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This facebook class converted into a digital book teaches the basics about Doterra essential oils & how they can benefit your health.

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 Meet Doterra in this video clip: 



WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS?  I will let doTERRA tell you in their words.  The video is under 3 minutes long


Why are essential oils SO effective?  And why is it that only 1-3 drops of oil is all it takes for an application?  Advances in modern science have  made the potency of the essential oils even greater.  

There is so much to essential oils and how they work … there’s science!  Visit to get more information on the science behind essential oils.


COST, Essential oils are actually a VERY cost effective way to assist your family with overall wellness.  Let’s take occasional ear discomfort for example.

The statistics in this graphic are very sad! I love natural, safe, nonaddictive healthcare options for my family!

People ask all the time, WHY DOTERRA? The purity, potency, and effectiveness of DoTerra's oils is AMAZING! DoTerra has gone the extra mile to ensure we are getting the highest quality of oils available, and for that, I am grateful. Knowing that DoTerra's oils pass 17 quality tests , which no other company's oils does, reassures me that I am using the best! Learn more about their commitment to quality here

Knowing that doTERRA chooses to get their oils where they grow naturally gives me a confidence in their therapeutic effectiveness.  DoTERRA is creating an amazing Co-Impact Sourcing relationship with its farmers … see one of many amazing stories about that on this short video about Vetiver Oil in Haiti

DoTERRA’s Essential Oils are VERY quick at supporting your body.  Dr. David Hill did a test a few years ago to show us just how quick using their amazing blend BALANCE.  What you are seeing is two blood samples.  The one on the left is red blood cells clumped together.  BALANCE was applied to the bottom of the subject’s foot … 30 seconds later a second blood sample was taken and just look at the difference it made in the wellness of the red blood cells! To me, this means an increase in the functioning of the cells.


DoTERRA’s Essential Oils work WITH the body to address issues and root causes on a cellular level.  Hundreds of different compounds provide complex and versatile ability to combat threats without building up resistance.  Essential oils pass THROUGH the cell membrane to address threats both INSIDE and OUTSIDE a cell!

DoTERRA has created a non-profit organization committed to improving lives through partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world. Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant. Here is a short video that shows just ONE of the many projects Healing Hands has been involved in (3 minute video)

There are three ways we use doTERRA’s oils:


AROMATICALLY:  There are many benefits to using the oils aromatically. Diffusing only a few drops can benefit everyone in a room!

AROMATICALLY ~ Cleans the air.  Because of the properties in the essential oils, using a diffuser to emit certain oils into the air can be very effective at cleaning the air of seasonal and environmental threats, and also unwanted odors.

AROMATICALLY ~ Supports open airways.  Inhaling Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils you can assist your body with opening airways and allow for better breathing.  This can be very helpful during occasional respiratory distress.

AROMATICALLY ~ Affects mood.  “Because the limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance, essential oils can have PROFOUND physiological and psychological effects … Olfactory responses due to odors induce the brain to stimulate the release of hormones and neurochemicals that in turn alter the body’s physiology and behavior” ~ Essential Oil Reference 4th Edition

Watch this video clip to see how all-natural oils are being studied and used for reducing stress and improving mood in a hospital:

TOPICALLY:  Using the oils this way is VERY powerful

As we start talking about putting Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils directly on the skin, it is important to address ESSENTIAL OIL SAFETY.  Consult your physician before using essentials oils if you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care or before going off any prescribed medications.  See this site for more info on diluting oils:

When in doubt, DILUTE with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil!

TOPICALLY ~ Following the previously discussed safety guidelines applying the oils directly where needed is a powerful and very effective way to use them

INTERNALLY ~ Did you know that due to the purity of doTERRA’s essential oils you can ingest them?.

INTERNALLY ~ How do you know which oils you can ingest?  Simple, look for the supplement label

Adding doTERRA essential oils to your water is an amazing way to benefit your body.  I love adding a couple drops of lemon and a drop of peppermint oil to my water each morning. It lifts my mood and helps open my sinuses. Wild Orange is great for stress and Cinnamon & Peppermint are also amazing to use as mouthwash when diluted in water either separately or together!

As we discuss health benefits of different oils,  just a reminder that this booklet is for educational purposes only.

The next 10 oils/blends described will cover the 10 basic oils every family needs to get started on a path of natural wellness!

LEMON OIL Love this oil for lifting mood, detoxing the body, helping with focus and for adding to  natural cleaning products! It even removes permanent marker from wood!

 LAVENDER OIL: Love this along with melaleuca for  kids’ temporary ear discomfort (alternatives to basil oil) ! It is also amazing to soothe the itch of mosquito or other bug bites!!

If  you are interested in finding out more about how doTERRA sources peppermint watch this short video  This oil along with lemon and lavender are used in DoTerra’s tri-ease capsules for relief of seasonal discomfort. The 3 oils also work great for that in a roll-on bottle, applied at the base of the back of the neck! 

Commonly known as Tea Tree Oil- We love this for all skin issues, acne, abrasions and such.

The “King of Oils” “When in doubt, use Frankincense!” When layered after other oils, it makes them more effective! This is one of the favorites for boosting the immune system.

Used  by Hippocrates! This oil is amazing for the immune system!

DoTERRA’s SOOTHING BLEND.  In addition to the deep blue oil, doTERRA has also created additional Deep Blue products including a RUB. The oil & rub make a huge difference and are used by many physical & massage therapists! The Deep Blue COMPLEX (capsule) can be taken internally!

DoTERRA’s PROTECTIVE BLEND -because of the amazing immune support OnGuard provides doTERRA has an entire line of products with ONGUARD, including toothpaste & laundry soap.  Love using OnGuard oil in  homemade hand sanitizer and diffusing it all winter!

So awesome for all digestive issues! Digestzen comes in a softgel as well and just recently became available in a new chewable DigestTab as well! 


DoTERRA’s Respiratory Blend provides amazing support for the respiratory system! It is one of my most used oils! This blend is now available as a Breathe Vapor stick as well which is so convenient for applying for quick respiratory support with no mess!


Doterra has recently released a new line of Emotional Aromatherapy oils including 6 oils and an emotions wheel that helps you choose which oil to use to aid with balancing emotions and finding relief & support.

DoTERRA’s #1 Best Seller, the LIFE LONG VITALITY SUPPLEMENTS are proven to increase energy, improve mood, and support the body's inflammation response.  These are so amazing they are changing lives! Watch this short video to learn more:

DoTERRA’s Metabolic Blend, see a quick video clip here:   you’ll find doTERRA has an entire line of products using Slim and Sassy and their Control blend with the patented appetite controlling spinach extract appethyl!

DoTERRA also has an amazing skin care line called VERAGE. Love taking care of my skin with these all-natural products! See a short video about the Verage line here:  

DoTERRA’s essential oils during pregnancy gives you an amazing opportunity to assist your body.  Hear what Dr. David Hill has to say on both subjects

For those of you that have oils you want to try there are TWO ways to get your oils:  RETAIL and WHOLESALE. To find out more about the amazing benefits of a wholesale membership, keep reading.  To purchase items Retail or to view product pricing visit my website at (or contact the wellness advocate who sent you this booklet.

DoTERRA’s wholesale membership is like a membership to a wholesale store, such as Costco.  You pay a membership fee and then are allowed to purchase all your items for wholesale for the year.  There are awesome enrollment kits that bundle oils together and ALL OF THE KITS include your wholesale membership free and give you the best deals. More information on those next.

Click here to view starter kit options 
-Be sure to check out the savings on each one (in the green & purple circles).Big savings for starting with a collection of oils!  Feel free to message me with questions @ Living Natural Solutions on facebook. 

To get started with your kit, click this link to go to or use the website of the person who sent you this digital booklet, and click Join & Save. After entering your info, select the kit of your choice by scrolling through the kits then proceed to checkout.

Just a few words about the very popular Loyalty Rewards program! It’s like a frequent flyer program but for oils! You get back product points or credits to use to get FREE oils. It is the best program ever, but totally optional.

Do you love helping others and get excited about sharing something that has worked well for you? Are you interested in sharing about the essential oils just to get yours paid for or interested in building your own business and becoming financially independent?  Doterra became a billion dollar company in 2015. The only other companies to grow so quickly have been Facebook & Apple! Message me and I will send you information about the doTerra business opportunity. Janel Andersen , 801-645-5602

Getting your wholesale membership is the first step ... continuing your education on the oils is a lifelong adventure! In an effort to help everyone become better educated on the oils I have created a Facebook Page to do just that! Keep you informed on promotions, oil tips, and events. So~ join me there on that page and we'll keep the learning going!