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the population of miami is 417,650 miami is located in the united states of america miami was founded in july 28,1896 


some historic site in miami are the ancient spanish montesary, venetian pool,deeringestate, and kennedy space station

did you know that when miami was first founded the rule was that for every 100 acres of land there had to be atleast one person living on that land.

Miami the coolest city in the world

some neighborhoods in miami are little havana,wynwood,cocoanut grove,brickell

the average high tempurature in miami is 76.4 degrees feirenheit and the the low average tempurature is 59.9 degrees feirenheit

the main way of transportation in mimi is car,bus,and taxi.

some of the favorite foods in miami are orange juice,key lime pie,cuban sandwich,and alot of seafood.

miami is home to some pretty good sports teams like the jacksonville jaguars,miami dolphins,and the miami heat.