors, such as:
informaon on road condions
the ability to start and move buses
amount of snow and ice accumulated
whether snow/ice is connuing
building condions and parking lot condions
temperature and wind chill
weather predicons and what other Niles Township school districts are doing
The Superintendent of Schools makes the nal decision based on these factors.
Usually the decision about opening schools is made by 6:00 a.m. Nocaon is posted on our website at and Emergency Closing website,, as soon as the decision is made. Also,
our automated messaging service makes calls to nofy families.
There are several other ways to nd out if school is open or closed on a bad weather day.
Check your email (make sure that the District has your current email address).
Tune into TV (CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, Fox, CLTV) and local radio: WGN AM, WBBM AM, and The Zone (FM).
If the decision is to open schools, please keep in mind that, even if weather condions worsen, we cannot reverse our
decision in the morning without endangering students. Once we make the decision to open, many parents leave for
work. If we then send students right back home, many will return to empty houses.
School Messenger is our automated phone messaging system. Everyone will receive the same recorded message
within minutes. Calls will be sent to the phone numbers you have provided the school; so be sure that you have
updated your home and cell phone numbers.
Although the District does its best to make the decision that is best for everyone, we know that oen no perfect
decision exists. If you do not feel it is safe for your child to aend school, we respect your right to keep your child
at home.
Extra days are not built into the District calendar, therefore, if the District closes due to weather, each day missed will
be made up at the end of the school year in June.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
New this year will be five 1/2 day in-
service sessions for teachers.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
2017-2018 Calendar
District 67 Board of Education
Mr. Richard Toth, President
Mr. Sam Barhoumeh, Vice-president
Ms. Samina Hussain, Secretary
Ms. Nada Ardeleanu, Member
Dr. Guy Hollingsworth, Member
Dr. Ashwini Kumar, Member
Mr. Jermaine Lindsay, Member
Dr. Beth Sagett-Flores, Superintendent
Mrs. Carol Westley, Principal, Hynes ES
Ms. Karen Chvojka, Principal, Golf MS
Mrs. Christine Hoffman, Business Manager
Mrs. Lynn Kurokawa, Director, Student Services
The Golf School District 67 Board of Educaon meets monthly to review and
oversee the management and direcon of the school district. You are
encouraged and welcome to join us at these important and informave
meengs. Visitors are invited to speak before the Board both before and aer
the Boards deliberaons. Board meengs begin at 6:30 PM in the Board Room
at Golf Middle School. Scheduled meengs are:
February 16, 2017 March 16, 2017
April 20, 2017 May 18, 2017 June 15, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017